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Are you wondering if a mid-level amp is worth the investment? The answer to that question is in the question itself. It will be an investment piece for you to make your off-stage sound flawless. The best amp under 500 includes some of the most popular and highest rated amps in the market.

best amp under 500

If you are probably using a portable mini amp and thinking of an upgrade mid-range? Do you want to make a perfect performance on stage? Or Do you just need something to travel with to play at the beach or a small impromptu gig? 

No matter what your needs are, there is an amp for you. If you're a beginner level guitarist, try these beginners level amps to add the basic effects and learn the amplifier's basics. Moreover, beginner level amps are perfect to start with and a lot of Pro guitarists often see these as beginners amp. These amps used by famous musicians to perfect their craft and studio sound. Choose the best amp under 500 which suits you.


1) Peavey Vypyr VIP 3 - Best Integrated Amp



  • Famous transtube technology.
  • Variable from 100 W to 1 W with powerspong.
  • Semi-closed back for resonance.
  • 12’’ custom speaker.
  • LCD display.
  • 10 instrument models.
  • Chromatic tuner.
  • 6 bass amp models.

Peavey Vypyr VIP 3 is probably one of the most popular amps in the market, and it is surprising how much it covers for its prices, making it the ultimate value for money paid.

While control segregation can be tricky in most mid-range amps, this model makes it a lot easier with its 3-band EQ, volume, and gain combined into a subgroup. The other side includes all the advanced controls, including the effects and the various presets, navigational knobs, master control, and various other subsets that you will enjoy working with. 

A 12-inch speaker and 100 watts of power by itself is a pretty powerful combo; now add tonal shaping, various amps, cabs with audio, data, USB, and MIDI jack line out, and you have got yourself a winner. Although mid-range amps are used for practice purposes for the stage or the studio, you can easily use this for smaller locations/gigs.


  • Value for price.
  • Acoustic resonance.
  • Versatile.
  • Powerful.
  • Multiple controls.
  • Studio sound quality.


  • Not loud enough.

2) Yamaha THR5 - Best Tube Amp


  • High output stack.
  • 5 channels.
  • Stereo playback.
  • Virtual circuitry technology.
  • 8 cm dual speakers.
  • USB/ headphone jack.
  • Cubase AI recording software.

Let's begin the list with the best amp under 500. The THR series needs no introduction as it is the model used by performers and professional guitarists to practice and hone their skills off stage. The amp by itself is marketed to perfect your off-stage sound.

If you are one of those who has anxiety over sounding your perfect self on stage and spent hours testing the right sound, why not let the amp do it all for you? 

This acclaimed series has five models and the well-known Yamaha virtual circuitry technology has synonymous amp sound, stereo playback, and realistic effects so that you don't have to adjust anymore. Additionally, you get dual speakers, stereo playback technology, and the well-known Cubase recording software. So, if you are looking for metal or rock, distortion, or gain, THR10X is your answer.


  • Realistic effects.
  • Classic studio sound.
  • High gain and distortion.
  • Runs on both batteries and AC.


  • Has a learning curve i.e., tricky interface.
  • Controls are hard to use.

3) Vox AC30C2X Amplifier - Best Solid State Amp



  • 12’’ Alnico blue speaker.
  • Combo amp of 30 W.
  • Top boost and normal channels.
  • Tone cut and master volume.
  • Speaker outputs.
  • Distinct VOX style and sound.

The second VOX model on the list, but the list will be incomplete without this one. Simply put, I can assure that you will never regret a VOX purchase. This is another old school tube amp with the iconic VOX top boost tone. 

If you are looking for the VOX tone with a lot more power, then this model with doubled voltage and 12’’ speakers is your answer. Whether you want it clean or over-driven, this nifty little device will do it all. 

The AC30 stands the test of time for its rich history, and that is why it is a celebrity favourite, including The Beatles as they rely on its iconic tonal quality to enhance their own. 

Speaking of its hardware, it has both normal and top boost channels, with master volume and tone cut controls and tremolo. So, if you are looking for a versatile, powerful piece, then VOX does the trick.


  • Celebrity favorite
  • Versatile.
  • Portable.
  • Value for price.


  • Has no channel switching feature.
  • Can get very hot.

4) Fishman PRO-LBT-500 - Best Modeling Amp



  • 35 years of experience.
  • 60 watts power.
  • Mater volume.
  • 6.6-inch woofer.
  • Phase control.
  • Dome tweeter.
  • Speaker baffle with tilt.

You don’t need an introduction to this as your guitar is probably using Fishman electronics or pickup of some kind. This upgraded version of the popular model now comes with Bluetooth connectivity with the same powerful tonal quality as the previous one. 

The Bluetooth will allow you to add previously recorded vocals and combine it with the effects offered. Fishman is known for its synonymous acoustic sound; now, add its renowned preamp with two channels and a digital reverb, and you have one strong contender. 

With an mp3 input, master volume at 60 watts, and the woofer, it all comes together to be a perfect companion for your musical woes.


  • Fishman Acoustics.
  • Powerful sound.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Tonal control.
  • Lightweight.


  • Mild buzz.

5) Fender - Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier



  • 100 W solid amp.
  • USB line out for recording.
  • 8 inch speaker.
  • Elegant design.
  • Professional digital effects.
  • Whizzer cone.
  • Designed for Acoustic-electric.

Whether you are researching or seriously considering an amp purchase, you must have seen this model on several other pages. If I need to explain this model in one sentence, it will be the legend that keeps it simple. 

The list would be incomplete without a winner from Fender, and this 100W beast provides a full-bodied, rich sound that is perfect for acoustic-electric guitars and vocal performances. 

The Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier to transfer recording and stream saved audio. Top it off with the 8-inch speaker, additional digital effects, and the Whizzer cone, and you get a clean crystal bright tone that sounds professional. 

This is the top choice for many solo musicians and two channels designed for the mic and the guitar comes with separate effects. Need I say more?


  • Studio quality.
  • Versatile.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Universal voltage.


  • Circuitry cannot be repaired; it has to be replaced.

6) VOX AC10C1 - Best Combo AMP Under 500



  • Tube amp.
  • 10 watt classic series.
  • Top boost and normal channels.
  • Tone cut and master volume.
  • Spring reverb.
  • 12’’ Celestion blue speaker.
  • USB line out.

This model was one of the best amp under 500 releases by VOX and became extremely popular for its tube tonal quality. Although it was withdrawn in 1965, VOX re-released it as the AC15/ 10 series as an honorary modern version of the original. 

VOX is known for its vintage design, and not swaying from the classic amp models it produced, this model does not disappoint on that front. Other than its hardware, it comes with a single channel that both modern and retro tones with a 10-inch Celestion speaker veiled under the VOX brown tone. 

Although it doesn’t have a trevolo, it comes with a studio reverb that mimics the original’s tube tone. On the front of the control, it has bass, treble, gain, and a master volume control.

You need to bear in mind that since this amp is about that iconic VOX tone, it will not have the same number of controls like a few others on the list. So if you are looking for distortion, check out another on the list. But if you are looking for that retro chimney Vox tube tone? Go right ahead with this one.


  • Vintage vox design.
  • Classic vox chimney tone.
  • Top boost.
  • Tonal shaping.


  • Lacks too many controls.
  • Does not come with tremolo.

7) Boss Katana-100


  • Solid state 100 W.
  • Single cable stereo operation.
  • 8 tone slots.
  • 12’’ speaker.
  • 5 amp voicings.
  • GearNuts.
  • 60 effects.
  • AUX jack.

Do you know BOSS? The company that is known for giving dependable pedals for years? You can rest assured that they know how to make a good amp. 

The first time BOSS released its amp line was in the year 2016. Since a lot of professionals swear by the Katana collection. They keep reinventing themselves with the tone with powerful sounds and combinations that work well enough for your room as well as the stage. 

This solid state model can be switched from 100 to 0.5 W.  It has a 12 inch speaker for that unshakable volume. The hardware is compact and lightweight to carry around and 60 effects and multichannel footswitch. 

Now with the line out for headphones 5 amp voicing and 8 tone slots at an affordable rate, you will not get a better deal than this.


  • Value for money.
  • BOSS sound quality.
  • Versatile for the stage.
  • Very loud.
  • Easy to program.
  • Powerful.
  • Multiple features.


  • Absence of foot controller.


8) Orange CR120H 2CH


  • 120 W analog.
  • Versatile for the studio, bedroom or the stage.
  • Transparent effects loop.
  • Dual-channel – clean and dirty.
  • Built-in digital reverb.
  • Signature orange frame.
  • Three band EQ.

This British powerhouse of a brand can be recognized anywhere and you will rarely find it in stock as everyone tries to snag one. The crushing line is built for serious performers and is powerful and portable.

The obvious highlight of this model lies in its simplicity. Orange CR120H focuses on the sound and performance rather than confusing you with multiple controls. 

In the end, you get an amp based on the legendary rock range that comes with dual channels, 4 gain stages, 3 band EQ that has both distorted and overdriven sound range and the classic warm sound. 

It also has built-in digital reverb and a loop that allows you to attach pedals and intensify the effects even more. Having a classic orange look with a solid body along with good features, it becomes one of those models that you will never have to worry about.


  • Wide range of overdriven and distortion effects.
  • Warm classic sound.
  • Solid-state amp.
  • Powerful.
  • Versatile and loud.
  • Orange brand guarantee.


  • Can get too powerful for certain set-ups.

How to choose the best amp under 500 - buying guide

Before you make the investment, stop and ask yourself, ‘Why do I need this?’ 

While most of the amps work with small venues, you can easily tone down their power for the studio or your home. You can look into combo amps which will provide you with extra power nut but they tend to be less portable and bulky.

With the variety of brands and products out there, it will be a little tough to pick up the right amplifier. So we decided to provide you with a brief guide filled with the necessary things one must consider while buying an amp under 500.


How much power you will need for your practice every day? You can find a lot of options when it comes to power. If you know what type of music you are playing and in which settings, then you can easily figure out which will the right amp. If you planning to play a solo with no other instruments accompanying you, then 10-50 watts will be good. If you are playing with a full band then a 50-100 watt range will be required.


For musicians who are going to play with a clean channel with no effects, an amp with a more simple model will be pretty much good. You could add effects to your arsenal later. But if you think your playing will need a touch of extra flair, test out one of the modeling amps or one with a little more effect capabilities.

Tube Vs Solid State

Tube amps help you to get more raw and warm sound. Solid state amplifiers might be a little less powerful comparatively but it gives a wider range of effects and capabilities to select. If you prefer the raw and genuine sound of a tube amp, well then, the tubes don't lie, but solid state amps are pretty much within the realm of acceptability.

Try to find an amp that fits your preferences so that it cuts back on extra costs and carrying extra equipment to and from gigs. Furthermore, the mid-range models are all jam-packed with features and effects that will help you with tone shaping and make recording audio an entertaining activity. 


In conclusion, as you may have seen, finding the best amp under 500 range will not be hard for you. The tricky portion comes to narrowing down the list to the one. We have listed the sturdy and durable models that will last you for years to come.

So I hope that my list will help you choose the best amp under 500 as per your convenience. Share your views about this article in the comment section.

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