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Free Music Tuesday -- Three Songs from The Great Valley

The Great Valley Stripped
Courtesy of The Great Valley
It's a very special Free Music Tuesday this week. We're giving away an entire, exclusive free EP from a terrific alternative rock band The Great Valley, who hail from Wilmington, Del.

We gave away a song from their debut EP 'Wrecking Ball' a couple of months ago, and now they're back with another EP. Appropriately named 'Stripped,' it features the band in an acoustic setting. Pretty generous of them, right?

We'll even help you out if you have a little trouble downloading the songs -- just check out our simple how-to download an mp3 tutorial. OK, let's get started...
'Wrecking Ball'
Brothers Louis and Nick Matos write all the songs and record all the instruments for The Great Valley. They grew up in a house with a drumming father (Lou) and a music teacher (Nicole) for a mother. The years of home practice show clearly in both this unplugged version and the original.
'Don't Need Honesty'
There's a nice dichotomy at work in this brand new song. On one hand, you've got frantically strummed guitars and rather anti-social lyrics: "I take pride in knowing I'm not a saint / I've got so many reasons / My heart's filled with hate." On the flip side, there's an absolutely life-affirming xylophone solo starting right around the 1:45 mark.
'Above the City'
The Matos brothers share fond memories of a summer filled with rooftop parties high above a city that never sleeps: "This is the perfect getaway / No more running away." That brings this party to a close. Want to hear more from The Great Valley? Then do yourself a favor; head over to iTunes and check out their 'Wrecking Ball' EP.

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