Best Acoustic Bass Guitars On The Market

Picture this, you are improvisation and jamming on your acoustic bass guitar on one of those lazy afternoons where the sound is crisp with excellent tonal quality. Amazing right? The Acoustic bass guitars have their place in the world of guitars and the seasoned guitarists. They should not be mistaken with the more commonly used electric bass guitars.


The best acoustic bass guitar is used more for jamming and practice purposes but more people. You have the most widely heard acoustic bass guitars in Mexican songs as they have a distinct tonal opacity. 

In this article I have listed the 10 best acoustic bass guitar along with its pros and cons. Now let's start with the list.


1) Yamaha 4 String - Best Metal Acoustic Bass Guitar



  • Adjustable fridge system
  • Snorkeling fretboard
  • Right-handed orientation
  • Single-coil configuration
  • Maple neck

Yamaha as a brand makes the best acoustic bass guitars. As their prioritize designing pieces that are tailor-made for versatility and style,there is no compromise over quality or the tonal foundation.

This right-handed model best acoustic bass guitar has a very solid comfortable mahogany body with an active/passive single-coil pickup system, and flexible design makes this one of the breakthrough models of REBX range.


  • Adjustable fridge system
  • Snorkeling fretboard.
  • Right-handed orientation.
  • Single-coil configuration.
  • Maple neck.


  • Truss rod needs modification.
  • Fret noise.

2) Fender CB-60SCE - Best Acoustic Bass Guitar For Beginners



  • Nonstandard batteries included
  • Basswood body.
  • Right-handed orientation.
  • Classic Design.
  • Scalloped X bracing.

As the name suggests, this as to be one of the most comfortable and best acoustic bass guitar to play created by Fender. This classic series was created for those unplugged afternoons and jamming sessions.

This is the perfect practice tool and comes with concert bass shape, mahogany back, slip tapered neck to help playability and basswood body. 

It is also equipped with Fishman’s electronic preamp pickup system which also makes it perfect for the studio or the stage.

The highlight of this model is definitely the sound as it is now focusing more on the trebles due to its concert shaped body. The mahogany provides the right frequencies and projections producing the exact sound you are looking for.


  • Built-in tuner.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • No fret buzzes.


  • Needs calibration.
  • Strings may need replacing.

3) Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN - Best Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar



  • Rosewood soundhole rosette.
  • Mahogany body.
  • Rosewood bridge.
  • Open-pore finish.
  • Under saddle pre-amp.
  • Plastic bridge pin strings.
  • Maple fretboard.
  • Compact sturdy body.
  • High-quality craftsmanship.
  • Pre-installed 9 V battery.

The Ibanez theory is the best acoustic bass guitar with a modern sound. Their strong values reside in tradition where they believe that apart from the style, the playability is equally important.

This model's best acoustic bass guitar has the characteristic concert body made out of mahogany and a maple fretboard to ease shift. 

It comes with a built-in tortoiseshell tuning machine and the Ibanez under-saddle pickup configuration. This model is made to be versatile and useful for different scenarios, thanks to the EQ which provides a true plugged in sound with good tonal warmth.


  • Comes with a pickguard.
  • Beautiful vintage wood design.
  • Value for price.
  • Built-in tuner.


  • Strings need replacing.
  • Fret buzz.
  • Sharp fret ends.

4) Dean EAB - Best Left Handed Acoustic Bass Guitar



  • Right-handed dexterity.
  • Mahogany neck.
  • Natural finish.
  • Dual-action truss rod.
  • Classic C-shape neck.
  • Multi-ply binding.

This dean is one of the best acoustic bass guitar with a 34 scale comes with satin natural outer body finish, selective spruce top, mahogany neck and body.

It also has a rosewood fret-board for a softer warmer tone, passive piezo pickup system and their newly updated G03 preamp system with built-in tuner.

You can dial in your tonal preferences with this preamps system. Built-in with features, this model has not compromised on its classic style with abalone soundhole inlay and binding.


  • Piezo pickup system.
  • Die-cast built-in tuner.
  • Dial-in tonal options.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Dynamic range.


  • ​No internal power source.
  • Mild fret buzz.
  • Careless packaging.

5) BCP SKY426 - Best Budget Acoustic Bass Guitar


Product Details

  • 4-band tone and volume control
  • Modifiable truss rod.
  • Special quality wood for sound detail.
  • Plugged or unplugged option.
  • Fretted 4-strings.

If you are looking for best acoustic bass guitar? Then opt of the best choice products which hold the top position in my list. It is also the most popular one which is used by novice and professional players alike mainly because it offers a lot at a fraction of price out of all the cult brands out there.

This highly affordable piece is the perfect tool for those unplugged jamming sessions or for on-the-go. With an attractive flawless finish, it comes in three color options – black, blue and natural.

It has an eye-catching inlay with a glossy sheen and a classic cutaway design. The equalizer provided by the base allows you to adjust treble, bass, presence, and middle. The projection is parallel to what you pay with formulated low and good projection, especially with the treble.


  • High-quality sound.
  • Effortless to play.
  • Comes with a pickguard.
  • Lightweight.
  • Well balanced tone


  • Comes in a flimsy box
  • No guitar case included.
  • Strings may need replacing

6) Cordoba 4 String Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar



  • Built-in Cordoba tuner.
  • C-profile neck.
  • Mahogany body.
  • Polyurethane finish.
  • Fan body bracing.
  • D’Addario coated strings.
  • Black ABS binding.

Cordoba is the brand that builds best acoustic bass guitar to encourage guitarists; so, if you have been hesitating to buy a bass due to playability, Cordoba has come up with a mini version to make sure that picking up a guitar is never daunting. 

Best acoustic bass guitar has a compact body, smaller fingerboard, and scale for players who are starting off or someone who is looking for an affordable and portable option.

It is built with full mahogany built including body, neck, back and sides, a composite bridge and fingerboard with dot inlays and complete satin finish.


  • ​Affordable.
  • Great sound and opacity.
  • Perfect learning tool.
  • Sturdy exterior.


  • Sharp frets.
  • May need amp.

7) Gold Tone 4 String Bass Guitar (Mbass-25)



  • Aquila string.
  • Fretless bass.
  • Folk alternative design.
  • Nato construction.
  • Active Transducer.
  • Black satin finish.

The 25-inch gold-tone with dual-orientation is a short-scale model with folk design and hard outer body which makes it stand out from the rest.

The body is made of mahogany while the back is made of tonewood and the Mbass25 neck which gives its unique sound. 

It comes with a die-cast tuner which is precise and can be dialed in for further precision. With the strong truss rod, you do not have to worry about short scale pressure.

Most artists pick a short scale for its wholesome tonal opacity with smooth transitions and clear lows.


  • ​Dual orientation.
  • Very versatile.
  • No amp needed.
  • In-built tuner.
  • High-frequency range.


  • ​Polymer strings may stick

8) Taylor GS Mini-e Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar



  • ​Spruce top and Sapele body.
  • Onboard preamp with voice and tonal control.
  • Italian dot fretboard with matt finish and inlays.
  • Chromatic tuner with display.
  • 3-ring rosette.
  • D’addario strings.

It is difficult to find a top ten list of guitars without a Taylor guitar. This particular model is a perfect studio piece for the stage and jamming alike.

It is the best acoustic bass guitar as it is durable, inexpensive, and compact; you can carry your music with you in the literal sense. 

Do not be filled by this scaled-down model as there have been no compromises on its sound with its notes mirroring that of its full-size model.

This universally appealing piece has the classic Taylor dual-prong bridge durable Sapele body, spruce top and in-built Mini-e-Bass tuner with an LED display.


  • No fret buzzes.
  • Portable.
  • Amp optional.
  • Unique crisp tone.
  • Guitar case included.


  • ​Indistinct warranty.
  • Low tension.

9) Takamine GB30CE Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar



  • Single cutaway wood.
  • Mahogany back.
  • Tonewood body.
  • Spruce neck.
  • Abalone rosette.
  • Glossy finish.
  • Dovetail neck joint.
  • Pearly dot inlays.

So I am ending the list with one of the best brands known for their best acoustic bass guitar. Takamine is not known for its style but for its consistent sound quality. This particular model has a concert body shape with a tonewood body, mahogany back and a spruce top.

The ironed-out neck has a smooth finish that aids transitions with every component of the acoustic bass guitar merging perfectly.

They come with die-cast tuners and Teakmine’s preamp system with a transducer pickup system and MD shift and bass boost control system. 

The sound comes clear without distorted trebles and balanced mids and the three-band EQ aiding in tonal shaping with pedals that give you complete control over the sound.


  • Versatile sound quality.
  • Powerful transducer pickup.
  • Clear treble.
  • Pedals for tone shaping.


  • Tuner not always accurate.
  • Amp needed for sound.

10) Washburn T24NMK  Electric Bass Guitar



  • ​Passive pickup configuration.
  • Don inlay on fretboard.
  • Maple and mahogany laminated neck.
  • Washburn J style passive pickup.

Washburn guitars were established in 1883 and have been producing best acoustic bass guitar for over 120 years. They are known for their craftsmanship, art of the acoustics and the importance of unplugged sound.

This 4-string Washburn model with sharp sound and fierce hardware is a powerful tool with a sturdy laminated wood body, rosewood fretboard for easy transitions and a maple mahogany neck.

It has a passive J pickup system synonymous to Washburn and an adjustable bridge. It comes with an in-built Grover die-cast tuner and a stained glossy sheen giving it an all-round construction.


  • Rich sound.
  • Affordable.
  • Responsive keys.
  • In-built tuner.


  • Guitar case not included.
  • Needs proper setting up.

How do you find the BEST Acoustic bass?

Although it difficult to hear the bass guitar without a bass amp, but you must try to find a model that has a clear tone without an amp. Not all acoustic bass guitars come with a pickup, but most acoustic bass guitar models come with magnetic, piezoelectric, single-coil, or combination pickup.

Best acoustic bass guitars are extremely affordable, and you can find many inexpensive models loaded with good features which also gives you a studio-quality feel.

When you look for the right models, you need to focus on the fact that playability plays a significant role in the selection process. The best acoustic bass guitar acts mainly as a training tool, so a compact portable body with a short scale and tapered neck will be an optimum choice.

Irrespective of being the perfect unplugged tool, an acoustic bass also comes with a lot of tools for the plugged scenario. Say for example, you are performing to a live audience; a fully unplugged setting will make the sound distorted. 

That is why plugging to an amp directly or perhaps a more complex pre-amp system that gives you control over tonal capacity will be useful. The debate between wanting a PA system or pedals entirely depends on you and your specific needs and preferences. 


In conclusion, the best acoustic bass guitar is a powerful tool that will allow you to play in a way that contrasts the electric.

Being a fairly new introduction to the world of guitars, it has no specific purpose, which is why it has become a curious collectible item especially for bassists. There are many models introduced in the market with many well-loved cult brands producing them. 

Your buying sensibilities must also depend on whether you want focus on the plan of using it for solo performances as acoustic bass guitar coupled with another may drown out the sound. Keep in mind that an acoustic bass will never replace the electric and vice versa.

The acoustic will serve an entirely different function for you a fair bit of research and categorizing your needs will allow you to finalize on model in no time.

Remember the rule of thumb, never make a large investment on your first purchase. Instead, test the waters and enter the world of acoustic bass until you are comfortable with the sound and technique after which you can upgrade to more expensive models.

So, whether you want a practice tool, or a collectible or something compact to travel with for inspiration, hopefully the buying guide will give you some insight.

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