Best Cello Cases For All The Budget

Cello, as an instrument, gets a bad rep, it seems. I don’t understand why it is not in the same “cool” tier as a guitar or drums. Anyways, that doesn’t really matter since most Cello players could care less about the opinions of people that care about “cool tier lists.” If you have a Cello, you love it, and if you love it, you want to protect it from any damage or dust, so you will have the need to buy best Cello cases.

Cello case

Investing in a hard case for your Cello is a good decision. With that said, it is not as easy as it may seem to find a case that not only offers decent enough protection but is also not extremely overpriced and has other features that make it more practical.

So, I have made this list of the ten best cello cases that I found on Amazon that you can buy right now. In no particular order, here are the ten best cello cases without beating further around the bush.



Crossrock CRF1000CEFBLHT - best Cello cases


  • Designed for 4/4 Size Cello.
  • Suspension design inside.
  • 2 bow holders.
  • 1 handle and 2 backpack-style shoulder straps.
  • Wheels and handle to pull.
  • Detachable music sheet pocket.

This is one of the best Cello cases is quite impressive when you take into context the price that you are paying for it. For what most would call a budget option, this Cello case is an absolute winner. The Crossrock CRF1000CEF is made of composite Fiberglass with PC (Poly Carbon) and its size is such that it is able to fit in most standard 4/4 cellos without any trouble.

Talking more about that fiberglass and PC, this material will resist scratches and any water damage. The material is durable and lightweight, weighing maybe around 5 to 6 kgs tops. I would have preferred it to offer more strength but of course, at this point, it wouldn’t be fair to complain. The protection offered is solid, considering this case falls in the budget category.

In terms of carrying it around, there are plenty of ways. There are 2 wheels at the bottom and there is a handle located on the top, which you can grab onto and drag the case along, a great feature for children or the elderly or someone lazy like myself.

If you are a bit more active than me, you can make use of the comfortable, backpack style shoulder straps. They are well-padded and adjustable. If neither of those 2 methods is your style, you can go the classic route and use the sturdy handle located dead in the center. 

There is a separate pocket for your bow, of course, and you will find another pocket, which is detachable, that you can use for your keeping sheet music. Nice touch. Overall, at this price, I can’t think of many cases as good as this one.


  • Really great value for money.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Detachable sheet pocket.
  • Looks surprisingly good in person.


  • Medium grade protection.


 Travelite TL-20 - best Cello cases


  • Compatible with ¾ size.
  • Heavy-duty nylon exterior cover.
  • Shoulders straps, handles and wheels for carrying.
  • Hygrometer inside.
  • Soft-foam padding inside with plush velvet interior.
  • 2 bow holders and neck restraint with velcro.

This budget-friendly Travelite TL-20 cello case is one of the most unique and cool-looking ones that I found. The design is simple and classy. The case itself is quite lightweight and its exterior is made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon, which not only makes it durable and also easy to clean, which is an added plus.

This best Cello case feels like the perfect half-way between a case and a bag. It offers you the protection of a case but the hassles of it. The case is lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds but still manages to provide sufficient protection to your cello thanks to the fact that its interior contains heavy foam padding and is fully lined.

This case boasts an arched-top construction with a full suspension top and durable body for combined strength and has a hygrometer inside that measures the humidity inside the case, which is quite useful has too much moisture can damage your instrument. 

More about the interior, it is covered in blue-grey velvet and has 2 bow holders along with neck support with a velcro strap for your Cello so it stays in place. You can carry it using the shoulder straps, the handle or use the wheels… however, you want to roll. The only problem with this featherweight case is that the company needs better quality controls.


  • Lightweight yet touch.
  • The hygrometer is a nice feature.
  • Value of money.
  • The nylon exterior is easy to clean.


  • Hit or miss chances. Needs better QC.


 Cecilio CHC-50C - best Cello cases


  • Fits, full size, 4/4 Cello.
  • Featherweight hard case.
  • 2 backpack-style shoulder straps (removable and adjustable).
  • Large zipped pocket.
  • Heavy-duty black canvas on the exterior.
  • 2 bow holders and other compartments for accessories.

This best Cello case weighs roughly 4.5 with a large, zipped pocket located on the exterior, which is big enough for carrying sheet music or notebooks and even a slim tablet, so naturally, I thought this would be good for students, unfortunately, it is not. This case is both cheap in terms of cost but also overall performance.

No doubt, it has got the standard things you would expect from a case. The exterior of the Cecilio CHC-50C is made of a heavy-duty canvas while, on the inside, you will find plush velvet in a burgundy color for some extra protection. This extremely lightweight hard case can be carried using the handles like a traditional case or you can use the shoulder straps located on the back.

The backpack style straps themselves are both removable and adjustable. All these features are well and good, but what is the point when they will break under the slightest strain? I get that this is a budget case for beginners and casuals, but it does not have to be cheap. Unless you are getting one of these for an extremely low price, I would not recommend it, especially not if you are planning on traveling with it.


  • Lightweight.
  • Offers better protection than a bag.
  • Plush velvet on the inside.
  • Cheap.
  • Easy to carry with the straps or handle.


  • Low-quality shoulder straps.


Crossrock CRA860CEFBK - best Cello cases


  • 4/4 Full size case (can be customized to 3/4 size).
  • Smooth double wheels design.
  • Padding: Velour lining with 7mm padding.
  • Latches and locks are Chromium plated.
  • The exterior is made of high-quality ABS.
  • Seal: Aluminum valance.
  • Back Straps can carry weights of up to 130lb weight.

Crossrock is a company well known for making hard cases that are both reasonably priced and offer top-grade protection and they did not disappoint with their CRA860CEFBK hard case for Cello. This is compatible with a full-sized, 4/4 cello but can be customized to fit 3/4 size so it is going to be perfect for the majority for the players.

Speaking of the case itself, the CRA860CEFBK is made of high-quality ABS material, which makes it extremely durable from the outside, you can walk on it, stand on it, drop it, and your Cello remains unharmed and is well protected. I am impressed

The Crossrock CRA860CEFBK hard case features 3 Sturdy D-rings with deluxe backpack style straps, which are both removable and adjustable if you so, please. The metal buckets holding the straps feel premium and will keep them intact. If that isn’t your style, you can roll this case using the 2 wheels and the handle located on top.

There are 2 more handles that can be used to carry it like a traditional case, along with 2 metal hinges and 7 metal latches to increase stability. The inside is a plush velvet, a neck strap, a detachable accessory pocket and 2 pockets for your bow.

The velvety inside also has a custom-made foam piece and soft-padded foam inside to further add to the protection level. Final words regarding this hard case, I really liked it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a durable but not overpriced hard case for their Cello.


  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Anti-scratch and extremely durable.
  • Can be customized for a 3/4 size.
  • The matt finish looks cool.


  • Love the product, but the company needs better quality control.


Cecilio CHC-60C - best Cello cases


  • Fits Full Size, 4/4 cellos.
  • Two bow holders and a pocket for accessories.
  • Exterior made of Fiberglass.
  • The Interior is coated with velvet.
  • Padded neck restraint, bridge protector, and Steel hinges.
  • Hard case with handles and wheel.

The previous entry on our list by Cecilio really did not win any awards and this one, well it is certainly a step above that one but unfortunately, the CHC-60C is still not a very good deal. The company gives out very little detail, which is never a good sign.

The exterior of this case is made from Fiberglass. Not very good Fiberglass as it could be easily chipped off. Nevertheless, the case did feel heavy and seemed padded enough to offer a decent amount of protection to your Cello. Also, the exterior is waterproof, so that is good.

The interior of this case is covered with velvet with a neck protector and bridge protector, along with a pocket for accessories. Furthermore, there is a pocket for 2 bows but that is standard practice.

There are wheels on this case because it is a hard case and with the Cello inside, they can get heavy and there are 2 handles using which you can maneuver the case around.

With that said, everything again feels cheap and there is no replacement from the company. The backstraps feel cheap and break off easily and the company considers them “accessories” so will not be paying for them. 


  • Decent protection.
  • Looks alright.
  • Wheels are a convenience.


  • Expensive considering what it offers..


YINFENTE - best Cello cases


  • Provided size is 4/4 but does not fit one.
  • 2 shoulders straps, removable and adjustable.
  • Wheels and a handle.
  • Interior is heavily padded with neck restraint.
  • Made of mixed material with carbon fiber.

The Yinfente Cello case is quite a catch when you look at it. Literally. It certainly looks quite nice and I like the finish. This full-size case isn’t actually a full-size case, mind you. So, that really just defeats the purpose. So, which size is this for? Quite disappointing. With that said, reportedly, some buyers were able to fit in their cellos without bending them.

Take that with a grain of salt. The case itself is made of allegedly made of a mixed form of carbon fiber and admittedly, it certainly looks fancy and lightweight. It has 2 wheels, a handle and shoulder straps, so you have all the options for manoeuvrability.

Inside, there is plenty of padding, a neck restraint and 2 bow holders. If they actually fit 4/4 cellos, I would have given this product a fighting chance.


  • Nice finish.
  • Allegedly can withstand 300kgs of pressure.
  • Lightweight.


  • Does not fit a 4/4.


Crossrock CRP200CEFGY - best Cello cases


  • For 4/4 Full-Size Cello.
  • Interior has a smooth black velvet lining.
  • Archtop design.
  • Detachable and adjustable padded backpack straps.
  • 2 bow holders and sturdy handle.

I have loved all the entries on this list by Crossrock and I think this CRP200 is the latest addition to that list. These types of best Cello cases are featherweight, barely 4 Kgs (8 pounds) and yet offers a decent amount of protection. It is not for professionals that travel with their instrument but is perfectly well suited for everyday transportation.

This isn’t a hard case and it doesn’t try to be. It is the in-between of a hard case and a bag that fits 4/4 cellos. The exterior is sturdy, while on the inside, you will find a velvet finish with a place for 2 bows and neck restraint. The padding is plush and feels sufficient for casual use. A great, budget case for beginners and hobbyists.


  • Perfect in-between of a bag and hard case.
  • Decent amount of padding inside and outside.
  • Lightweight.


  • Tight fitting.


 Bobelock 2000W


  • Black ballistic nylon exterior.
  • Velvet wine interior with neck restraint and 2 bow holders.
  • Fits 4/4 full-size cellos.
  • Sling shoulder straps and wheels.
  • Wins the “best cello cases” in terms of looks.

If this was the best cello cases in terms of looks list, this would top it, no question. A black exterior with wine colored velvet inside? The Bobelock 2000w looks gorgeous! However, this case is not just all look, this is a great hard case for beginners and intermediate players.

The exterior is reinforced with a wooden frame, foam padding and heavy-duty ballistic nylon, which adds a layer of protection along with making it waterproof. Despite all that, it is quite lightweight, featherweight almost. There are 2 bow holders and a neck restraint inside to keep your Cello from moving.

Carrying it is made easy with a traditional handle, wheels and, surprisingly, a sling bag style should strap, which adds to the coolness factor of this case. It is made of Fiberglass, which is not the most durable material but as I said, it should be enough for beginners and intermediate players. This 20000w case is a winner in my books!


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Tough enough for intermediate players.
  • Value for money.


  • Nothing worth mentioning.




  • Fabric Exterior.
  • Layers of padding.
  • Shoulder strap, 2 handles and wheels.
  • For 4/4 cellos.

This Cushy hard body case is one of the best cello cases out there. It is the perfect compromise between a hard and soft case. There is a ton of padding inside and outside this case and its weight shows it. It is around 20 pounds so maybe not be ideal for children. Other than that 1 thing, it is easily a 5-star product.

There are wheels, handles, and backpack style shoulders for easy manoeuvrability. Inside, there is a neck restraint for your Cello along with a place for 2 bows and an accessory pocket large enough for say, your Rosen. If your Cello is 4/4 and you are not a child, you will love this!


  • Value for money.
  • Protection almost equivalent to a case.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • More pocket space would’ve been nice.


D Z Strad


  • Fits 4/4 size cello.
  • Made of Aerospace-grade carbon fiber.
  • Central-Lock System.
  • 2 bow holders, wheels and a sturdy handle.

You won’t go wrong with this D Z Strad cello case and you better not with that price tag. The main selling point of this case is that it is made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber and boasts a unique Central-Lock-System. This central-locking system controls five individual locks, which are placed around the case and are operated via a safety device and a single handle.

This case is very lightweight, only about 7 pounds and offers superior protection from damage, all thanks to its carbon fiber. Inside is thickly padded with a neck restraint for your Cello and 2 bow holders. If money isn’t a major factor, this case tops my “best cello cases” list.


  • Top-grade protection.
  • Lightweight.
  • Unique lock system.


  • Expensive.


With that last entry, I conclude my best cello cases list. Now, this list was in no particular order. Some products on this list are straight-up hard cases, while others are a mix between a soft and hard case. I included many cases that vary in price and features so you can go with the name that suits your needs the most. Just remember to check the measurements before making any purchase. Thank you for reading!

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