Best 2000W AMP To Boost Your Car Audio Into Next Level

Are you looking for an amazing sound system for your car? Do you want to enjoy some window shaking sound experience while travelling? If yes, then you are in the right place, Because in this article you will understand the importance of using a 2000W amp audio system for your car. I will also help you to choose the best 2000W amp for you.

2000w amp

A car is one of the best places where you can enjoy music. Nowadays, many audio systems I see around do not comply with the sound quality standards which are required for fully advanced cars. So I would suggest you to use a 2000W amp with best subwoofer to get the best experience.

  10 Best 2000W AMP FOR Audio Systems

Seek out for the best audio systems for your long route. To help you make the right choice, I have listed some of the best 2000W amp boost up your stereo system.

1. BOSS AR2000M - Best Car Amp for The Money


  • Product Dimension- 13.13 x 6.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Color- Black, Silver
  • Weight- 3.81 lbs
  • Features- Class A/B Monoblock, MOSFET Power Supply
  • Model- AR2000M
  • Accessories- Remote subwoofer level control, Warranty card

This is a dominant brand in audio system, best suited as a car stereo audio amplifier consisting of wide array premium internal electrical components which makes it more powerful and reliable. I highly recommend this brand since it offers many amazing features. Take a look!

Main Features

  • The system is equipped Class-A/B amplifiers features that increases sound quality and power output while reducing distortion and improving efficiency..
  • It has a frequency response of 20Hz -250Hz.
  • RMS Output power @ 1 ohm- 2000W
  • Low/high level inputs - a low level (RCA) input is measured in voltages. A high level (+/- wire) input is measured in wattages.
  • Includes remote subwoofer level control
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover, Bass Boost


  • Easy operation
  • Better performance at 1ohm
  • Zero buzzing 


  • Often fluctuation in speaker and stereo sound. 

2. PLANET AUDIO ANARCHY AC2000.2 - Best 2000w Amp for Bass

Best 2000W AMP


  • Product Dimension- 16×10×2.4 inches
  • Color- Black
  • Weight- 10.4 pounds
  • Features- Full range Class A/B, Power @ 2000W, Bridgeable,[email protected] 2 ohm RMS power, Automatic input sensitivity, 2 channels.
  • Model number- AC2000.2  
  • Accessories- Remote subwoofer control, high input cable, mounting screws.

If you are looking to upgrade your car audio system without breaking your bank, then Planet Audio Anarchy is for you. This series of audio system are the best rated under 2000w amp category. This is due to the excellent features this system posses such as 2-Channel Class A/B range amplifier and MOSFET power supply.

Planet Audio is a trusted and genuine audio systems. And the best thing is it is available at its lowest price now. If you are a long route traveler it becomes necessary to have a good car audio system to get you a window shaking experience throughout your ride.

Main Features

  • Class A/B: The amplifiers inbuilt with class A/B rather than pure class A are proven to be more efficient when it comes to better sound quality performance and sound distortion reduction.
  • 2 Ohm Stable: It is combined with a 2 ohm and 4 ohm channel amplifier which resulted in a drastic increase in power output. 2-ohm stable boosts up the sub-woofers to give clear sound even at high volume.
  • High & Low-Level Inputs: This feature gives you the flexibility to build an audio system using any virtual aftermarket source unit.
  • MOSFET: Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-effect Transistor. The purpose of using it in this audio system is to instantly switch conduction levels for generating higher efficiency and performance output.
  • Subwoofer Level Control: The wired remote attached to this controller lets you easily control woofer levels and customize sound just the way you like.
  • Short Circuit Protection: When the amplifier overheats, automatic shut-off protects the amplifier from damaging so you can enjoy your music at your desirable condition .
  • Switchable Input Sensitivity: This feature allows you to connect the amp to any standard source unit and let you customize balance between sound quality.
  • Blue illumination: The logo illuminates with blue light to make the amplifier’s appearance catchy.


  • Works efficiently and worth the price
  • Crystal clear sound amplification.
  • 2000W amp works in almost all automobiles.
  • No overheating even after a longer use period.


  • Over power-draining or consumption.
  • Sometime buzzes at highest volume.                                                                                                                                                                            

3. BOSS Audio Systems R2000M - Best Mono block Amplifier

BOSS RIOT - Best 2000W AMP


  • Product Dimension- 15.5 x 10.4 x 2.3 inches
  • Color- Black
  • Weight- 7.8 pound
  • Features- Mono Class D @ ohm amplifier
  • Model Number-  R2000M

Boost up your bass with BOSS audio Riot 2000 watt amp Class A/B Monoblock, which works perfectly for any car system. This amplifier give your automobile’s audio system more power and reduces damage. BOSS riot series is the best if you’re buying an audio system for the very first time.

So, if you’re seeking for a durable and affordable amplifier system then you must definitely choose amplifiers in the Riot Series. Take a look at the key features of Boss’s R2000M-Riot 2000 Watt Amp.

Main Features

  • Class A/B: The amplifiers inbuilt with class A/B rather than pure class A are proven to be more efficient when it comes to better sound quality performance.
  • 2 Ohm & 4 Ohm Stability: The level of impedance these amplifiers can bare is 2 ohms and 4 ohms.
  • High & Low Level Inputs: This feature gives you the flexibility to build an audio system using any virtual aftermarket source unit. 
  • MOSFET: This is abbreviated as Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field- Effect Transistor. It is used to amplify a signal. MOSFET is reliable because it needs little current to operate and this feature makes them better for car's audio system. 
  • Subwoofer Level Control: This is useful in boosting the sub level when an amp and subwoofer are connected and it reduces any possible impedance. 
  • Variable Bass boost: With this you can adjust the low bass within the boost range.
  • Variable Gain Control: Helps you to balance the amp output with the subs. 
  • Variable Low Pass Filter: It allows you to control the frequencies that pass through the sub-woofers.


  • Great features for the Price
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Less impedance
  • Better sound balance even at higher volume.


  • Buzzes sometime

4. ROCKVILLE dB55 2000 - 2000 watt car amplifiers



  • Product Dimension- 13.1 x 13.1 x 2.4 inches
  • Color- Black
  • Weight- 10.1 pound
  • Features- Mono Class D @ Ohm amplifier
  • Model Number- DB 12

Rockville is a leading brand in a car stereo to power your complete system. From using the best and genuine electrical component to building up the entire music system, the DB amps are highly recommended for music lovers.

Every car stereo amp manufactured at Rockville is tested twice to make qualitative analysis on its performance, power consumption and of course the sound quality. With Rockville DB55, all day long music playback at all levels is possible and manageable.

I highly recommend this amp for your car, and the reason for choosing this is hidden in its features. So, quickly check 2000w amp here!

Main features

  • The amount of power this car stereo system posses are 2 Ohm: 2000 Watt x 1 Channel- 4 Ohm: 1200 Watts x 1 Channel.
  • Comes with remote dashboard subwoofer control, fully adjustable 12dB bass equalizer, power and protection LED indicator.
  • Voltage protection is at 10V & 16V.
  • Special features such as mute and delay soft start system, High-speed MOSFET power supply, dashboard woofer control, Class D amplifier.
  • Low Pass Filter: 50Hz - 250Hz
  • Subsonic Filter: 15Hz - 55Hz


  • Subwoofers works efficiently at high volume.
  • No buzzing 
  • Suitable for advanced automobiles. 
  • Worth for the cost


  • Installation is bit difficult.                                  





  • Product Dimension- 15 x 11.5 x 3.3 inches 
  • Color- Black, Silver
  • Weight- 5.74 pounds
  • Model Number: PLA2378
  • Features- Bridgeable high power MOSFET amplifier with 2000 Watt amp
  • Accessories-  Amplifier, warranty card for the parts

With Pyle Audio 2000w amp you can upgrade your performance, enhancement and audio quality. For such a less price, Pyle Power amps raises the bar when it comes to original sound quality. I would recommend this audio system for crisp music lovers and those looking for an affordable car stereo amp.

Main Features

  • This model provides maximum power output of 2 x 1000W which is sufficient for any car stereo.
  • 2-Channel bridgeable MOSFET supply amplifier.
  • It offers a frequency response of 20 Hz-50kHz (±3dB).
  • This system is equipped with the PWM system, Glass epoxy PEB, and Silver RCA inputs.
  • Uses customary terminal block for speaker connection.
  • No need to worry about Thermal / Overload / Short Circuit, since it has advanced protection circuitry.
  • It produces input impedance of 47K Ohms.
  • Includes Bass EQ to regulate bass.
  • Gain control to match the level of other amplifiers in your audio system.
  • Excellent design with power and protection LED indicator.


  • Advanced Bass EQ Boost
  • Sleek design 
  • Best Pulse Width Modulation.
  • Strong sound and stylish appearance.
  • Easy installation


  • Unbalanced sound equalization.
  • Less Durable                               


PYRAMID PB918 - Best 2000W AMP


  • Product dimensions- 11.8×12.5×4 inches
  • Color- Black
  • Weight- 7 pounds
  • Feature- 2 channel amp,Power @ 2000 Watt, Bridgeable audio speakers
  • Model Number- PB918
  • Accessories- System Parts and Warranty cards

Pyramid is the most popular Universal American series Class A/B @ 2000W amp. Get ready to enjoy perfect sound, smooth-audio experience, and amazing sustainable power. This high-tech amplifier is all you need to get your desired sound quality. Ride up with this premium audio system.

Main Features

  • It has excellent power (2 x 1000W Max Output) & efficient in performance(RMS Output Power Rating @ 4 Ohms: 50W x 2)RMS Output Power Rating @ 2 Ohms: 100W x 2) and reliable in impedance( Stereo mode: 2-4 ohms; Bridged mode:4-8 ohms)
  • It has a frequency response of 10Hz-30KHz.
  • Power Supply V: DC 14.4V Negative Ground 10.5-16V.
  • It has capacity to draw max current of 30A ×1.
  • Equipped with Silver plated RCA ports, MOSFET Supply, Crossover, Bass boost control. 


  • Slim Design
  • Easy to operate
  • User-friendly and reliable for long run
  • Cost-effective


  • Solid structure, difficult installation.




  • Product Dimension- 15.3 x 4.8 x 10.2 inches
  • Color- Black, Silver
  • Weight- 7 pounds
  • Features- Bridgeable high power MOSFET amplifier with 2K watt amp
  • Model- KAC-9106D

A true 2000W Monoblock Class D amplifier makes you swing on every beat of your favorite music. This rugged amplifiers bring premium quality sound at your end with excellent performance.

When you install this in your car, it will definitely add impact and detail in your music bass with a pinch of soft rhythm. Best suited for any modified automobile. Take a look at the brief features.

Main Features

  • The system offers a maximum power of 2000W.
  • The rated input power of 4 ohms 500W x 1; 2 ohms 1000W x 1.
  • Other specifications: Signal to Noise ratio is 10dB; frequency response of 20Hz-200Hz (+0dB, -3dB)Class D; Input impedance of 10k Ohm; Speaker impedance of 4ohm.
  • Audio Specifications: Low- pass filter 50Hz-200Hz, -24dB/oct
  • Infrasonic Filter 20Hz-50Hz, -24dB/oct
  • Built In bass boost control 40Hz, 0dB-+18dB
  • Speaker level sensitivity: 4.0[V] - 12.0 [V]
  • Key Features : CEA-2006 Compliant Class D amplifier 


  • Easy availability and Operation
  • Perfectly designed for compact cars.


  • Makes a buzzing sound at its peak volume.                                    


PIONEER GM-D9705 - Best 2000W AMP

Product Details

  • Product Dimension- 15.2 x 10.9 x 4.6 inches
  • Color- Black
  • Weight- 8.2 pounds
  • Features- Full range Class A/B, Power @ 2000W,@ 2 ohm 
  • Model- GM-D9705
  • Accessories- Bass Boost remote

This is a well-known brand in-car audio system. This amplifier produces impressive power designed to deliver high-quality sound without compromising space. The variable LPF makes audio frequency more reliable and efficient.

I recommend this amp for any running automobile. Check out the features of this amazing 2000W amp. 

Main Features

  • It falls under D class amplifier.
  • Has Max. Input Level (SP): 20V (High) and Max. Input Level (RCA): 6.5V (Low).
  • This system has frequency response of 10-50kHz (0,-3dB), SW Ch. 10-500Hz (0,-3dB).
  • Produces load impedance of 2-8 ohm.
  • Filtration(High-Pass) 40Hz - 500Hz, 0(OFF) / -12dB/oct
  • Filtration(Low-Pass) 40Hz - 500Hz, 0(OFF) / -12dB/oct, 40Hz - 500Hz (Sub Ch.), -12 / -24dB/oct (Sub Ch.).
  • Carries bass boost 0-18dB along with its remote.
  • Advanced circuitry protection.
  • Power indicator( Blue); Protection indicator( Red).


  • Supreme quality sound system
  • Less power consumption


  • Varied frequency, leading in sound distortion.




  • Product Dimension- 15.7 x 14.1 x 11.6 inches
  • Color- Black
  • Weight- 10.38 pounds
  • Features- Full range Class A/B, Power @ 2000W,@ 2 ohm
  • Model- PX 2000.1D
  • Accessories- Bass Boost remote, mounting screws

Crunch POWERX provides Class A/B technology in amplifiers. With Crunch POWERX you can enjoy your favorite tune without any trouble. They serve the most convenient features to deliver a great amp that sounds loud and great. It has QTD (Quick Thermal Dispersion) Technology which puts more Al on the heatsink than an ordinary amp.

Main Features

  • PX Crunch 2000 RMS Amp Monoblock Class D car stereo amplifier.
  • Single ended Push-pull.
  • Pulse width modulated power supply.
  • Variable Subsonic filter: 20-50 Hz..
  • Comes with amplifier wire kit.
  • Frequency response: 20-250 Hz.


  • Sounds brilliantly 
  • Compact, thus easy installation 


  • Heat dissipation. 




  • Product Dimension- 10 x 10 x10 inches
  • Color- Silver
  • Weight- 4.41 pounds
  • Features- Full range Class A/B, Power @ 2000 watt amp, Bridgeable,[email protected] 2 ohm Zeus-4 channel amplifier
  • Model- ZRX2016.4
  • Accessories- Zeus 4 channel power supply system.

Groove with your favorite tune with Hifonics best and trusted audio amps. It is capable of generating 2000W power @2ohms. These systems are best for car stereos making your travel cherishable and fun. I greatly advise this model for your car audio system due to its following features and specifications

Main Features

  • It has an illuminated Hifonics Badge at the surface
  • Hifonics Heatsink for Superior Heat reduction
  • Military Grade PCB inputs
  • This classic model has SPC (Simpatico Coil)Design and HSMD (Hifonics Surface Mount Design)
  • MOSFET Power Supply for Maximum Current flow
  • Power Indicators
  • Advanced Protection for DC, Short Circuit, Thermal and Overload
  • Low-Level RCA Inputs and Outputs.


  • Inexpensive
  • Highly durable 
  • Easy installation and operation


  • Heat dissipation
  • Lowers the sounds sometimes

Why Do I Need A 2000W amp?

Some people might wonder why do they need a 2000W amp. The thing is, the sub-woofers can go very loud only with the help of an amplifier. If you want to increase a sub-woofer sound to the next level then it is necessary to boost its power.

To get a window shaking sound experience you must power up your woofers and speakers to a great extent. A reliable 2000W amp generates enough power to let you experience a high-quality audio listening, and that too without hampering your budget.

These systems offer a balanced power source without obtrusion from other electrical components. And it let you listen to your favorite music without sound distortion even at its highest volume.

Specifications to consider when buying an 2000w amp

Before you start choosing a new amplifier, start with this quick checklist on what features a good amp must-have.

  • Power Ratings and Allowed Impedance.
  • The amp should be able to increase the power of the subwoofers and play the music without distortion at high volume.
  • Amplification type.
  • Price: It should be efficient as well as affordable. 
  • It should be able to last for some good years. 
  • Channels: Make sure that the amp has the required number of channels for all the speakers you intend to the plugin. 
  • Be clear with for what purpose you are buying the amplifier. Is it for home, car, or for any event? Because the amplifier you intend to buy must be fit for its purpose. 


Check out my handpicked list! This is the list of best 2000 RMS watt amplifiers shortlisted for your car. Always compare the speakers and sub-woofers which best suits your amp and of course buy 2000W amp power handling amplifier only because they are reliable plus they come with Class D or A/B transistors and MOSFET power supplier.

If you get all this in a 2000 RMS Watt, then why not buy it? Additionally, all the listed amplifiers come at an affordable price. 

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