Best Keyboard For Kids To Learn Music Easily

When you think about best keyboard for kids, it need not cost an arm or a leg. You need to understand that as a beginner, you will get loads of affordable options in the market that are good enough for kids as well as your jam sessions.

The basic thing to know about a kid friendly keyboard is that it need to enhance the learning experience, and that can only happen with the right sound.

Let us start with the right instrument because the right instrument has the capacity to inspire music. Below I have prepared a list of best keyboard for kids, go through the list and choose the right product. 

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REVIEW OF Best keyboard for kids

1) RockJam 54-Key - best Portable Electronic Keyboard with Interactive LCD Screen



  • LCD screen.
  • Sheet music stand.
  • 54 keys.
  • 100 tones.
  • 41 notes.
  • Teaching modes.
  • Keynote stickers.
  • Stereo speakers.
  • Power supply or battery

If you are looking for traditional piano feel with full-sized keys and the convenience and portability of the keyboard, then the Rockjam electronic keyboard is the answers in terms of functionality and sound quality and it is the best keyboard for kids in my list.

From an LCD screen to a sheet music stand to keynote stickers to about 100 tones to get creative with, it makes learning and understanding much simpler.

You get up to demo voices that can be played along with chords and the keys. You get the option of using batteries or the power supply that the keyboard comes with making it perfectly travel friendly.

If you are worried about the volume then the stereo speakers have got you covered but if you are looking for those silent practice sessions then the headphone jack comes really handy. 


  • Many tonal options.
  • Soft keys.
  • Affordable.
  • Good accessories.
  • Clear notes.


  • The keys have a lot of wiggle space.

2) Alesis V61 - best keyboard for kids with latest features



  • 61 velocity-sensitive keys.
  • 8 pressure-sensitive pads.
  • 4 convertible knobs and buttons.
  • Visual feedback.
  • Illuminated buttons.
  • Octave up and down
  • Pitch modulation.
  • Protools.
  • Close filters.

This MIDI controller is not specifically made for kids, but that's what makes it perfect. The touch-sensitive keys, the octave buttons, and the wide range of notes ranging from base to line to melodies to chords making it perfectly versatile for a player of any level. 

You get 8 drum pads and extra pitch modulations so that you can produce inspiring music and shape your tone further using knobs, volume levels, open and close filters, tweak parameters, and stimulate other effects.

You can adjust the sensitivity according to your particular playing style using the computer and the additional synth will surprise you in the best way.


  • Complex tweaking controls.
  • Advanced editing software.
  • Professional tools.
  • 2000 studio sounds.


  • The interface can get complicated.

3) M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3 | Compact Semi-Weighted 61-Key USB-Powered MIDI Keyboard


  • 61 velocity-sensitive keys.
  • Volume fader.
  • Transport and directional buttons.
  • Pitch and modulation wheels.
  • Octave up and down.
  • Sustain pedal.
  • Software suite.

Looking for something that breaks all the boundaries of your music and enhances your performances comfortable enough for kids and adults alike? Then the M-audio key station is the powerful answer to it and it is another best keyboard for kids in my list.

It features 61 velocity-sensitive keys with octave range knobs and advanced tools to enhance your tonal capacity in every way possible.

Does piano sustain? Control pedal? Portable footprint? This device has got you covered for every possibility, every sound, and any tonal nuances that you may have in mind to create inspiring music.

You can easily control the tone and sensitivity using advanced software that targets pitch and modulation wheels that are handy and authentic. So remix your sound and record it again, improvise and edit it with MIDI.


  • Powerful workstation.
  • Advanced software.
  • Key control.
  • Protools.
  • Multiple effects.
  • Compatible with mac or pc chargers.


  • The velocity is not always balanced.

4) Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard with App Integration/ Dance Music Mode


  • 61 keys.
  • 150 rhythms.
  • 400 tones.
  • 48 polyphony.
  • Dance music effects.
  • AC adapter or battery.
  • Stereo speakers.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Lesson lite.
  • Voice fingering guide

This keyboard is most probably your first choice when you decided to purchase one. This is a widely used beginner model that is lightweight making it highly portable with comfortable 61 full-sized keys and a wide range of voicing that will surprise you. 

To further elaborate, you get over 400 built-in tonal options, 150 rhythm options with the dance mode, and a maximum of 48 polyphony. With those options alone you get to break your own barriers of creativity and make learning inspiring with your music.

Other features include free learning lesson, a headphone jack, battery or ac adapter, a voice fingering guide, and booming high-quality speakers. Overall this is best keyboard for kids in my list.


  • Free lessons.
  • Portable.
  • Great tone.
  • Multiple features.
  • Headphone jack 


  • Not extra accessories.

5) Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Piano Electric Organ Music Keyboard with Stand, Microphone, Sticker Sheet – Black



  • Built-in speakers.
  • 61 keys
  • 255 fibers.
  • 255 rhythms.
  • 61 percussions.
  • Record and playback.
  • Microphone jack.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • Tempo adjustment.
  • Rhythm sync and fill in.
  • Sustain, vibrato, ensemble.
  • Auto bass chords.

There are two main aspects that are supremely important especially if you are a beginner, The first one is obviously tone but the next is a comprehensive learning system that ranges from basic lessons to advanced so you can grow slowly to become a performer.

This particular Hamzer starter bundle does both those things impeccably and it is the best keyboard for kids.

Additionally, you get a music sheet stand, keyboard stand, microphone, a sticker sheet, and a standard power adapter. Apart from the excellent volume it offers, you also get 24 demonstrative song options, 61 percussions, 255 rhythms, and 255 timbres.

Other features include fingered auto bass chords, sustain, vibrato, ensemble, chord timbre, program rhythm, rhythm sync, tempo adjustment, and much more.


  • Useful accessories.
  • Many tones and rhythms.
  • Customizable tone and effects.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • Sound quality could be better.

6) Yamaha Psr-E263 - best 61-Key Portable Keyboard


  • 61 full-sized keys.
  • Yamaha education suite access.
  • 100 preset songs.
  • Instrument, mp3, computer AUX.
  • Power adapter.
  • 400 instrument tones.
  • 130 styles.
  • Duo mode.

Great playability and great value for the price; there is no other way to describe a Yamaha keyboard.

Yamaha has been associated with great sound and tonal capacity when it comes to its instruments, so there is no surprise that this is one of the top-selling beginner models in the market and the best keyboard for kids.

This portable beauty is a good stepping stone especially with the Yamaha education suite and over 400 instrument voices and genre flexibility with 130 accompaniment styles and a duo mode for two people to play simultaneously.

With its comfortable and lightweight body, you can easily carry it around and practice it anywhere. Additionally, you get an auxiliary input for headphones, your PC, or simply another instrument.


  • Auxiliary jack.
  • Dual playing mode.
  • Yamaha education suite.
  • Great sound.
  • Portable.


  • No USB line out.

7) Joy 61-Key Standard - best advance keyboard for beginners



  • 61 keys.
  • Disk jack.
  • Audio input.
  • Master volume.
  • Keyboard percussion.
  • Tempo control.
  • Fingered chord.
  • Rhythm programming function.
  • Record and playback.
  • Sustain and vibrato.
  • Follow, ensemble, one key.
  • Power supply.

As the name suggests, it is a joy to play this instrument with its easy playability and perfect for beginner features. The entire playing experience is heightened with over 255 rhythms, 50 songs, 255 timbres, and effect modulation.

The high quality LED display guides you towards the voices and the tonal accuracy and helps early players gain better control over the device and learn.

Other useful features include percussion, USB, audio, input, and phone jack. At the end of the day, you have a durable keyboard that has professional effects with tonal control, good sound, good intonation, and high quality so what are you waiting for? Go and grab this best keyboard for kids and have fun playing it.


  • Input jack.
  • Volume control.
  • Value for the price.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Good quality.


  • The keys are not weighted.

8) Nektar Impact GX61 Controller Keyboard



  • 61 keys.
  • Pitch bend.
  • 4 velocity curves.
  • USB jack.
  • Footswitch with sustain.
  • Modulation wheel.
  • Octave shift and transpose.
  • Transport controls.
  • Potentiometer.
  • DAW integration.
  • LED buttons.

You may not have heard of this keyboard, but this midi controller with synth-action keys could easily win the top spot on this list. Although technically being a controller, the high modulation capabilities and straightforward interface makes it the perfect beginner tool for your kid and it is a best keyboard for kids.

It works with any application and comes with the Nektar DAW integration using which you can also turn the keyboard into a controller.

It has 61 velocity-sensitive keys, footswitch sustain, USB jack, octave, and transpose, LED knobs, pitch bend and modulation wheels, and a large potentiometer to make your tone clearer and ensure you have complete control over the sound.


  • Sleek body.
  • Supports windows, mac, Linux, ios.
  • Good tonal control.
  • Good synth action.
  • Accessible octave control


  • Velocities are not stable.

9) WOSTOO Piano Keyboard 49 Key - best cheap piano keyboard



  • 49 keys.
  • Environment-friendly ABS.
  • 16 timbre kinds.
  • 10 rhythms.
  • 8 percussion instrument voices.
  • 6 demos.
  • Volume and beat control.
  • Detachable microphone.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • USB adapter.
  • Audio jack.
  • Playback function.

This is another best keyboard for kids in my list, because of its kid-friendly interface and that being said, it is equally good enough for adult beginners.

It features 49 full-sized keys, 16 sounds, 8 rhythms, and 6 demos. This keyboard is made of environment friend non-toxic ABS to ensure your kid’s safety and rechargeability make it easier to carry around.

You also get a detachable microphone, an audio jack, a USB adapter, dual speaker mode, record and playback function, standby sleep function, and a power supply. With such an access device, your kid will not only learn the keyboard with ease but also will enjoy the experience.


  • Beginner and kid-friendly.
  • Multiple effects.
  • Good quality.
  • Nontoxic body.


  • Does not have a headphone jack.

10) Vangoa - best keyboard for kids


  • 49 keys.
  • Pink keyboard.
  • A power adapter or AA batteries.
  • LCD display screen.
  • 200 rhythms.
  • 200 timbre.
  • 50 built-in songs.
  • Stereo speakers and output.
  • Headphone jack.

Do not let the color and design fool you; this keyboard with its top-notch sound multiple effects is the perfect tool to get your child excited about learning.

With its compact lightweight body, it can easily be carried around so you never have to miss practice. It features 200 rhythms, 200 timbres, 50 demo songs with a stereo speaker, and outputs.

It has a powerful sound with the record and playback features and an LCD display to help guide you with note accuracy. You have the option of charging it using a steady power supply or 6 AA batteries.

That being said, this piece is a beginners’ favorite irrespective of age due to its sheer simplicity and self-learning capacity. So opt for this best keyboard for kids if you are looking for a beginner's model.


  • Affordable.
  • Simple interface.
  • Good sound.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • Needs to be handled carefully.


Now that you have gone through my list of best keyboard for kids, you know there are many more aspects to keyboards. Most of them come with hordes of features and sounds that you can further shape. It need not be confusing for a child or a beginner.

The main idea behind any model is to make muscle memory and learning fun, so the more the effects, the more the kid will remain interested and will learn more.

You can always start with lesser tones and upgrade as you go along. Next comes the accessories. Most keyboards come in starter bundles with a cable, stand, batteries, free online lessons, so check out these money-saving options first before you shell out on branded options.

Finally, the number of keys does not really matter, but if your child is very young starting with a 44 key model will be the least intimidating though a 61 key will offer a lot more range and aid in a smoother transition from beginner to advanced.

I hope that my list of best keyboard for kids has helped you choose the best keyboard for kids. Also share your views about the article in the comment section 🙂

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