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Aaron Gillespie of The Almost Counts Down His Favorite Records

Aaron Gillespie of The Almost
The Almost lead vocalist Aaron Gillespie is today's guest blogger for AOL Radio, counting down his favorite records of all time. Also the drummer of metalcore band Underoath, Gillespie shows an appreciation for for all music genres, which is evident in his top 10 list, covering country, indie rock and classic rock 'n' roll. Find out which album impressed him with it's modern fusion of country and rock, and which album he deems a "cure for your modern music blues."
'Led Zeppelin'

Perfect rock 'n' roll.

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin

This record was the first time I realized the lines of country and rock could truly be blended in a modern way.

Ryan Adams Heartbreaker
'Greatest Hits'

When I was a kid, Garth did no wrong. I used to revel in him breaking instruments in front of a ton of people. It was what I imagined in the '50s kids thinking about when they saw Elvis perform.

Garth Brooks Greatest Hits

This record makes me feel a weird way. Like anything is possible. It's that perfect pop-rock, window down jam you need every once in a while.

Third Eye Blind Blue
'Beneath Medicine Tree'

This was the first time one of my peers had made a record that I felt was epic. This record is a beautiful voice singing unbelievable tunes.

Copeland Medicine Tree
'The Shape of Punk to Come'

This record is the reason I like heavy music. They were the first "heavy" band to push the envelope.

Refused The Shape of Punk to Come
'VH1 Storytellers'

This thing is like a sneak peak into someone's living room, the two dudes taking solos and hanging hard in front of an audience.

Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson
'The Colour and the Shape'

Period. The end. This is my favorite modern rock record. Special through to the core. Real, actually heavy and ready to rip your face off.

Foo Fighters Colour The Shape
'At Folsom Prison'

At a time when even Bob Dylan had gone electric, a clean, new Johnny emerged to make a live record in a maximum security prison. This is raw, passionate and leaking with heart.

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
'Joshua Tree'

You wanna hear perfection on tape? Here it is. It's extremely rare to hear a record that captures a moment, this one does it in a fashion that only U2 can. Wanna cure for your modern music blues? Buy 'Joshua Tree.'

U2 Joshua Tree

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