Best Earplugs For Concerts And Live Performance

Now, playing your music loud, is something most of us can appreciate however there is always that guy that just wishes to torture their ears and of those around them. Well, whether you are that guy/girl or the one on the receiving end of it, you could fare well by keeping a best earplugs for concerts on you. Earplugs are fantastic little things that help you preserve your hearing while letting you enjoy your music.

Sometimes, the sound at a concert is too loud for your liking, but it is your favorite band playing, well, what do you do? Plugin the best earplugs for concerts and voila! You hear your favorite song at the ideal volume.

Drummers, motorcyclists, you would find them wearing these while doing their respective things and boy, are they a life-saver. Well, you get the gist. Earplugs, the ones I shall mention in my list, are best suited for music,

Traditionally, earplugs used to just muffle everything. The one’s on my list instead block out environmental noises and let in that sweet sound of music. Okay, now, you get the gist. Let’s start the list.

10 best earplugs for concerts review

1) Eargasm High Fidelity - best Earplugs for guitarist

EARGASM HIGH  - best earplugs for concerts


  • Up to a 21 dB drop in noise levels.
  • Made of Hypoallergic soft silicone.
  • Considerate design.
  • Decreases environmental sound without degrading the quality.

Once you name your company “Eargasm”, you better make a product worthy of that name. Good thing they did. The Eargasm high-fidelity earplugs do their job as advertised. Coming in a nice, little aluminum box, which can be turned into a keychain (very handy), you get the earplugs along with two pairs of different sized earplug shells to find the perfect fit (no pun intended).

Inside each plug, there is an attenuation filter that reduces the levels of sound without degrading the quality. The sound you hear will still retain its quality and you can now savor it at the ideal volume. 

The plugs are made up of Hypoallergic Soft Silicone which makes these wearing these comfortable for a longer duration, making them ideal for music festivals, motorcycle rides or drumming sessions.

These are also well suited for people wanting plugs to help them sleep. This best earplugs for concerts also come with a sort of “pull tab” that makes extracting them super easy.


  • Multiple Uses.
  • Made of good material.


  • It takes a while to feel comfortable.

2) Vibes High Fidelity - best invisible Earplugs

VIBES HIGH - best earplugs for concerts


  • Average decibel reduction of 22dB.
  • Comes with 3 sizes of silicone bud and hard carry case.
  • Well built and reuseable.

I like the name of all these earplug making companies. The earplug second on our list is by Vibes. These durable earplugs not only are durable, but also look discreet. The Vibes Earplugs have attenuating filters inside of them which filter specific frequencies instead of simplifying canceling any sound.

In practice, the High-Fidelity claim is a bit over-the-top, but obviously, some comprise are worth making. Concerts can be really fun but also really loud, and really loud makes your ears hurt.

These best earplugs for concerts can provide an approximate 22 dB reduction across frequencies (15 NRR0) and since an average concert is about 98 dB - 110 dB; 85 dB plus damages your hearing. So, it does its job in that regard.

The music overall music experience is not hindered too much, there is a general shift in the tonal balance, the bass being a bit louder and highs being damped, but nothing too intense, these perform well enough to enjoy your music without risking being deaf.

In terms of comfort, there is nothing to complain about. It is top-notch and you can wear these for 3-5 hours easy. It comes with 3 pairs of silicone earbuds for 3 different sizes for all shapes and sizes of ears. The quality is appreciated.


  • Comfortable.
  • Durable and reusable.
  • Discreet design.


  • Tonal imbalance.

3) EarPeace HD - best Concert Ear Plugs



  • Comes in a portable case.
  • Offers 3 filters: SNR 17, 20 and 26.
  • Comfortable and quality silicone earplugs.
  • High Fidelity.

Earplugs by EarPeace are high-quality and professional level, When bands like Metallica use your product, I suppose you just have to have a better-than-average product. These discreet earplugs are high-fidelity and offer high-grade hearing protection meaning you enjoy your music with clear and a safe sound. 

These things come in a portable aluminum box (which can act as a keychain), 3 different levels of filtration: Medium, High and Max. Medium being well suited for almost all your daily needs be it a concert or clubbing. However, if you’re dealing with, say, riding a motorcycle on a particularly windy day, the High or Max filter is recommended.

The earplugs are durable and reusable. Made of soft, hypoallergenic, silicone, these best earplugs for concerts fit comfortably and firmly in your ears so they won’t fall out while you’re dancing or headbanging.

The sound they offer is crisp and clear. The highs are a bit toned (but that’s too be expected) while the mids are brilliant with even the lows feeling a bit richer, so you should have no complaints about the sound quality. These are amazing and you would not be disappointed with these.


  • Metallica uses it so…
  • Comfortable.
  • Makes the sound crisp.


  • Sound quality could be higher.

4) EarDial - best Hi-tech Earplugs



  • It comes in a portable, aluminum carry case.
  • It comes with an app that displays vital detail.
  • Made of reusable, medical-grade silicone.
  • Low profile, sleek design.
  • 20dB attenuation (NRR-11).

Okay, so, we have a pair of “smart” earplugs. Well, sorta. The only smart thing about these is the mobile companion app that comes with it which gives you some decent amount of detail like at which level is the sound around you and how long you can stay there with these on. Pretty neat.

Coming to the physical of these plugs, these best earplugs for concerts fairly comfortable. Made of medical-grade, durable and reusable silicone, the earplugs are comfortable to wear for long durations and can be worn multiple times.

The pull tabs on these are a bit small for my hand personally but I like the comfort they offer. They come in a compact, aluminum case that’s actually compact and has an optional-luminescent-sticker, so you can spot them in the dark. I don’t know how handy that will come but I like it, I would rather have it than not. Coming to the sound quality of these, it is very good. 

The sound is clear, crispy and it seems the lows are actually tighter. The design is discreet and transparent so it blends in with any skin color. Overall, these are fantastic.

I appreciate the small details like a tiny carry-case, glow-in-the-dark sticker and especially a neat, free app. Oh, speaking of it, it is free. You can download these anyways and it is still usable. It provides cool information like a sound level in the room and more.


  • Companion App.
  • Comfort, Design and reusable.
  • Low ends are tightened.


  • Big hands can reach the pull-tab easily.

5) ​Brison Ear Plugs



  • Portable, aluminum carry case.
  • Made of soft, reusable silicone.
  • Blocks out ambient noise and is suited for all events.

Brison Earplugs are easily in the top 3 most comfortable earplugs out there. Made of soft, reusable, silicone, you don’t even notice these plugs once you put these in your ears.

These are designed to be discreet. Having a 3 membrane design, these best earplugs for concerts fit perfectly in your ear and do not fall out. With no sharp edges, it should enter the ear gently and stay fit comfortably for longer durations.

Following the trend, they also come in a portable, aluminum case so carrying them with you is easy and in the case, you will have 2 pairs of earplugs. Now, in terms of sound, these are more suited for sleeping than concerts or motorcycles.

Sure, they are not at all bad for those things, and honestly, if you’re buying earplugs for multiple uses like while sleeping and clubbing, these are amazing. However, for pure music, these are average. Not bad, mind you, just there are more music-focused options. That being said, some of us prefer a jack of all trades.


  • ​Jack of all trades.
  • Extremely comfortable.


  • The pull-tab is hard to reach with big hands.

6) Hearprotek - best High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs

HEARPROTEK HIGH - best earplugs for concerts


  • Comes in a portably, aluminum case with 2 earplugs inside.
  • Made of high-quality silicone.
  • Nose reduction ability: 20dB.
  • Best suited for concerts and clubbing.
  • Two different sizes of plugs come for different sizes of the ear canal.

Not to confuse these with Hearprotek Earplugs for sleeping, these are the ones for all your party people and concerts goers. These High-Fidelity earplugs are for concerts as they block out excessive background noises and lowers the overall volume to a comfortable hearing level.

These plugs don’t muffle the sound and instead, in my experience, rather tightens and make the lows sound better. These best earplugs for concerts come in a, you guessed it, a portable, aluminum case instead of which you will find 2 earplugs along with 2 different sizes of plugs.

These are designed to have a discreet and transparent, they fit perfectly in your ears and do not fall out. Made of high-quality silicone, these are comfortable to wear for longer durations, no problem. Having the ability to reduce about 20dB of sound, these are pretty impressive and are fit to be your companion for your upcoming music festival.

But mind you, these are best suited for concerts and clubbing, not for sleeping as these do not completely block out noise instead of just reducing it. It is indeed a specialist.


  • Specialist for concerts and clubbing.
  • Comfortable and durable.


  • Hard to pull these out with bigger hands.

7) DownBeats Earplugs

DOWNBEATS -  best earplugs for concerts


  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) - 18 dB.
  • Made of comfortable and reusable material.
  • Discreet and clear design.
  • High Fidelity Hearing Protection.

These earplugs by DownBeats are made for musicians and lovers alike. These plugs are low profile with their discreet design and thus, they stay hidden. Most people, it seems, still carry inside the fear of being called some or the other name for wearing earplugs. Don’t feel ashamed, the gift of hearing is something you should preserve.

These best earplugs for concerts ignore the “loud volume machismo”. They come in a, again, you guessed it, a portable aluminum case which makes keeping these on you easy. Made of reusable and quality material, the earplugs on built to last. They are extremely comfortable! Most foam earplugs tend to block out noise.

Well, that isn’t really the best thing if what you are trying to do is listen to your favorite band play. What should happen is a reduction in the level of volume and background noise without losing sound quality… and these do just that.

The sound reduction on these is fantastic. The reduce about 18 dB which is enough to turn, what might be a loud concert, to a concert with just the right volume.

These don’t dampen or muffle the sound rather makes its, in my experience, the bass and the low end better. Making these a good choice for you bass heads and metalheads out there.


  • Comfortable for long use.
  • Do not fall out.
  • Reduces the volume, not muffle it.


  • Not for big ears. Try a long-stem version for a larger fit.

8) Etymotic Research ER20XS High-Fidelity Earplugs

ETYMOTIC RESEARCH - best earplugs for concerts


  • Shorter, more discreet stem.
  • Reusable, interchangeable ear tips.
  • It comes with carrying case, neck cord and extra tips.
  • Reduces sound level up to 20dB without muffling across frequencies.

Okay, officially the techiest named earplug on our list The Etymotic ER20XS are high-fidelity earplugs made for all occasions like motorcycle rides, concerts, overall protection and for everyone with their universal-fit design.

These feature a lowkey design with a shorter, more discreet stem. These best earplugs for concerts are durable and reusable, not only that, they are interchangeable. 

You can change the tips with foam ones for additional comfort. Even without the change, these are extremely comfortable and do not fall easily, so dance on without any worries. Thanks to their design, these fit snuggly into your ears without causing any irritation.

The ER20XS comes with carrying case, standard fit 3-flange ear tips and removal tabs attached, 1 pair of large fit 3-flange ear tips and a pair foam ear tips, Now, coming to the performance, these pass the test.

Providing you with up to about 20 dB reduction in sound equally across frequencies making these earplugs perfect for concerts and clubs as they tone down the sound to an enjoyable level without degrading the sound quality or simply muffling the sound. The quality is still crisp and clear. You won’t be disappointed with these.


  • Comfortable and discreet design.
  • Sound quality is not compromised.
  • Interchangeable and reusable tips.
  • As good as Etymotic's original earplugs for professionals.


  • Highs are sacrificed more than lows (common with earplugs).

9) MUDEELA - best High Fidelity Earplugs for concerts

MUDEELA HIGH - best earplugs for concerts


  • At purchase, you get 3 different ear tips and a carry case.
  • Sound reduction: 23dB.
  • Reusable material, interchangeable tips.
  • Discreet and transparent design.

Mudeela high-fidelity earplugs aren’t just great for concerts but also for all you fellow bikers out there. These earplugs come with the company’s patented attenuation filter that filters out harmful noise, unwanted noises while adjusting the sound to a comfortable level.

These best earplugs for concerts are able to reduce the sound level to up to 23dB which means any task you’re doing, whether attending a concert or riding your motorcycle, the excessive sound will be reduced and you will still be able to everything around you, but just at a comfortable volume which will not damage your hearing.

Coming to performance in terms of music, as one would expect from budget level earplugs, the lows are exaggerated while the highs sound a bit muffled and mids are decent.

That does not mean the sound you get is bad or anything, they actually make it better as I prefer the lows, but even if you don’t, your music listening experience will not disappoint you with these in.

At purchase, you get a carry case, three different types of earplugs: High fidelity, foam and silicone tips. Each for different purposes and preferences. These earplugs are a no brainer and are well suited for all your needs.


  • Interchangeable tips make these an all-rounder.
  • Discreet design.
  • 23 dB sound reduction.


  • Not for large ears.

10) Loop Earplugs

LOOP EARPLUGS -  best earplugs for concerts


  • Included: Carry case with extra, different ear tips.
  • Reduces sound by 20dB.
  • High quality with nice aesthetics.
  • Preserve hearing and sound quality.

These best earplugs for concerts by Loop are in a league of their own. These earplugs, as a musician and a biker, feel the most comfortable and look the coolest. Instead of earplugs, they sort of just resemble truly-wireless-buds.

These buds are of an universal size, so they fit into almost any ear despite the size or shape. These earplugs have a filter inside of them which reduces the sound around you by around 20dB without looking big and weird. 

The design of these, not only sticks out but sticks inside well (see what I did there?). So, headbanging, dancing or riding a motorcycle won’t make these fall off. In terms of comfort, they do a good job of providing that comfort. What sets these apart is that, despite that level of noise reduction and comfort, the seems to be minimal loss in terms of music listening experience.

The sound quality stays clear while the excessive, head-aching lows are toned down while the mids and highs are smoothened. Clubs, concerts, these are perfect for them as the noise reduction is just perfect, you get to enjoy a concert how it’s meant to...just without, you know, losing the sense of hearing.

At purchase, these come with a carry case along with 2 Loop Earplugs, 6 Silicone Eartips and 6 Foam Eartips. So, yeah, you can customize these to your preference. Overall, these earplugs are a solid choice for anyone that cares about not just preserving their hearing but also, look cool while doing it.


  • Sound is not degraded, only made safer.
  • Good-looking plugs.
  • Comfortable.
  • Interchangeable tips.


  • What I may call cool, maybe tacky to you.


So, that is it for my list for best earplugs for concerts. Earplugs should be more mainstream. I love going to concerts but I always return with a stiff neck and ringing ears.

Now, I do not know if they have invented anything for after-effects of headbanging (imagine the unnecessary machismo) but there is something for those ringing ears.

Do not let the opinions of people that hate on earplugs bother you. Just put your plugs in, ignore them and savor your favorite band playing your favorite song at a safe volume.

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