Best 8 String Guitar To Rock The Floor | Buyers Guide

You know the exact feeling of playing a brand new best 8 string guitar. The fresh strings bringing out the right sound and the notes sounding pure and sharp. Unless the guitar sounds the absolute pitch-perfect, you cannot get the best out of it. Can you? This is why you must know exactly how to select the right one for you and your specific needs.

The Beetles played best electric guitars in the ‘60s when it was not popular. They revolutionized the use of the electric guitar and guitarists all around the world started getting inspired by rock legends when the first piece came for sale. 

The best 8 string guitar was initially bought into pop culture by the famous Swedish metal band called Meshuggah. Today, 8 string guitar is used for their extensive tonal range that is perfect for jazz, classical, hard rock and metal. If you want to rock a hug crowd, then buy a blasting electric guitar; because electric guitars performs well in craze crowds.

REVIEW OF Best 8 string guitar

Based on the factors listed above I have listed some of the best 8 string guitar in the market currently. Let's take a look.

1) ZUWEI - best 8 string pickups for metal

PRODUCT Features:

  • Inclusive of a guitar case.
  • Vintage wood grain look.
  • Ash body provides lucidity.
  • Blue burst color made of burl veneer.

If you are on the hunt of finding a best 8 string guitar which has customizable features available an affordable price then ZUWEI 8 string guitar is for you. This 8 string model has a black hardware with rosewood and mahogany fretboard. The rosewood on the fretboard allows for easier transitions. This best 8 string guitar has an ash body and it allows a specific deep and sharp tones as a result of the texture penetration.

You can also design the look as you wish with a different color burst to make it your own. This carefully selected piece has humbucking pickup which is ideal if you are exclusively looking for rock or jazz music with the lowest possible humming.


  • Satisfactory customer service.
  • Customizable.
  • Attractive.
  • High-quality materials.


  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Indistinct warranty.

2) Ibanez RG8 8 White - best budget 8 string guitar

Best 8 string guitar

PRODUCT features:

  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Hard tail bridge system produces consistent pitch and frequencies.
  • Comes with a robust input jack.
  • Has a maple and walnut body with a rosewood fret board.
  • The wide neck provides the right tension.

Ibanez is known for its years of expertise in creating heavily researched affordable guitars that highlight the sounds, speed, design and level of playability. This Ibanez 8 string guitar model comes with all the benefits of the famous RG8 series at an extremely affordable price point including the wizard neck and basswood body.

It comes with a humbucking pickup coupled with the 8 strings that produce a varied amount of frequencies making it extremely playable for both the beginners learning basic chord progressions and seasoned players alike. 


  • Very reasonable.
  • Attractive white finish.
  • Sturdy black hardware.
  • Distinct Pickup.
  • Convenient for beginners.


  • Heavier model.
  • Factory setup needs refining.
  • No case included.

3) ESP LTD SC-608 Baritone Signature Series - best 8 string bass guitar

Best 8 string guitar

PRODUCT features:

  • Built for the stage/performances
  • Multiple voicings using modes.
  • Solid mahogany body.
  • Fuence signature active pickup.
  • 9V standard battery usage.
  • Attractive red spark coating.
  • Maple neck.

Moving on to the pricier end of the list, Sabrina Carpenter is one of the cult-favorite brands with over 25 years. Under their belt is known for creating its version of electric guitars which has quickly become the groundwork for alternative metal. 

The LTD signature series has been updated to the fresh red sparkle design to keep up with the times. With the active pickup and a pull-push volume knob, it comes with three modes for several voicing pickups namely – Modern active, Passive active and Passive attack.


  • Guitar case included.
  • Attractive exterior.
  • Active pickup model.


  • Not for beginners.

4) Jackson X Series Dinky Arch - Best Multiscale 8 String Electric Guitar

Best 8 string guitar

PRODUCT features:

  • Three-way toggle control for pitch and volume.
  • Multi-scale model.
  • Maple neck with graphite support.
  • Personalized die-cast Jackson tuners.
  • Classic rock guitar appearance.
  • 45-day return policy.

This 8 string guitar is known for its revolutionary design of accommodating two scale lengths on a single fingerboard to enable comfort, improve pitch, tension, and ease of playing. You have two options of gloss black or stained mahogany with black hardware, a maple neck, and the quintessential arched top. 

To ensure optimum comfort, it comprises 24 outsized frets, bridge saddles with almost two whole scale lengths, tone controls, white dot inlays, and AT-1 headstock.


  • Active blade humbucking, bridge. and neck pickups.
  • Exceptionally reasonable.
  • Individual saddles.
  • Compact and durable mahogany body.


  • No case included.
  • Fret buzz in the midsection.

5) Washburn PXM18EB - best 8 string guitar for DJENT

Best 8 string guitar

PRODUCT features:

  • Alder neck and body. 
  • Combination pickup configuration.
  • Black satin finish.
  • Tailored for shredding guitarist.

With a whopping 150 years of experience in guitar production Washburn have a strong passion for creating advanced models of best 8 string guitar. Those guitars cater to all forms of metal and rock players without compromising on quality. They provide guitars especially built for shredding guitarists. 

The design has been made in such a way that there have been no compromises to the features while focusing on creating the perfect shred guitar. With an alder body and neck and combination pickup system, this PXM model stands at the mid-level price point yet slightly higher than the budget options.


  • Lighter than most models.
  • 3-way toggle system.
  • Shred machine.


  • No batteries included.

6) Schecter OMEN-8 8 String Electric Guitar, Vintage White

6 8 string-min

PRODUCT features:

  • Complete basswood structure.
  • Pearloid inlays.
  • Custom Schecter hardtail body.
  • Diamond plus pickup system.

This best 8 string guitar is the best choice if you are a beginner. The omen collection is synonymous with its versatility whether you want to play hard rock, jazz or metal. This model has its durable mahogany body, curved heel, maple neck with carbon fiber support rods and custom hard tail run a hard bargain. 

The high gloss look, perfectly placed inlays, and crisp sound make it the perfect device for the studio. The sound quality is not compromised irrespective of the environment and it stands at an extremely reasonable price point.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Attractive and glossy studio finish.
  • Comfortable neck.
  • Diamond plus pickup configuration.


  • Dial-in sound can be tricky.

7) 8 String Electric Guitar Bolt

7 8 string-min

PRODUCT features:

  • Consists of 3-way Allen nut controls.
  • Die-cast metal turners.
  • Glossy black chrome hardware.
  • Reverse side-dot markers with a scale.
  • A truss adjustable rod.

Do you want a guitar that has a vintage feel yet sounds modern? If you are looking for one sturdy and compact option without breaking the bank? This wood body model from Gstyle is an extremely affordable option. It has a poplar body with an ebony fret and maple neck.

It consists of a two-way adaptable rod and a 3-way switch with volume and tone controls. The inlays are made of a brass circle offset. It is worth spending for its features it offers.


  • Smooth neck.
  • Value for money.
  • Perfect for novice players.
  • Volume and tonal control.


  • No warranty provided.
  • Only for right-handed.

8) Schecter Damien - best left hand 8 string guitar

Schecter Damien Platinum 8 Satin Black Left-Handed

PRODUCT features:

  • Solid wood retro look.
  • Combination pickup configuration.
  • Complete rosewood fingerboard to aid deftness.
  • EMG pickups.
  • Additional grover tuners.

This is the second Schecter on our list, the left-handed version comes with its own custom 8 bridge and Grover tuners. This is a budget option made with premium resources without compromising on pickup and durability. 

This solid wood model consists of an ebony fretboard, 3- piece maple neck. It also has an adjustable bride system and an EMG 808 active combination pickup system that delivers contemporary sharp tones.


  • Comfortable to play.
  • Versatility of Scheiner.
  • Batteries are included.


  • Guitar case not included

9) Jackson JS Series Dinky JS32-8 - Satin Black with Amaranth Fingerboard

PRODUCT features:

  • Smooth amaranth fretboard.
  • Luxurious satin black finish.
  • Carved maple neck.

This JS series with an attractive satin finish body and poplar arched top form comes with Jackson's revolutionary maple neck carve with double humbuckers and headstock perfect for metal and rock music. 

If you want classic craftsmanship coupled with amazing sound and style, then this affordable option is your answer. The tone is distinct and it plays at complete ease with a smooth fretboard due to the solid body binding, and this make as best 8 string guitar.


  • Extremely compact.
  • High-output humbuckers.
  • High-intensity tone.
  • Value for the price.


  • No guitar case included.

10) ESP Artist Series LJR208BLK 8 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Black

Best 8 string guitar

PRODUCT featureS:

  • Hardtail bridge system.
  • Humbucker pickup configuration.
  • Full basswood body.
  • Unique sharp sound.
  • Durable and compact.
  • 27” baritone scale.

As the name suggests this model was created by the Javier Reves who is the lead guitarist in Animals as leaders which is a well-known progressive metal band.

Reves is known for his classic and timeless approach to playing the guitar which is the same energy he has brought on board. He is known for his 8 string guitar. The signature series is just amazing with its attractive black finish, smooth rosewood fingerboard, the classic U maple neck, and 24 over sized frets. All in all, a perfect addition to anyone interested in extended range models.


  • Perfect balance between the highs and lows.
  • Rich sound.
  • Comfortable to play.


  • No guitar case included.

How do you find the BEST 8 string guitar?

When you do look for a best 8 string guitar, as the name suggests focus on the strings first. The strings are generally inexpensive and try to understand which is the sturdiest and most malleable. 

There are certain misconceptions about coated strings that improve durability but the feel of the string may differ. In the end as a guitarist, you only need to listen to know which sounds the best.

Tune is the next obvious factor. If you prefer a low tune then you should pick heavier strings. Maybe its something with a metronome or something under a strict budget and your skillset. 

The third and perhaps the most important is the pickup. The entire sound of your guitar depends on the pickup. Try to avoid a single-coil pickup as the humming sound can ger disruptive. Humbuckers are the best options to reduce humming and are perfect options for rock guitarists. 

The final factor is the budget. Why do you need it? Is it a learning tool? In which case you can find many budget-friendly guitars that do not compromise on its features. 

If you are looking for a shred machine, you can look for the best of the best, possibly save up more or look for an investment piece.


At the end of the day, whether the 8 string guitar is beautifully crafted, or capable of complex shredding. You need to know your skill level and what model will make it easiest for you to play.

From the point of view of a beginner, you will most definitely pick something comfortable to play your genre of music. In case if you are someone who has significant experience, your options will differ a little. You might consider certain factors such as certain popular options that your favorite guitarist plays or something that is past your price range.  

Surprisingly, the best 8 string guitars are singularly categorized where quality is guaranteed with the price tag. If you have a bit of experience, paying a little extra for the right model will go a long way. 

Whether you want it to be ambidextrous or something with a built-in metronome. Or else you want the quality of the sound to be crisp and true, trying and testing gives you an idea of what’s out there.

So, before you rush to buy your new 8 string guitar, do your bit of research and find the one that fits your budget and style perfectly. Which one is your favourite 8 string guitar? Comment below 

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