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Sarah McLachlan 'Forgiveness' -- New Song

Sarah McLachlan Forgiveness Sarah McLachlan's piano anthem, 'Forgiveness,' clearly shows her bitterness towards the break up of her 11-year marriage to her band's drummer, Ashwin Sood, and her lack of compassion, understandably, for his actions: "I have sheltered my heart in a place you can't touch / Don't believe when you tell me your love is real / Because you don't know much about heaven boy / If you have to hurt to feel."

'Forgiveness' is one of many songs off her seventh studio album 'Laws of Illusion,' that references her painful 2008 divorce, and the denial, failed reconciliations, and, of course, the anger that followed.

McLachlan is currently on tour for her female-centric Lilith Fair festival, which just started this week, on June 27 in Calgary, AB.

'Forgiveness' follows her indie pop single, 'Loving You Is Easy.' Tune into AOL Radio's Female Focus station to hear her new single.

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