Best 6X9 Speakers With Deep Bass

High tech cars alone cannot give thrills to the driver,  it needs a compatible, top-notch sound system to go with. Say, if you have a fancy car but a boring audio system installed, what justice would it do to your music needs? Hence, it is recommended to have the best 6X9 speakers in your car to boost up your overall experience while travelling. 

Best 6×9 Speakers

Why specifically 6 by 9 car speakers? It’s because this is the ideal speaker size for most of the cars in the world. If you buy speakers of sizes lower than this, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the music up to your expectation. But if you choose the right size, you will have all the fun while driving with your finest deck speakers. So, if you are certain about buying a new pair of speakers for your car, then go for the 6x9 speaker’s category that will give you the highest sound performance.

Stay with me till the end of this article as you will get to see the top and best 6X9 speakers available for various cars. 



Alpine SPE-6090 - Best 6×9 Speakers


  • Peak Power 300 Watt; RMS power 75 Watt
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Sensitivity is 91dB/W
  • Neodymium magnet for easy control
  • HAMR and Soft Dome Tweeter Technology

Alpine is a popular brand in producing car electronics devices, especially speakers. There are multiple audio speakers options to choose from, but if you are looking for a compact 2-way stereo speaker, then Alpine SPE-6090 is a great choice.

This 2-way E-type is the best 6 by 9 speakers you can find compared to other brands as it offers excellent sound quality at an affordable price range. You can infer by seeing the specs of this product to know how effectively this pair of speakers can perform.

The best thing about the Alpine SPE 6090 6 x 9 2-way speakers is that they're easy to install and even easier than some of the full-range speakers. The construction is pretty strong as the speaker's back is reinforced with a fiberglass frame placed in various vehicles.

The speaker uses Neodymium magnets, which help better control and ultimately better sound performance. By saying control, here I mean how effectively the speakers can transmit the electricity into sound. These high-power 6 x 9 speakers are highly compact due to which they can fit in any type of vehicle. The compact size does not sacrifice the quality of the sound. You will get the perfect sound at your end.

Apart from its sturdy design and sound quality, this speaker also uses two of the most important technologies important in any high-end speaker, i.e., HAMR and Soft Dome Tweeter Technology. Both these technologies help reduce distortions and enhance your listening experience. Recommended!


  • Compatible with any stereo system and amp.
  • Highly durable
  • Compact size for easy setup
  • The frequency range covers all highs and lows
  • Even sound production


Kenwood KFC-6966S - best 6X9 speakers


  • Enlarged magnet circuit
  • Includes Sound field Enhancer
  • 7/16 inch mounting height
  • 4 ohms
  • 2” PEI balanced dome tweeter

If you are in search of a new pair of 6 x 9 speakers with good bass in replacement of your old one? The KENWOOD KFC-6966S series is a smart choice to make. There are many reasons to like this pair of speakers, especially for its exquisite constructions. But, that’s not all, this good 6 x 9 speakers deserves much recognition for its excellent sound delivery system.

This is a 3-way speaker, which is much better than a 2-way system when compared to premium sound quality. Audiophiles do not get pleased easily with ordinary sound performance; they always seek more powerful stereo sounds. The Kenwood KFC-6966S provides what a true audiophile needs, i.e., a powerful listening experience.

These 6x 9 3-way speakers offer a frequency range from 35Hz to 20KHz, which is quite enough for any speaker to work on.

These speakers function well in between the 35 to 20,000Hz frequency range without causing distortion, all thanks to the frequency handling capacity and the woofer diaphragm. The PP diaphragm of the woofer surrounded with cloth manages to give a good dampening effect even in high volumes.

This speaker pair includes a 1/2inch ceramic tweeter and a 2inch PEI balanced dome tweeter and sound field enhancer, which largely handles any kind of audio and lets only the best sound come out of the speakers.

This is a good buy if you are looking for affordable speakers that offer deeper bass. These speakers are designed for wide cars due to their 7/16 inch mounting height and 3” depth for a perfect fit.


  • 3 way 6x9 speakers
  • Budget-friendly as compared to other 6 x 9 speakers
  • Pristine sound performance
  • No muffling while playing at high volumes
  • These car speakers 6x9 have excellent sound sensitivity


BOSS Audio


  • Full range 4-way 6 x 9 speaker pair
  • Blue LED backlight
  • 2 tweeter having 2.5inch midrange for each speaker
  • Poly Injection Woofer Cone
  • 50 to 20kHz frequency response

BOSS is a leading brand in sound electronics. BOSS BE694 is another top-notch product they have introduced for cars and trucks to transmit the highest quality audio that no one can provide.

BE694 cannot only be relied on for its top-notch audio performance, but you can trust the materials they in the construction, which provides the longest sustainability to the speakers and does not let the dirt sit on the speaker for long.

If you are wondering that the car speakers might heat up quickly after prolonged use, but that’s not the case with the Boss BE694 model, it has a lightweight yet strong voice coil that can handle maximum pressure and temperature changes caused by the integral while playing on high volume. It ensures durability and protection against any heat damages.

There are very few 4-way models that provide LED illumination in them. Thankfully, you are getting LED striking LED backlights in the BE694 series so that you can enjoy your music in the dark. This 4-way speaker comes with an RMS rating of 125 Watt and 500Watt of peak power for an unbeatable listening experience.

There’s no way the speakers will damage due to the high power wattage of the car. The sensitivity of the BE694 is low but still good enough for any kind of audio.

These 4 way 6 x 9 car speakers are impermeable to air as it is surrounded by Rubber which protects the basket from cracking or causing vibrations in a moving car. Voice coil tweeters are in a good position to serve the highest performance in your car audio.


  • Excellent build material used
  • Maximum peak power 500Watt
  • Budget-friendly
  • Includes LED illumination
  • Lightweight


Kicker 43DSC69304 - best 6X9 speakers


  • PEI Tweeter dome and Neodymium magnet
  • 30Hz to 20000Hz frequency response
  • 92dB/W sensitivity handling
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • EVC technology

Are you looking for 6 x 9 bass speakers for your car, then Kicker DS 3-way is the best you can have. These speakers are great for upgrading from the old system to the new ones, and the best part is it does not take much space and fits perfectly in your card deck.

The KICKER DS has PEI-coated tweeters to ensure clarity in the sound you listen to. Besides, it does not interfere with the grills, and if it were, you would listen to the distortion sound as well.

The body consists of stamped steel that supports the foam surround and polypropylene cone from damage. You will get EVC (Extended Voice Coil) technology for ultrasonic quality. If you wish, you can also attach any DX amp, which will increase the performance of the sound in your car.

This 3-way speaker has 1 woofer, 1 midrange speaker, and 1 tweeter to convert the distorted sound into a perfect sound. The highest power it can work with is 360Watt and 90 Watt for RMS. The recommended range that works best for this model is 90Watt. So, you don’t need to worry even if your car’s power wattage is low.

With 92dB/W sensitivity and 30Hz to 20kHz frequency response, each of the components will work on their own so that you get balanced audio from each of the speaker components.


  • Works at the highest power
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to set up
  • Budget-friendly
  • No distortion


JBL GTO939 - best 6X9 speakers


  • 46-21kHz frequency response
  • 3-ohm impedance
  • Passive amplification
  • Plus One Cone Technology
  • UniPivot system

If you are looking for a replacement for your old speaker with a high-quality pair within a low price range, then JBL GTO939 speakers are the best you can opt for.

This coaxial speaker pair has easy installation and is the best replacement for 6 x 9 component speakers. If you are running low on budget but have high expectations from your speakers, then dive deep into the specs of this bestseller coaxial car speaker.

The size comes in is 6-inch width and 9-inch height, which is ideal for most modern cars. If the speaker you are trying to replace these speakers with is smaller, then you will have to make certain adjustments in the mounting. Well, there’s nothing to worry about as this pair has decent mounting height.

The GTO-939 coaxial speakers have a power handling capacity of 200 Watt RMS and 300 Watt Peak power which means that with a very little power supply from the stock audio system, you can still run the speakers without damaging any other component.

Sensitivity, on the other hand, is 94dB which is quite impressive in a low-budget speaker. This speaker is capable of decreasing any high-frequency distortions even if you increase the power supply. This speaker pair has Plus One Cone Technology that helps speakers to deliver high and deeper bass. Overall, this is a good pick at an affordable price.


  • Ease of installation
  • Good mid-range speakers
  • Uses excellent technology for extra bass
  • Inexpensive
  • Balanced sound production




  • 1-inch high-temperature voice coil
  • Stamped basket
  • 5-inch Piezo tweeter and 1-inch mid-range
  • Full range Peak 500 Watt and 250 watts RMS
  • 50Hz to 20kHz frequency response

BOSS CH6940 4-way loudspeaker is a substantial upgrade for your old, factory-stock audio system. The first thing that catches everyone’s attention is its ergonomic design and style that will give your car a charismatic look. The added benefit of this 6 x 9 speaker is the brand new Piezo tweeters.

Piezo tweeters have excellent electric properties that help resist high loads from high-frequency drivers, making them wonderful to use even without crossovers. The main element in this entire piezoelectric tweeter is the polarized material. The metallic poly injection cone produces a clear sound, while the rubber surround helps with the distortion and longevity of the speaker.

The 1-inch Voice coil is capable of handling high temperatures meaning it will increase the efficiency and performance of the overall speaker without hampering the components during high or low frequencies. The most catchy thing about the BOSS CH6940 model is its red metallic chassis that makes the loudspeaker look even more attractive in the dark.

The loudspeaker has full range 500Watt power handling with 250 Watt RMS. With such peak power handling, you can achieve maximum sound performance. Structure wise this product is very lightweight, consisting of a stamped basket and micro metal grills for extra protection.


  • Attractive design
  • Highest power handling capacity
  • Grills included
  • Less distortion
  • Rubber surround provide maximum protection


This was all you needed to know about the the loudest 6x9 speakers in the world. Now, it’s your turn to set your parameters for selection. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then go for JBL-GTO 969, or you can look for other options too from different brands.

Whichever brand you choose, make sure the size you choose fits in your car deck space. 6 X 9 is the best size you can opt for as this is the standard size any modern car provides.

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