Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

Riding motorcycles is an exhilarating and pleasurable experience. On the other hand, playing music can help make the experience more soothing. So the installation of high-quality motorcycle speakers is recommended for this reason. Motorcycles are small and open designs; they demand speakers with a unique design. You can't just put any speakers on your motorcycle.

So motorcycle speakers are designed to be small and slim, and they perfectly fit on the handlebars. They also are water-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. You don't have to worry about riding in the rain. Unlike headphones, motorcycle speakers play the music without interfering with your hearing.

We understand that finding the best motorcycle speakers among hundreds of options in the market is not easy. So we have done extensive research and picked up the best ones and listed them here. So let's find out about them.



GOHAWK RD8 - Best Motorcycle Speakers


  • Frequency range:20Hz - 20KHz
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack AUX-IN
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • FM Radio & Display with Clock
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android

This GoHawk RD8 speaker is quite affordable. A deeper look reveals that it is a vacuum tube with filling. They're about the size of a middle part of a motorcycle handle.

They are excellently designed and aesthetically pleasing Bluetooth motorcycle speakers; this is made of the highest quality materials to ensure sturdiness and satisfaction. It also delivers crystal clear audio quality.

Its clamp supports 7/8" to 1 1/4" handlebar and comes with all necessary hardware and wiring. So the speaker is very simple to install and use, so you won't have to spend hours attaching it.

Moreover, this has an excellent waterproof design. Another advantage of its design is indeed the powerful built-in amplifier. Its system also allows it to disperse sound over a large area. The only issue are that the speakers are in front.

These are excellent speakers in general with a wonderful display that is simple, not to be distracting.

With Bluetooth and wired connectivity, USB and SD card slots, an installed FM radio, and sturdy and windproof construction, these can be rightly called the best motorcycles on the market.


  • Easy to use
  • crystal clear sound quality.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Compatible with different devices.
  • Affordable


Kuryakyn 2720 - Best Motorcycle Speakers


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • waterproof
  • 300-watt peak power
  • Durable satin black design
  • distortion-free sound with N42 magnets
  • auxiliary input and output ports
  • Internal 4-channel amp powers

Kuryakyn is a renowned brand for designing and manufacturing aftermarket parts and accessories for the motorcycle industry. Now it has successfully launched the Kuryakyn 2720 motorcycle speaker that lives up to the hype by delivering a powerful sound punch from a single speaker.

The speaker has a 300-watt peak power capacity, which is enhanced by a 1.0 amplifier. As a result, a crystal-clear sound that booms above a roaring engine can be experienced.

It stands out among other Bluetooth motorcycle speakers by utilizing a four-channel amplifier with a constant supply of 19W with each channel and a max of 23W. It provides power to six drivers.

The bass is good, with a distinct terminal. The mids are varied, and the highs are accessible if a little high-pitched at intense frequencies.

Its internal 4-channel amp powers two 2"x 3" full-range speakers with dual voice coils. Additionally, it has 4 high-frequency 1" silk dome tweeters with N43 grade magnets which are powerful enough to deliver distortion-free sound at any volume level.

The speaker supports a variety of handlebars with brackets and clamps in various sizes. The navigation and volume control systems are all situated on the front of the handlebar, making them easy to see and push with the left hand.

Such a motorcycle soundbar is straightforward, with all necessary wires included.

If you've been searching for the best motorcycle sound system that will last for years, then Kuryakyn Thunder Sound Bar is an excellent pick.


  • Full-range speakers
  • No distortion
  • A large heat sink
  • Internal protection
  • easy to attach


BOSS MCBK470B - Best Motorcycle Speakers


  • 600-watt peak power output
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable mounting brackets
  • 2-channel amp
  • Weatherproof
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Aux Input

Do you own a big motorcycle and often go for long drives? Then consider the Boss Audio Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System.

With a 4-speaker system, this one employs smart design and technology to create a portable yet strong motorcycle speaker.

A pair of 3-inch full-range speakers are included. There's a 600-watt max amplifier that can boost your music loudly while riding. Additionally, the speakers themselves are quite well-made and can be rather loud despite their small size.

In terms of actual audio quality, it's no pushover either. The mids and highs are very well outlined, and the sound clarity is excellent.

This motorcycle soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity and is quite reliable. Furthermore, they are available in black or chrome, allowing you to complement your bike's color scheme.

The volume control can be mounted in any convenient location. Which also has an aux input and remains distortion-free when cranked almost all of the way up. It is waterproof, which would be a great feature to have if you can ride in bad weather.

Overall, if you're looking for the best motorcycle speaker system, we recommend the Boss Audio Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System.


  • 3-year Platinum warranty
  • dedicated volume control
  • Quality is pretty good
  • great mids-and highs
  • aux input


GoHawk AN4-QX - Best Motorcycle Speakers


  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0
  • 1200 watt amplifier
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack AUX-IN
  • High-Performance Bass

The GoHawk AN4-QX motorbike speaker system features a 1200 watt Class-D electronic amplifier and four high-performance bass speakers. It provides exceptional sound quality that you and your friends can listen to and enjoy, particularly on congested roadways. Also, it comes with a remote to regulate the unit's capabilities, such as volume & bass.

These sleek 4.5-inch speakers are constructed of ABS material and durable design. It boasts a superior IP56 waterproof construction to keep them safe from heavy rain and changing weather.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 capability for a convenient connection to your smartphone. It now has a Bluetooth wireless connection range of up to 15 meters. The unit's connected control feature makes operating even while driving.

It comes in black and silver with a smooth surface, providing the speakers with a premium appearance. The machine is simple to set up and includes all essential hardware and wiring.

Connect them and start listening to your favorite music. These are great for outdoor use with an Included full-function wired control.


  • Very loud with good quality
  • Easy install
  • Back up speaker included
  • Waterproof design
  • Sturdy speakers




  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Aux Input
  • Weatherproof Speakers
  • Remote Volume Control
  • Hardware Included
  • Class D amplifier
  • variety of fixation types

The Boss Audio Systems Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker is an excellent sound system for your motorcycle. This model drew our attention not only because of its low price but also because of its elegant, clean black design.

This is regarded at 600 watts, which is more than loud for most situations but can get a little drowned out after riding at speeds above 70 mph on the road, particularly if your motorcycle has loud exhausts.

The sound is clear; it also has a dedicated volume control, making it much easier and safe to use while riding. The handlebar mounts of these stereo speakers are protected by a rubber layer. This rubber layer protects the handlebar from direct contact with the metallic surfaces of the handlebar brackets.

It'll also occupy less space than other sound systems of similar size. The disadvantage of this system is its low volume. When compared with the four speakers, the two speakers produce less stereo separation. You can also use the inline remote volume control to effortlessly control the speakers.

This can be connected directly to the speaker. It thus makes using the device much simpler because you don't get to move in most of the time to touch the speakers.

That would be the loudest you could get at this cost, even while getting very good audio quality, sturdiness, and durability.


  • Insulation made of rubber
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Excellent volume controls
  • High-quality audio
  • Great volume controls


RockNRide 3


  • Adjustable 360-Degree Free Rotation Bracket
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Auto-Scan for FM Radio Stations
  • 3.5mm AUX Input
  • Wired Remote Included
  • 2.0 input with waterproof cover

The Rockville rocknride (2) RockNRide 3′′ Powered Bluetooth Metal Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers are perfect for almost any outdoor or a racing bike with a 12 Volt power supply and handlebar. It boasts a very loud and high-quality sound system.

This speaker has no visible wire connections, and the built-in high-powered amplifier enables straightforward installation. It also is loud enough to be heard over the excessive noise of a motorbike, even when wearing a helmet.

High-quality steel speaker casings are weatherproof and indestructible. This system will automatically discover and synchronize with previously connected devices in the future. It works with almost any Bluetooth connection, including smartphones.

Its RCA input and female 3.5mm connection with wired remote control allows you to listen to just about any sound system through any of these speakers. You may also use the remote to change the channel, volume, and sound that you have been playing to. This eliminated the requirement to access and utilize the device's control panel, which is a substantial improvement in security over earlier versions.


  • Easy to install
  • paired flawlessly
  • Remote mounted on the handlebar
  • Easy to use and connect.
  • cool design



Look for low-wattage speakers for local rides. This reduces noise even while letting you enjoy music on the bike. Whereas for high wattage speakers for highway rides. This allows you to play the music as loud as you need to, allowing you to listen to it, especially at higher speeds.

Sound Quality

The speakers you select must have good sound quality. This also implies that a built-in amplifier is required, as that's how you will be able to increase the volume well enough. Remember that helmet speakers can provide overall better sound quality.


Water-resistant motorcycle speakers are a must. Don't purchase a speaker device for indoor or outdoor usages. Rather than, choose speakers with a protective finish that protects the functions from water as well as debris.

Battery life

As most motorcycle speakers are powered by rechargeable batteries, their lifespan is essential. If you've been on the road for an extended period, you'll need a reliable power source, so the longer the battery life, the better.

Bluetooth compatible

Wired motorcycle helmet speakers are now more traditional, as they require a physical wire connection to the device. It is simply a matter of preference; whereas Bluetooth speakers are much more versatile but also secure, a wired helmet speaker is well-known for maintaining a strong connection.

Extra features

Other features that are commonly included with speakers are as follows. Thumb control, Bluetooth audio streaming, and docking ports are examples of such speakers.


A motorcycle helmet speaker is becoming such a resource for motorcyclists in the face of fierce competition. Any one of the speakers on this list will undoubtedly improve your riding experience and may do so on a budget.

Whereas there are more expensive options, they do provide several amazing features that appear to be worth the cost if you have a couple of additional costs to spare. The best motorcycle helmet speaker is one that provides clear sound quality with better volume control and comfort, compatibility, and longevity.

If you really want to give your motorcycle a makeover, invest in either of those incredible speakers, those who are tried-and-true speakers that you can purchase with trust now.

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