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AT&T Olympics Commercial -- What's the Song?

AT&T's new winter Olympics commercial features 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist in Snowboarding Gretchen Bleiler and Lou Reed's mid-tempo hit 'Perfect Day,' in hopes to emphasize one's adamant drive and unlimited possibilities. Although the melodic and harmonic chord progressions give us a feeling of nostalgia and romantic heartache, the song's lyrics have also been suggestively linked to Reed's own heroin addiction.

The song was originally featured on Reed's commercially successful 1972 album 'Transformer,' a time when David Bowie and Iggy Pop fused pop and performance art. The song received a new wave of recognition when it was included in the 1997 flick 'Trainspotting,' and later Reed's 2003 'the Raven.' Check out AT&T's ethereal commercial below.

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