Best Beach Speakers – Portable With Bluetooth Connectivity

Vacationing in 2022 and looking for the best beach speaker money can buy? If yes, you’ll find everything you need in our guide. During the summer, there is often a lot of music and a lot of water. As a result, it’s critical for buyers to understand which speakers are both water resistant and compact enough to take on a trip.

But, when compared to a regular portable speaker, are portable speakers for the beach really worth it? They are if you will be spending a lot of time near water, such as a pool or a sandy beach. The wiring in the beach Bluetooth speakers can withstand spills, rain, and water-based wear, such as being slipped in puddles or pools.

Instead of risking your favorite portable Bluetooth speaker, it is recommended to get one of the best Bluetooth speakers for the beach listed below, especially if you’re going on doing water sports. While these outdoor speakers have been crafted to be waterproof, they are also extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. You won’t have to worry about the infrequent stroke or decline if you’re the outdoorsy type.


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ULTIMATE EARS WONDERBOOM 2 - best beach speaker

PRODUCT features

  • Bigger 360 sound
  • 13 hr Battery
  • Waterproof and dust proof
  • Double up in stereo
  • Bluetooth 100 ft
  • Athleisure-inspired two-tone fabrics

If you’re acquainted with the original Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM, the WONDERBOOM 2 will feel right at home. Except for the revised elastic loop and the “outdoor boost", the layout is strikingly similar. This trimmed cylinder shaped speaker is well equipped with amazing features and so music can be played right in the middle of your beach party without any hassle. 

It has two 40mm drivers and two passive cooling systems, which are more than enough to cause a stir. The plus and minus buttons are vertically positioned along with the speaker. When you press both buttons at the same time, the speaker produces a tone that indicates battery capacity.

The UE WONDERBOOM 2 is a wonderful sounding waterproof Bluetooth speaker for its size. This would be a great option if you are looking for a extremely loud bluetooth speaker, particularly when the Outdoor Boost feature is turned on. At maximum volume, there is some distortion, but if you hold it below 80%, the soundtrack sounds amazing.

The WONDERBOOM 2 also boasts 360 degrees of audio, which implies you have the same sound quality no matter where you are with reference to the speaker, kudos to its wraparound grille.

Deep Space Black, Crushed Ice Gray, Radical Red, and Bermuda Blue are among the new dual-tone color options available for the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2. The new model not only has an IPX7 water-resistance rating but also has a dust-resistance rank.

That said, trekkers, hikers, and beachgoers will love having this speaker. You should get the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 if you want one of the sturdiest, Bluetooth speakers accessible. Its capacity to float is a fun and useful party trick, and the new looping mechanism is fantastic. Recommended!


  • For its size, it has an excellent sound
  • 30 percent longer battery life
  • IP67 waterproof and sandproof speaker rating
  • Wide compatibility


JBL FLIP 5 - best beach speaker


  • Come with Hardshell travel case by BOOMPH
  • Shockproof and sand proof
  • innovative IPX7 waterproof design
  • up to 12 hours of playtime
  • Racetrack-shaped driver delivers crystal clear music

Many Bluetooth speakers for the beach don't follow the 'less is more' motto, as manufacturers strive to add multiple features in the speaker and end up delivering a large speaker that isn't portable.

But this is not the case with JBL Flip 5 portable speaker. This one has a simple design and equipped with multiple features in its portable body. But it is oddly surprising that it has missed out on some of the features of its forerunner, the JBL Flip 4. 

The portable yet sturdy Flip 5 weighs half a kilo. It is the size of an average thermal flask. It can be easily transported in one hand, tumbled into a bag, or hung on a doorknob in a bedroom or a tree in a park, thanks to the lace-up strap. 

Nevertheless, this best portable Bluetooth speakers are not really the ones with the most extensive spec sheets but for the price offered this high-quality JBL speakers is more than decent.

Whatever finish you choose, you'll get the same basic, no-frills portable speaker. JBL's PartyBoost function pairs Flip 5 or Pulse 4 speakers for stereo pairing or synchronous playback in the JBL Connect app.

The Flip 5 does not have an AUX socket for embedding a smartphone or other audio device, nor does it have a built-in microphone for hands-free calls or Siri and Google Assistant authentication.

However, the JBL Flip 5 has a minimal structural build – maybe too simple for some – but that minimalism has permitted JBL to give more space to perform and stand as one of the best sounding budget portable speakers on the market.

It's appropriate for use outside as well as inside; kudos to its neat layout and an IPX7 rating, making it an excellent wireless waterproof speaker. As a result, JBL's reputation for high-quality Bluetooth speakers continues. So this beach speaker is worth a try. 


  • Sound that is both engaging and entertaining.
  • Simple to use
  • Long battery hours.
  • Comes with shockproof protective case
  • Fast Charging via USB-C


Sonos Roam


  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with AirPlay 2, Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • 10 hours of continuous playtime
  • Astonishingly clear and perfectly balanced sound
  • Higher USB power adapter, or any Qi wireless charger

The Sonos Roam is the company's most oriented and assessed product to date. It's a small $169 speaker designed to be the best portable Bluetooth speaker, and with its handle, it makes it easy for people to carry around to places like beaches and pools.

But it's also meant to fit into Sonos' multi-room sound console and show off the platform's adaptability. In fact, except for Sonos' Ikea-branded speakers, the Roam is now the cheapest option.

The Roam comes equipped with hands-free voice control, Apple AirPlay 2, fast charging, and pose a sturdy and portable design that allows the speaker to be used almost anywhere.

Sonos only discharges a few innovative products per year, so they all have to be good. Also, it is light enough to have it into your backpack or tote, weighing in at under a pound. The Boom is larger all around, and you could almost fit the Roam inside.

With hundreds of pinpoint accuracy holes in the speaker casing, the Roam maintains the standard Sonos visual style. When set horizontally, the Roam's curved triangle shape innately initiatives sound forward and up. The plate on the white speaker is there for structural purposes, but it isn't visible.

The Roam has silicone end caps on both sides to help with durability. Also, it appears to place a premium on ensuring that the surface and liveliness of music are conveyed as clearly as possible. Also, it supports classical music sound vibrant without becoming pitchy, and delivers crisp vocals sound. With the IP67 sand and water resistance rating, this Sonos speaker can be regarded as the best beach speaker. 


  • A truly portable Sonos speaker
  • Sturdy design that can endure the elements
  • Lightweight And Durable Design
  • Wireless Fast charging
  • Waterproof sand proof speakers


Anker Soundcore Flare 2


  • 360° Immersive Sound
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof protection
  • PartyCast Technology for linking two speakers
  • Stunning design with an all-new light show
  • 20W of intense sound.

The first-generation Anker Soundcore Flare wowed us with its outstanding sound, durable construction, and unexpectedly good app. Anker took the “if it is not breaking, don’t fix it” view for its second-generation speaker, keeping everything we liked about the first-generation speaker while contributing a few additional subtleties.

In the end, the Soundcore Flare 2 is just a minor update to the already-excellent Flare, but it’s a terrific Bluetooth speaker with better audio stability, build quality, subtle design, and a brilliant mobile app.

This speaker is remarkably similar to the first-generation model, but it has a top-mounted LED ring for more RGB fun. The speaker moves a few buttons well over, but users can still use the speaker to regulate music player, volume, calls, linking, and BassUp. Anker’s mobile app provides access to extra lighting and EQ features.

In terms of design, the Soundcore Flare 2 has the same fabric exterior as its predecessor, giving it a contemporary yet rugged appearance. The speaker still has an IPX7 rating, which means it can withstand up to 30 minutes of submersion in one meter of water. A rubber flap covers the speaker’s USB-C port on the back, which replaces the original’s micro USB port.

The sound quality is excellent, with a good balance of frequencies across the spectral range. The Anker has a slightly warm tone to it, which makes it soothing to listen to at low to medium volume. The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is a powerful speaker, but as with the original.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Good waterproof speakers
  • Speakerphone feature
  • Conveniently transportable
  • Best suited for beaches and pool parties


FUGOO Tough 2.0 - best beach speaker


  • IP67 waterproof, snow proof, mud proof, and sand proof
  • omnidirectional microphone for echo cancellation
  • Upgraded louder volume
  • 360 degree sound
  • Connect all your streaming services to Sonos app

The Fugoo first came out wowed with above-average sound, reliability, and whopping 40-hour battery life. While few speakers today can match that endurance, many can come even close, and many more have wrapped up in waterproofing and audio quality.

The Fugoo Sport 2.0 comes six years after the original, and a lot has changed in the wireless speaker community since then. This portable beach speaker has a striking resemblance to the Sport 1.0. The magnitude of this speaker is identical to the original model.

Even though it weighs about 2 ounces less, it feels friendly with durable material on the corners and bottom to resist drops. The five drivers crammed inside are protected by a black mesh.

The Sport 2.0 makes a great sound for its price. Thanks to those five drivers, it also spreads that audio broadly, with clean vocals and crisp treble. It has a mildly fuller and more vibrant sound than the original Fugoo.

This speaker is loud, with a maximum volume of over 90 decibels — though it does get distorted at that volume. The Sport 2.0 has an IP67 rating, which means it can endure almost anything. It's waterproof to a depth of one meter and completely dust-proof.

The Fugoo Sport 2.0 is a strong wireless speaker at a new, cheaper price. While it isn't much of an update from the previous version, and in one crucial sense, it is a step-down, it remains as a wireless speaker — and with the new, lower price, it becomes even more appealing.


  • Melody is bright and crisp
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Portable
  • Refined design


JBL Clip 2 - best beach speaker


  • hockey-puck-size speaker
  • rechargeable battery
  • fully waterproof
  • integrated line-in cable

JBL’s Clip speakers have long been one of our favorite micro Bluetooth speakers, and the new Clip 2, which costs $60 and comes in five color options, is no exception. The Clip 2 differs from its forerunner in a few ways. The shape and size are faintly similar to the original Clip, but that’s where the similarities end.

New materials have been used to replace the all-plastic accommodation and grill. The grill has the same textile protective cover as the Flip 3, bringing its splash-proof design up to IPX7. At the very least, you can rest assured that it will survive a plunge into a pool. The accommodation is now made of a smooth, soft rubber plastic with five small divots for each button.

The linkage isn’t super strong, but if you keep it jammed to your bag or close by, you shouldn’t have any problems. Most speakers in this size category have a battery life of 5 to 6 hours, but JBL claims that the new Clip 2 will give you an impressive 8 hours of continuous playback.

It won’t make your head spin, but considering the previous version only lasted 5 hours, that’s a huge deal. Overall, the JBL Clip 3 exemplifies the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.


  • Cheaper
  • Sturdy design
  • Good sound quality
  • Waterproof and sand proof


Beach speakers are usually sturdy and often shock-resistant, in addition to the obvious benefit of not having to worry about water damage. Dropping electronics is not recommended because it can soften internal parts, but these devices were designed with excursion in mind. Another obvious benefit is mobility.

These speakers, once again, are designed to follow you around. Sure, there are bulkier options for those who value sound quality over portability, but the majority are small enough to hurl in a bag on your way out the door.

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