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R.E.M., 'Throw Those Trolls Away' -- New Song

R.E.M. Fables of the ReconstructionR.E.M.'s 'Throw Those Trolls Away,' is a previously unreleased song off of the legendary rock band's special 25th anniversary edition of the classic album 'Fables of the Reconstruction.'

'Throw Those Trolls Away' highlights R.E.M's beginnings, when the band from Athens, Ga. was finding their characteristic sound. Even in this early demo, you can tell that the group had already planted the artistic seeds of what would later beget an entirely new sub-genre of indie rock. The track may be brief, but it still manages to showcase Michael Stipe's unmistakable voice, and R.E.M.'s uptempo, but remarkably controlled guitar riffs and rhythms.

'Throw Those Trolls Away' is included on the second disc of the double-CD set. 'The Athens Demos,' as the second CD is called, features 14 songs that the band recorded in Athens, before heading off to London to record the studio version of 'Fables.' Eleven of songs are lo-fi, demos of tracks that would later appear on the final version of the album; but this song, in particular, has never before been widely released. Now, of course, that's all changed. And R.E.M. fans are certainly better off because of it.

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