Best Guitar Wall Hanger With Excellent Design And Quality

Guitars or any other instrument, in general, tend to really add to the decor of your house, upping the aesthetic game of your room or everywhere you decide to hang it. More than just looks, there are many benefits to have a best guitar wall hanger. When your guitar is in view, you are constantly reminded of it, thus you tend to play more often.

best guitar wall hanger

Not only that but you also have it on display, right there, easy to access as you have full control where you wish to mount it. I myself hung my guitar right next to my bed at an arm’s reach.

There are many different types of wall hanger out there varying in design and quality so today, I have made this article and narrowed down the 10 best guitar wall hanger that you can buy. Let us start the list, in no particular order, here are the best guitar wall hangers:



 RockJam - best guitar wall hanger


  • Guitar holder auto-locking arms.
  • Guitar hook pivot mount.
  • Wooden wall mount.
  • Padded arms.
  • Universal compatibility.

The RockJam guitar hanger is a well-padded, universal wall mount. It is compatible with all 3 main types of guitars like the acoustic, (classical) electric and bass. You can even hang your Violin on it if you have one.

The arms of this guitar hanger are well padded with a thick layer of foam which protects your guitar’s neck from any scratches. That foam also adds to the overall grip which is further enhanced by the auto-locking arms that, like two soldiers protecting their king, it locks down and keeps your guitar from falling out.

The RockJam guitar hanger also features a pivot mount. This swivel protects your guitar from lateral movement so if someone accidentally bumps into the guitar, it doesn’t just go flying. It also protects it from forces applied from left or right as the neck is not held absolutely fixed,

It has a swing to it which is quite necessary because if it is fixed in one place, with a bit of force, the neck could crack and no one wants that.

This best guitar wall hanger comes with a wooden wall mount, which looks and feels solid with its 2 holes using which you can screw it to the wall. The black, red and wooden contrast gives it a premium look. Overall, I highly recommend this wall hanger to anyone that owns a string instrument.


  • Well-padded arms.
  • Auto-locking arms.
  • Deep Cradle.


  • Not for very heavy guitars.


 String Swing - best guitar wall hanger


  • Made with Hardwood and Steel.
  • Compatible with electric, bass and acoustic guitar.
  • Pivoting Yoke.
  • "U" Shaped Padded Hook.

String Swing is a company that has been around since 1987, keeping that in mind, it is not a surprise that their guitar hanger the String Swing CC01K is one of the most famous (and affordable) wall mounts out there. Made using real hardwood and metal, this guitar hanger certainly has a solid structure and the wood gives itself a very classy look.

String Swing products have been a fan favorite for a very long time now and they deserve it considering how well their products are made. The CC01K is a mount that holds the guitar in just the ideal position. It doesn’t hold it too far, no one wants their guitar sticking out and not so close that an accidental bump results in your equipment colliding with the wall.

The CC01K has a "U" shaped yoke cradle, just securely keeps your guitar in place. You have to lift it up a bit and then settle it down, the process isn’t tedious or anything and it keeps the guitar safe. This wall mount is compatible with Bass, electric and acoustic guitars but not Nylon, at least mine did not fit.

That is not a deal-breaker at all if you don’t own a classical guitar though. I am really impressed by this hanger. It is a very affordable and pretty looking option.


  • Cheap and sturdy option.
  • Made of real hardwood.
  • Secure, U shaped and deep cradle.


  • The screws in the box are terrible.


 Top Stage - best guitar wall hanger


  • U shaped hook.
  • Hardwood Construction.
  • 2 discs on both arms.
  • Padded arms.

The Top Stage JX15NA-Q2 is a guitar wall hanger made with real hardwood construction and woodblock mounting which you mount upon drywall using the 2 screw holes. You get 2 special plastic anchor screws using which you can fix it to your wall without a stud.

Be sure to check the stability before hanging your guitar, use a stud if necessary. In terms of design, it is a basic-looking guitar wall mount, nothing too crazy going around here.

It has got a deep cradle with a U-shaped hook which is ideal as it protects your guitar from falling out in case of, say, an earthquake (manageable one of course). Adding more to that protection are these 2 discs located on both arms. You hang the guitar behind these 2 discs that they make sure your guitar does not fall out. It's a simple yet effective technique.

The JX15NA-Q2 comes in a pair, so you are able to hang another instrument. Notice I said “instrument” instead of just “guitar” because it is compatible with not only the guitar but ukelele, violin, banjo, mandolins…. You get the idea. It is a solid budget option for anyone wanting a wall mount, actually wanting 2 for the price of one.


  • Simple mounting.
  • You get 2.
  • Affordable and fairly secure.


  • You will need studs for most cases.


Bikoney - best guitar wall hanger


  • Multi-function guitar holder.
  • 3 bronze hooks.
  • A shelf and 3mm notch for accessories.
  • Made with real solid wood.

The Bikoney guitar wall hanger is a love-at-first-sight product because of its retro yet extremely useful design. Differentiating itself from the plain, monotonous simple-looking guitar hangers, the Bikoney mount is a breath of fresh air.

It is made with 100% solid wood and processed with a torched finish, giving it an old school look and distressed texture. This guitar holder has cutouts for your guitar, obviously, along with 3 hooks and plenty of space for other accessories like a capo, picks, tuner etc.

The cutout of your guitar appears to be mostly wood but has a layer of lint right where you place the neck, protecting it from any scratches. It can fit all acoustic guitars along with mandolins, violins etc but I doubt it could withstand the weight of an electric so I wouldn’t recommend it for those.

The 3 bronze hooks are very useful for hanging headphones, straps or caps while the shelf and 3mm deep notch are perfect for your other guitar accessories and picks respectively. If you are looking for a hanger for your acoustic guitar, I think you’d be very satisfied with the Bikoney guitar holder.


  • Best guitar wall hanger in terms of sheer looks.
  • Quite useful over organizing.
  • Fairly sturdy, not just a gimmick.


  • Could use an anti “fall out” measure.


Donner hanger- best guitar wall hanger


  • Material: ABS.
  • Auto-locking system.
  • Load Capacity is 10kg (22lbs)
  • EVA cushion and padded arm.

The Donner guitar mount is universally compatible. Guitars, bass, ukulele, mandolins, it has got them all covered. Made with ABS material, it may not feel the most “premium” guitar hanger but it certainly is able to hold its own…. And you cannot expect premium materials at this price point anyway so it has a pass. Also, you get 3 of these, so no complaints there.

This wall mount has a specially designed deep cradle which is complemented with an auto-locking system for extra protection. This auto-locking system is activated by applying weight on the arms, so right as the neck of your guitar rests on the hanger, it closes. When you lift it up, the locks retract and you can easily remove your guitar from the mount. Easy and effective.

The Donner wall hanger is mounted using the 2 provided screws. The fit is secure and you won’t worry about it falling out. It can withstand around 10kgs which is more than enough. The arms are plush with foam which ensures your guitar’s neck stays scratch-free.

The only problem, in my opinion, is if you have a cramped room, this will make your guitar stick out, about 3 inches so keep that in mind. Other than that, no problems found here.


  • Auto-locking system is quite effective.
  • Unique deep cradle.
  • You get 3 of these.


  • Hangs 3 inches far.


 Orgrimmar FLAT - best guitar wall hanger


  • Split design wall mount.
  • Universally compatible.
  • Made with iron and covered in foam.
  • 6 screw mount.

Here is yet another unique take at ways you can mount your guitar to the wall. The company Orgrimmar believes your guitar is a work of art and should be displayed by one and I agree with that sentiment. This guitar mount comes in 2 pieces, one piece holds the body while the other one is for the neck.

The construction of this guitar mount is iron and you can, very easily, mount it to drywall with the included screws. It is able to sustain the weight from anything from an electric guitar, bass to a ukelele.

This guitar mount by Orgrimmar is wrapped in thick foam to protect your guitar’s body and neck from any scratches that its iron construction may cause. Its split design looks incredible and you can freely adjust the angle of the guitar.

It isn’t much wrong with this hanger, the only quarrel I have with it is that it extends a bit further from the wall than what I expected and the metal could have been a bit strong but that isn’t to say it is weak. This is a different take at guitar wall hangers and I like it.


  • Looks beautiful when set up.
  • Secure mount.
  • Fairly affordable.


  • Could have been more sturdy.


String Swing SW5RL-B-K


  • 5 adjustable 180° left or right hangers.
  • Black vein powder-coated aluminum Slatwall rail.
  • Deep cradle.
  • Covered in padding cushion.

String Swing makes a return on this list and they make it with their SW5RL B-K guitar wall rack. If you have multiple guitars and want to hang them all in symmetry on the same wall, this is for you my friend. This guitar wall rack certainly takes a bit of “do it yourself” but once it is all set up, it looks brilliant. The wall rack comes with a 122cm aluminum backboard that you will drill in. It is fairly easy to fit.

The String Swing SW5RL-B-K comes with 5 adjustable (move left or right) hangers and it will hold your bass, electric, acoustic or classical guitar; it is all covered. Each yoke of this hanger is attached to a metal rod that extends around 5 to 6 inches so, that is something to keep in mind before buying.

The cradle is deep and covered in foam, to protect your guitar. The structure is very secure and used by guitar stores all over the world. I highly recommend this if you have multiple guitars.


  • Very secure, lifetime warranty.
  • Looks really awesome.
  • 5 guitar, adjustable hangers.
  • Value for money.


  • Nothing much.


Sound harbor


  • All-steel construction.
  • Sturdy swivel yoke.
  • Pack of 3.
  • Compatible with electric, bass, acoustic and classical.

The Sound Harbor guitar wall hanger is yet another simple, affordable, ]and effective wall mount. With this, turn your art into a piece of wall art. It has all-steel construction and it is mounted to a wall using 2 screws, which offers a secure fit. The yoke is covered with a soft foam which protects your guitar from any unwanted damage and leaves no imprint on it.

The arms swing outwards and create a “U” shaped deep cradle which ensures that your guitar will not automatically fall out. The Sound Harbor wall mount is able to bear the weight of eclectic guitars, bass and an acoustic with ease. It is quite an affordable and easy to mount hanger and also, it is a pack of 3, so you can hang all your string instruments.


  • Affordable.
  • Secure mount.
  • Value for money, considering you get 3.


  • Basic design.




  • Auto-lock Functionality.
  • Compatible with all types of guitars.
  • Anti-scratch Grip.
  • Made of plastic, metal and wood.

The Ohuhu guitar hanger is a beautiful mount constructed with a combination of metal, wood and plastic. It is effortless to attach it to your wall, just use the 2 screw holes and drill them using included screws. This guitar hanger is able to sustain weight up to 30lbs and fit every guitar. It is not compatible with Ukeleles though but since this is article is about the “best guitar wall hanger”, it works.

This hanger comes equipped with an auto-locking system that shuts right when the weight of the neck falls on it and that area itself is covered in anti-scratch material so you do not have to work about unwanted imprints nor your guitar falling out. Yet another decent budget option.


  • Looks nice.
  • Fits all guitars.
  • Anti-lock and scratch.


  • Feels mostly plastic.




  • Anti-lock system.
  • Anti-scratch material.
  • Universal compatibility.
  • Made of rubber, metal and plastic.

The Uetoto guitar hanger is a universal wall mount for guitars, ukuleles, violins, and more. It is constructed using rosewood, giving it a nice wooden look. This best guitar wall hanger features an auto-locking system that prevents your guitar from slipping out. It closes right as you apply pressure on the arms. 

Speaking of which, the arms (Yoke cradle) are covered in anti-scratch, thick rubber material that protects your guitar from any marks. It is quite sturdy and can withstand 15kg of weight, so rest assured as your equipment will stay securely in its grasp. It does stick out a bit further than I expected but it is no problem.


  • Anti-locking system is effective.
  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy.


  • Sticks out a bit longer.


With that, we end this article. In search of the 10 best guitar wall hanger, I came across the ones I mentioned above. The title of the best guitar wall hanger is indeed a bit subjective as it depends not only on your needs but also on your budget.

I mentioned something for everyone, from expensive ones to budget options, from a single guitar to a proper, music store size rack. I hope this article helps you find the perfect wall hanger for your guitar and you proudly display it. Thank you for reading!

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