Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For High Notes

Whichever instrument it is that you wish to excel in, you must understand the basic mechanics of it. The best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes are an inseparable pair. Having the right mouthpiece is essential for playing the trumpet, just like having the right bow is for Violin or the Cello. The two go hand-in-hand.

Before I start the list, you must note that every company in the business of making best trumpet mouthpiece has its own numbering system, so the 3C size of the company Bach, for example, would not be the same as that of another. I will try my best to address this issue, but just beforehand, if you like a product, do some familiarize yourself with that companies sizing method.

Without any delay, let us start the list. The following are the Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for High Notes.

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list of Best Trumpet Mouthpiece








  • Size: 7C
  • Silver Plated
  • Rounded rims
  • Metal construction
  • Gold Plated
  • Size: 5C
  • Wide rimmed design
  • Medium-sized cup
  • High-Quality tone.
  • Size:3C
  • Metal construction
  • Wide rimmed shape
  • Material: Copper
  • Carved quilted maple top.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Schecter tuning machines.
  • Brass Build
  • Classic design
  • Easy In Use 

8 Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For High Notes review

1) Glory Silver Plated - 7c trumpet mouthpiece



  • Size: 7C.
  • Silver Plated.
  • It allows for a greater range.
  • Rounded rims.
  • Metal construction.

Let me start my list of best trumpet mouthpiece with Glory 7C which is a remarkable product that offers great value. This best trumpet mouthpiece has the badge of being Amazon’s Choice and it very well deserves it.

This 7C size of Glory is compatible with almost every Trumpet and is a great pick for intermediate players or someone that usually plays 5C, but now are wanting to switch to a bigger, louder mouthpiece that makes it easier to get to those deep, lower notes.

This mouthpiece with rounded rims add comfort for longer playing hours, the silver plating adds to its life (it wears off in about 6 months and can easily get its shine back with cleaning) and overall is a solid option for anyone wanting to try out a bigger size and get a quality product without breaking the bank.

This mouthpiece is perfect for beginners as well as intermediates wanting to switch from 5C to 7C. The 7C size helps in achieving greater range, especially those lower notes and makes the trumpet louder.

It has rounded rims which makes it easier for the newer players to get the hang of playing the trumpet by being able to play it for longer durations.

It is silver-plated which is a nice aesthetic touch, but it is the metal construction of this mouthpiece which is much appreciated as it makes the product durable and sturdy. Overall, this is a solid pick which is budget-friendly and will serve you well.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Silver-plated for resistance.
  • Rounded rims for comfort.


  • The silver starts to wear off soon.

2) Paititi Gold Plated Rich Tone - 5c trumpet mouthpiece



  • Gold Plated.
  • Size: 5C.
  • Wide rimmed design.
  • It creates a warm, rich tone.
  • Covers a wide range of tones.
  • Medium-sized cup.

Next up in my list of best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes comes the Paititi Gold Plated 5C, which is a high-quality product at a fairly affordable price makes it as best trumpet mouthpiece. It is gold plated, now without “nerding” out, the gold plating prevents oxidation which further makes it more durable and decreases the cost of maintenance.

This mouthpiece delivers a sound that is warm, loud, and full and its medium-sized cup and round, comfortable rim making it comfortable to play and you should have no problems playing it for longer duration.

The 5c is compatible with most standard trumpets, such as Yamaha, Bach, Conn, King, etc. This mouthpiece is well suited for all from beginners to intermediate players as well as professionals.

This 5C mouthpiece by Paititi is a product suited for beginners and professionals. 5C size is good to start off your Trumpet journey if you’re somewhere wanting to shift from 3C to 5C, but wish to not spend a fortune, rather get a good quality product for an affordable price, this is it.

The Paititi 5C Mouthpiece is a beautifully plated in gold which prevents oxidation and increases the life on this thing. It has a wide-rimmed design so should be comfortable to play with a medium-sized cup, providing a fair bit of loudness with great tone coverage. This is a solid option.


  • Gold Plated.
  • Comfortable to play.
  • Suited for, Beginners and professionals.
  • Compatible with most brands of trumpets.


  • The Gold Plating starts to rub off soon.

3) bach 3c trumpet mouthpiece



  • Medium Size cup depth.
  • High-Quality tone.
  • Wide rimmed shape.
  • Metal construction.
  • It allows for a greater range.
  • Size:3C.

The Bach Standard Series mouthpiece is arguably the most well-known manufacturer of best trumpet mouthpiece. You can ask anyone in the Trumpet community, regardless of them being either beginners, enthusiasts or professionals, all of them would be aware of this brand and would, almost always, have something positive to say.

The C3 isn’t targeted for beginners rather intermediate and professionals. The C3 leans more in the middle, makes it work well in all situations. Its medium cup depth lets you get to those high notes as well as those low ones. and of course, all the ones in between.

It is a solid,well-built mouthpiece making your music sound full and provides quality tone. Now, this is indeed a bit more on the expensive side of things, but if that isn’t a factor for you, this will meet all your expectations with flying color, providing you with full satisfaction.

Bach is like the Rolls-Royce of mouthpieces, you simply cannot go wrong with buying one of these things, provided you can afford it of course. This C3 mouthpiece is of metal construction and is of high quality, as expected from a company like Bach.

It offers a great range and produces a quality tone. The wide-rimmed shape despite it being a 3C size makes it comfortable for the player to play. The medium cup depth sets this mouthpiece somewhere in the middle with being good at both high and lower notes.

The Bach 3C provides great sound, wide tone coverage and offers a great built which will last. The only point against is its price so if that is not a factor for you, it is the one to go with.


  • Wide range of tone coverage.
  • Well Built.
  • Wide rimmed shape for comfort.


  • Rather expensive.

4) Andoer Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece



  • Designed for trombones.
  • Made of high-quality brass, durable and sturdy.
  • Gold/Silver Colors.

We have with us yet another holder of the Amazon’s Choice badge, this time in the category of "trombone mouthpiece". This best trumpet mouthpiece here is designed for alto trombone, is made with excellent workmanship is fairly sturdy for the price.

This bet trumpet mouthpiece is made of high quality, durable brass and comes in two coatings namely Silver or Gold. The outer coating you pick can influence the tone to some extent, so keep that in mind while purchasing this.

The mouthpiece is able to create a loud and smooth tone and is more suited for those higher notes. This is a great pick for beginners looking for a mouthpiece for their Trombone that is affordable and does the job well.

This a mouthpiece designed for trombones. This is a no brainer for anyone looking for a mouthpiece for their trombone has this thing is crafted with great workmanship, made with durable brass which makes it sturdy and durable for the price.

It gets the job done in an affordable price but keep in mind to choose the right coating as it, somewhat, in a very minor way, can influence the tone. That advice is only for the real professionals though, beginners can just pick based on aesthetics as you would most likely not find it significant enough.


  • Affordable
  • Good for higher notes.
  • Smooth and Loud Tone.


  • The outer coating you pick can influence the tone somewhat.




  • Brass Build.
  • Simple to install on all the mouthpieces of
  • Classic design.
  • Allows characteristics of Megatone in a standard mouthpiece.

Now that’s a big name! KGUBrass Trumpet Booster is well constructed and has a beautiful design. It’s shiny and smooth surface turn it as best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes.

Admittedly, most people believe and these so-called “boosters” are nothing, but a gimmick or a placebo effect, however, after trying it out, you would be pleasantly surprised how well this thing works. It almost makes the slots easier to target and defines them better in return providing a more focused and concentrated sound.

It does justice to the “booster” in its name by boosting the tone, the pitch and the sound. It, for a lack of a better word, opens up the way more personal sound of your trumpet, making it sound like your own, add an “umpphf” to it. The booster also makes articulation easier, more clear and has increased dynamic range.

It is easy to install upon your mouthpiece, it simply slides on top of the mouthpiece and then screws down. Once attached, you can forget about it as from there on out, it will do its magic.

This is not a mouthpiece, this is a booster. A booster screws onto your mouthpiece. The purpose of this thing is to open up the sound, make the tone more focused and concentrated and add a bit of meatiness to the sound produce by your trumpet and it does that job just fine.

It is compatible with almost all standard mouthpieces. Mind you, boosters can be considered gimmicky and the screws on this one tend to loosen up easily but otherwise, this thing is works as advertised.


  • It makes articulation easier.
  • It makes the tone more focused and concentrated.
  • Opens up the sound.
  • Compatible with most popular standard mouthpiece models.


  • Screws loosen up easily.                                                                                               

6) Mutec MTC-3C-CL - plastic trumpet mouthpiece



  • Plastic Build.
  • Size: 3C.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great for cold weather.

This Mutec MTC 3C-CL is best trumpet mouthpiece, it well suites for the beginners. It is a plastic build instead of metal. The plastic build is usually used in cold areas as sticking your lips to metal when cold can be problematic. That aside, this is a great entry-level for best trumpet mouthpiece.

The nature of the material used in this trumpet mouthpiece produces less fatigue and increases the endurance of the player, making it easy to play for a longer duration. It creates a warm, clear crisp sound and the tone is alright for the price.

A very specific but noteworthy advantage this thing has over a brass or silver mouthpiece is that someone with brasses would find this plastic mouthpiece much more comfortable as compared to a standard silver one.

Obviously, it does not sound as good as a brass or metal mouthpiece but it has its perks and the demographic it appeals to. The plastic build does not retain heat or cold so this works well in all seasons however as it is made of plastic, it is rather, flimsy for a best trumpet mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece is more focused towards appealing to a certain demographic. If you are someone that plays the trumpet, say in a marching band, in the cold and you don’t want metal sticking to your lips (who does?), this is a nice alternate to it.

Or, for example, you are someone with braces or teeth that are a little sensitive and the metal mouthpiece just won’t do, this here is the best option for you. It does an alright job, it is not very expensive, does not retain heat or cold and is lightweight. However, being of a plastic build, it is obviously not very durable and is kinda flimsy. So, if you fall under any of those categories, go for it.


  • Affordable.
  • Suited for all weather.
  • It does not retain heat and cold.


  • Very lightweight so vibrations can be felt


7) Blessing Trumpet - 3c trumpet mouthpiece



  • Size: 3C.
  • Medium-sized mouthpiece.
  • Able to reach a wide spectrum of sounds.
  • Well built, brass mouthpiece.

Blessing is a popular name in the world of brass instruments. The best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes are designed at Blessing, adhering to the instructions of professional players like Buff Dillard, Robert Dorer, and Dominick Farinacci while they are by Terry Warburton of Warburton Music in the Florida, USA and by Lausmann in Germany.

So, a quality product is assured. It is well constructed and has a nice weight to it, giving you reassurance about its quality. It is able to cover a wide range of sounds, ranging from low to high.

It creates a high-quality tone, even from best trumpet mouthpiece that can be classified as one of a beginner’s level. This mouthpiece is well suited for professionals and intermediate players but not so much for beginners.

Blessing is a well-established brand and makes excellent products. Designed by keeping in mind the instructions of professionals and build in The USA and Germany, this thing guarantees quality. It has a medium-sized cup which makes it well rounded for lower and higher notes and brass construction makes it sturdy and solid.

It has a nice weight to it and produces quality sound, making even cheap trumpets sound amazing. It does fall a bit on the expensive side and isn’t well suited for beginners but otherwise, amazing product.


  • Quality.
  • Comfortable to play.
  • Rich sound is produced.
  • Great for Highs and Lows.


  • A little expensive.

8) CO-RODE Gold Plated 



  • Metal Body.
  • Size: 7C.
  • Mouthpiece size good for high register.
  • It is computer-aided design system
  • Heavy Brass plating.

A fantastic mouthpiece for beginners out there! The CO-RODE is the best of best trumpet mouthpiece 7C is made up of solid metal along with heavy brass, golden plate outside. The golden plates prevent oxidation and thus adding to the life of the mouthpiece.

It looks fantastic and almost too good for the price it is sold at. This best trumpet mouthpiece has a wide rounded making it comfortable for beginners to play and practice.

The size of the mouthpiece is good for high registers and also C trumpets. This mouthpiece is a holder of the Amazon’s Choice badge, so you get it and rest assured that it will meet your expectations.

Another great pick for beginners on our list of mouthpieces. The 7C sized CO-RIDE mouthpiece has a solid metal construction with golden plates outside preventing oxidation. It is comfortable to play and produces a loud and rich sound.

This one is a no brainer and the Amazon’s Choice badge only adds to the confidence. The gold on this thing, however, well, rubs off easy. That one point aside, amazing pick for anyone wanting to shift to a bigger, 7C sized mouthpiece.


  • Metal build.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Comfortable to play.


  • Only for beginners.                                                                       

Buying Guide for best trumpet mouthpiece

Without a mouthpiece, you can't make any sound in trumpet. Most people choose a mouthpiece out of their comfort. Here I will list out the things you need to consider while buying a trumpet.

In order to get the right sound out of your instrument, that is the Trumpet, in this case, you need the correct mouthpiece. However, a problem arises here, what type of mouthpiece can be considered “correct”? Well, that entirely depends upon you and the kind of sound you want. Mouthpieces come in different sizes, different sizes mean different tone.

A smaller sized mouthpiece has the inherent quality of adding more compression which, in return, makes it better for reaching those high notes. While big mouthpieces are the best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes, with their bigger cup size makes it better for playing loud and is also recommended to those just starting out.

It is obviously way more complicated than small equals high and big equals loud, but that does hold true to a very basic level. Eventually, after playing your trumpet, you would realize that the original mouthpiece has done its part and now, it’s past its age; its time to replace it.

Now, as you know, as I mentioned, different sizes of Trumpets make different tones, different quality of materials provide you with a different sound. To up your game, you must replace your mouthpiece with a new one which produces better sound.

Mouthpieces are available in different materials like silver or gold plated, brass and plastic. Some people are allergic to raw brass, so they opt for silver plated mouthpieces. Though silver plated ones are affordable, they get tarnished easily but can be restored back when polished. Gold plated mouthpieces don't get tarnished, but they are expensive. Lastly, plastic mouthpieces are lightweight and durable and are more popular among outdoor performers.


And you have reached the end of the list, folks! I understand that picking out the best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes can be a challenging task, after all, there are so many variables to it. A plastic build is more suited for cold weathers, but a metal build is more sturdy and durable.

Some best trumpet mouthpiece have a wider rim, allowing you to easily rest your lips, making them comfortable to play for longer duration. The depth of the cup has a major influence. A bigger cup would produce louder sound while a smaller sized one, the makes the sound shallower, is much easier to play.

You must keep in mind your personal capabilities like your skills level, your requirements, your taste, your lung capacity, whether you have braces or not and even the size of your teeth along with knowing the dimensions and specifications of your instrument and what is a good fit for it and which mouthpiece would compliment it the best.

Some elites often call using a smaller mouthpiece as “cheating”. Remember to not care about the opinions of others and focusing on yourself. Whatever helps you play better and makes a better sound, as a musician you should acquire that.

There are no shortcuts in learning an instrument and thus, there can’t be cheating. Happy playing!

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