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As a solo mission buying a best electronic drum set under 1000 can be pretty daunting task, but add in the budget of a thousand dollars and it just gets nerve-wracking.

The good news is that the market is booming with good drum sets from cult brands that you can trust. What gives the set value is 50% perception and 50% the actual value of what it offers. 

My list of best electronic drum set under 1000 below has covered what makes each one of them worth it.

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10 Best Electronic Drum Set Under 1000 review

1) Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit - best electronic drum set for the money



  • 60 tracks.
  • 35 sounds.
  • 40 classic kits.
  • 10’’ cymbals.
  • Mesh drum heads.
  • Aluminum rack.
  • Dual-zone snare pad.
  • Headphone output.
  • 40 drum lessons.

The nitro mesh kit is everything you are looking for best electronic drum set and not only enhance your entire playing experience, but make it as realistic and responsive as possible. This eight-piece arrangement includes a crash with choke, a hi-hat, ride cymbal, 3 10’’ cymbals, 3 8’’ tom pads, and a dual-zone snare pad.

It is equipped with over 350 professional sounds, 60 audio tracks you can play along with including metronome and sequencer, and 40 drum lessons from Melodics that will elevate your drum skills to another level for best electronic drum set. 

Additionally, you get all the cables, power cords, and a straightforward setup system so that you can easily play right out of the box. Other than the standard AUX and a USB MIDI, you also get a headphone output for those silent jamming sessions.


  • AUX jack.
  • Soft mesh heads.
  • Good sound.
  • Complete control.
  • Durable.


  • ​The headphone jack may have slight fuzz.

2) Pyle - best Portable ELECTRONIC DRUM SET​



  • 5 user drum kits.
  • 25 preset drum kits.
  • 7 drum pads.
  • Touch-sensitive.
  • Dual voice system.
  • LED display.
  • 215 percussion voices.
  • 128 gm voices.
  • Kick hi-hat.

Perhaps you need something a little more compact than the previous model without compromising on the sound. Then this portable drum set from Pyle makes the cut. It is not only flexible with its controls, but also versatile enough. However, you may want to beat electronic drum set to use.

Whether it is to connect to your PC or Mac and use as a controller, or a headphone input for silent drumming session or a special panel that lets you record, edit, and customize the music to create the audio that inspires you by this best electronic drum set.

You also get the option of either going wireless with AA batteries or using constant power supply which makes it easier when you're on the road.


  • Portable.
  • Easy editing and recording.
  • Headphone input.
  • Unique sound.
  • Batteries or power supply.


  • ​The layout may not suit everyone.

3) Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit - best electronic drum set for beginners



  • 8’’ snare pad.
  • 3 cymbals.
  • Hi-hat.
  • Crash.
  • 100 sounds.
  • 30 play-along tracks.

If you are looking for best electronic drum set under 1000 that could be perfect for beginners or kids then stop your search as this drum kit is the ultimate pitstop on your road to become seasoned.

The noticeable part of this best electronic drum set is that you get 40 free drum lessons from Melodics, so you can improve your skills as you go along.

Speaking of the structure, this seven-piece kit features four mesh pads, an 8’’ snare pad, three cymbals, more than 100 sounds, and 30 audio pieces that you can play along to. 

You also get soft mesh heads for a mellow organic sound and feel with an option of USB MIDI, headphone, and stereo output for complete flexibility and control during your jamming sessions.


  • Easy to set up.
  • High sound quality.
  • Good for kids and beginners.
  • Soft mesh heads.
  • AUX input.


  • ​Not good enough for seasoned players.

4) ​Donner DED-200 ​- best budget electronic drum set



  • 225 sounds.
  • 30 demo songs.
  • 8’’ tom-toms.
  • 8’’ snare.
  • 10’’ Hi-hat.
  • 12’’ ride.
  • 12’’ crash.
  • 8’’ Kickdrum.
  • Kick pedal.
  • Drum throne.
  • Mesh drum head.
  • Silicone cymbal.
  • Headphones.
  • Audio cable.

This is one of the most realistic electronic acoustic drum sets out there and you have definitely heard of Donner so this is a good investment for both the stage or your living room. The best part of this best electronic drum set is that there no sound delay due to a briefer shock response. 

It comes with an audio cable, drum throne, headphone, hi-hat pedal, kick drum, kick pedal, crash, ride, hi-hat, snare, a 12'' silicone cymbal, and three 8'' tom-toms.

Additionally, you get 30 demo songs and 225 sounds including blues, jazz, or rock with the options of connecting with any audio device to play simultaneously and learning new songs or connect with the headphone output for silent jamming.


  • ​Headphones are included.
  • Donner sound.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Value for the price.


  • ​It occasionally freezes.

5) ​Roland TD-17KL ​- best electronic durm set for concerts



  • TD- 50 sound engine.
  • KD-10 kick pad.
  • 14’’ acoustic snare.
  • 8’’ rubber pad.
  • 50 drum kits.
  • Pitch control.
  • EQ panel.
  • Sound module mount.
  • Drum key.
  • AC adaptor.
  • Extra trigger input jack.
  • Import the sample function.
  • Melodies.
  • 3 drum stick pairs.

If you are seriously pursuing drumming as a profession, then you need a best electronic drum set that will work well towards that and the Roland kit from Austin bazaar has everything that you need to do just that. Not only it is easy to learn, but it also gives you full control over the tone.

In other words, other than the existing drum kits you get you also have the option of shaping your very own with the help of the existing EQ panel that includes pitch control and by layering different elements, effects, and snare sounds to create the exact ambiance you want. 

Additionally, this best electronic drum set under 1000 has been designed to be flexible with sound whether it is woody acoustic, fat rock, or rich metal without compromising on the quality of the sound or the recording.


  • ​Versatile effect layering.
  • Make custom drum kits.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Rich sound.
  • Useful accessories.


  • ​The set up may be professional help.

6) Yamaha DTX522K - best Customizable Electronic Drum Kit



  • 5 piece set.
  • 691 percussion sounds.
  • 50 preset drum kits.
  • TCS snare.
  • Rubber tom pads.
  • 3 cymbals.
  • Choke feature.
  • Drum trigger module.
  • Free app access.
  • Real-time replace recording.

Every list of the best electronic drum set under 1000 will have a Yamaha and with good reason. This beginner-friendly kit has been designed to make learning fun while still keeping the experience organic.

This kit features DTX pads that mimic the real deal and the extra bubbles on the surface cushion the wrists when the drum is hit. The cymbals provided have three zones and feature the choke feature with a low acoustic tone and a mute option.

Yes, you can mute the cymbals right before you hit it. Next is the trigger module that features new samples from VTS in addition to the preexisting 691 drum sounds and 50 preset drum kits. You also have unlimited access to Yamaha’s apps so that there is no limit to layering any audio you might want this feature made it as best electronic drum set.


  • ​Yamaha sound.
  • Layering and import features.
  • Realistic feel.
  • Drum kits sound good.
  • Durable hardware.


  • No bass drum pedal included.


7) Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set



  • 256 notes.
  • 15 preset drum kits.
  • 10 coaching functions.
  • Dual-ply mesh heads.
  • Soft rubber pads.
  • Melodies for v drums.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Multiple genres.

Learning the drums is nothing short of incredible, it needs a lot of patience and effort on your side that is why this best electronic drum set from Roland will not only make you understand the basics of rhythms but also teach you that drumming can be a cathartic experience.

This particular model comes with soft dual-ply mesh heads for quiet yet powerful playing experience. This coupled with over 15 preset drum kits, 256 notes, and 10 coaching functions that lets you track your learning progress as you move along on your lessons.

Whether you are a beginner or a student, you will this drum set very realistic especially with the snare and the toms that have been specifically designed to balance the tension and resistance so that the feel is as comfortable and natural as possible.


  • Perfect for students.
  • Good tenacity.
  • Progress tracker.
  • Organic feel.
  • Quiet performance.


  • No kick pedals included.

8) HXW SD61-2 - best electronic drum set for kids



  • 15 presets.
  • 25 custom drum kits.
  • 15 tracks.
  • 227 percussion sounds.
  • 2’’ bass drum.
  • Kick pedal.
  • Hi-hat.
  • Dual-zone mesh snare shot.
  • Silicone toms.
  • Crash.
  • Ride.
  • Cymbals with a dual choke.

The organic drum feel, extremely responsive, accurate tone, quiet mellow sound, and the option of using headphones for silent jamming in your room.

What more could you ask for? Not only is it affordable, easy for beginners, but the performance is also good enough even for the seasoned to practice on. The design built for the road, i.e. you can easily set it up anywhere anytime with all the feature of a best electronic drum set are included.

Whether you are into jazz, blues, Latin, or pop, the acoustic drum kits has got your covered. The coaching feature onboard is an added bonus if you are a learner, as it has a special recorder and metronome so that you can hone your skills easily. Furthermore, the USB MIDI and AUX input is a good plus to the flexibility of this unit. overall this is a best electronic drum set under 1000.


  • Responsive.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Accurate.
  • AUX input.
  • Easy setup.


  • Sensitivity adjustment can be tricky.


9) ​Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K (DTX402K)



  • 10 drum kits.
  • 10 tracks.
  • 10 training functions.
  • 287 drum sounds.
  • Touch app access.
  • USB connectivity.

The DTX series is an experience on its own. It is not only fun, but makes the entire experience engaging. Play what genre of music you like the wide array of 287 drum sounds covers all bases for the best electronic drum set.

Additionally, the 10 drum kits, 10 tracks, and 10 interactive lessons make sure you improve your skills in the most entertaining way possible. 

Now add USB connectivity and the touch app to the mix and you have a drum set that lets you control your training and recording processes easier and a lot more straightforward than most of the other brands.


  • ​Genuine playing experience.
  • Good design.
  • Onboard training.
  • High-quality sounds.
  • USB jack.


  • It does not come with a sound system or a headset.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

10) ZHRUNS Electronic Drum Kit



  • 3 cymbals.
  • 8’’ mesh drum.
  • Bass drum.
  • Hi-hat controller.
  • Snare drum.
  • Four-legged frame.
  • 30 songs.
  • 300 sounds.
  • 15 drum sets.
  • 2 band EQ.
  • Headphone output.

Let us start with the highlight of this drum kit; the French Dreams sampling technology. In simple terms, you do not need to tune all the drums to the same time, you can assign any specific tune to any cymbal or drum so that you have full control over the sound.

Now that you know the flexibility it offers, let us come to the 300 sounds, 30 tracks, and 15 drums set with 3 custom it offers the best electronic drum set.

The drum heads are also made of mesh, that offers the most realistic and soft feel for more real-life experience. With the USB MIDI, you also get a headphone jack for silent practice sessions.


  • ​Headphone output.
  • Professional sound.
  • Sturdy assembly.
  • Versatile controls.


  • Not very stable.



Let me conclude by saying that there is best electronic drum set for everyone irrespective of what your needs are and how specific. My list includes a lot of well-researched models and you will not regret going with any one of them.

That being said, go through your version of trial and error before you settle for it because spending a thousand dollars is an investment not to be taken lightly.

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