Best Tube Amp Under 1000 Dollars From Top Brands

If you have visited this page then most probably you are someone who has been playing the guitar for a while and has been lucky with the budget and want to buy a best tube amp under 1000.

Whether you are into recording, gigging, or jamming, you need high-quality electric guitar and gear to get to a certain level. Chances are there, that you already have an amp and want to upgrade to a beast.

The best part of having a thousand dollars in some of the best and highest rated models in the market comes under this range.

In my list of best tube amp under 1000 given below I have included some of the most powerful tube amps that will remind you of classic retro tones coupled with modern features so that you never have compromise and get the best of both worlds.

Read on to purchase an amp that can change your life for the better.

REVIEW OF Best tube amp under 1000

1) Monoprice 611815 - best Combo Tube Amplifier



  • Open back cabinet structure.
  • Three standard tubes.
  • Sturdy leather handle.
  • Chrome corner protectors.
  • Spring reverb.
  • Celestion speaker.
  • Foot pedal.
  • 3 band equalizers.
  • Cloth speaker grille.

Versatile with a killer tone and a range that will blow you away. Let me start this list of best tube amp under 1000 with this winner from Monoprice, that features a tube amp with dual tubes, a Celestion speaker, and a spring reverb, so you never lack the punch.

You can shape and dial in the exact sound you need with the 3 band equalizer and volume and tonal controls with the option of switching the reverb off with the foot pedal provided.

On the hardware front, simply put, it is a good looking amp built for the stage. It has a forties retro design with a cloth speaker grille, a cream synthetic leather external cover, and chrome corner protectors making it perfect for on the road travel.


  • Wide range.
  • Excellent tone.
  • Very responsive.
  • Organic sound.
  • Amplified volume.
  • Vintage design.


  • Short reverb unit.

2) VOX AC10C1 - best low watt amp


  • 10 watts.
  • Combo amp.
  • VOX top boost.
  • Celestion speaker.
  • Master volume.
  • Reverb, gain, bass, treble.
  • External speaker jack’.
  • Bypassable effect loop.
  • VOX style.

If you have a thousand bucks in your budget, then you definitely considered purchasing a VOX first because it is the best tube amp under 1000.

Most musicians specifically prefer the distinctive VOX tone. This specific model, the AC 10 was one of VOX’s early releases in 1960, then it got upgraded to AC 10 C1 to fit the modern guitarist who still longs for the same richness that gave it such a stronghold in amp history.

The Beatles and Radiohead are the most well-known users of this amp. The best part of this amp is its renowned top boost sound that guitarists everywhere can enjoy.

You also get master volume and tonal controls with reverb, so it can easily transition from your living room to your studio to the stage.


  • Affordable.
  • Excellent tonal controls.
  • Classic look.
  • VOX tube sound.
  • Top boost.


  • The distortion may make the pedals muddy.

3) BOSS Katana MKII-100 12-inch Speaker 100-Watt Combo Amp, (KTN-100-2) (KTN-100-2)



  • Tone studio enhancements.
  • One-touch recall.
  • Tube logic power.
  • 60 effect types.
  • 5 tonal characters.
  • Full throttle sound.
  • 100 watts.
  • 12’’ speaker.
  • Stereo expands the link.
  • Cabinet emulation.
  • USB, recording output.

For a BOSS sound, you go for BOSS Ketana which is another best tube amp under 1000 in my list.. This power-packed 100 watts is the answer to all your problems.

Built for the stage and to inspire you with its tone, it comes with a 12-inch speaker with 5 effects, and their own variations for unlimited combinations so you can get as creative as you want with the sound you dial in.

They are crunch, clean, brown, lead, and lastly acoustic with the five neutral effects including reverb, delay, FX, mod, and booster with their own separate variants.

Another few convenient features you will find with this tube amp are the foot controlled pedal FX, tone-setting memory, and cabinet emulation with a studio software.


  • BOSS tone studio access.
  • Tonal memory.
  • Punchy sound.
  • Powerful.
  • Multiple effects and features.


  • No cords included.

4) ​Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG30GFX-U)


  • 10’’ speaker.
  • Standard amp.
  • Reverb and delay.
  • Gold foil and piping.
  • Four channels.
  • Emulated headphone jack.
  • Volume, gain, bass, treble.
  • Tonal controls.
  • 30 watts.

Next up in my list of best tube amp under 1000 comes the Marshall amps guitar combo amplifier. This Marshall amp is a good looking amp and there are no two ways about it. It has a gold metal finish with attractive piping and classic knobs with the Marshall logo on the grille.

It is a fairly simple and straightforward interface, but the true highlight lies in its sound and the wide range of tones delivering what you need and versatile enough for both modern and classic tones such as gain, bass, mid, treble, etc. including four channels – clean, crunch, od1, and od2.

It features a 10’’ speaker with dual-channel modes namely manual and preset. You also get an input jack for external audio and jamming your pre-saved audio and a headphone jack for all those silent jamming sessions in your room.


  • Microphone and headphone jack.
  • Versatile effects.
  • Perfect practice amp.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Classic style.


  • Does not come with a footswitch.

5) ​BUGERA T50-INFINIUM ​- best tube amp for the money



  • 50 watts.
  • Tube life multiplier.
  • Multi-class operation and reverb.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Dual channels.
  • Clean crunch.
  • High gain.
  • Class A and Class AB.
  • Reverb control.

Looks good, sounds good, and has a sturdy outer chrome shell with multiple controls. Sounds perfect? Then you will not regret buying this 50-watt amp with two tubes and dual channels. It is also a best tube amp under 1000 in my list

It maintains complete clarity and steadily between high gain to crunchy to clean tones. You get the legendary Infinium tube life multiplier technology with a foot-switchable option between raw power to classic mellow warmth.

Among the volume and tonal controls, you also get an individual reverb control that offers high definition reverb integration. Simply put, this is an extremely useful amp to have in your gear whether it is for jamming or studio.


  • Good tube changes.
  • Durable body.
  • Perfect for metal.
  • Tonal and effect control.
  • Good range.


  • The dirt channel can get fuzzy.

6) ​Fender Hot Rod 0213205700 Blues Junior III ​- best guitar combo amp under 1000



  • Warm tube tone.
  • Foot switchable.
  • Fat mode.
  • Spring reverb.
  • Lacquer tweed cabinet.
  • ABS plastic combs.
  • Chromed metal covers.
  • Protective vent.

Having a Fender amp in your kitty is a necessity whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player. This Fender blue junior is one of the popular tube amps in the market known for its simplicity and the fat sound option that can be used for an understated overdrive.

The tweed cabinet is what gives it the retro vibe and increases the durability. The onboard spring reverb has the classic echo effect if that is something that fascinates you.

Other than the warm and thick tonal range the speaker helps increase the clarity. At the end of the day, it is a genuine Fender amp with a solid body, golden grille, and a chrome panel that will last you for years to come.


  • Retro look.
  • Durable body.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Simple interface.
  • Fat sound.


  • It does not feature the effects loop or channel switching.

7) Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Combo Amp


  • 100 watts.
  • 12’’ blue marvel speaker.
  • Tube emulation circuitry.
  • High and low gain outputs.
  • 3 position voicing switch.
  • 3 band EQ.
  • Reverb and level control.
  • Foot switchable boost.
  • Stereo line out.
  • Input jack.

Peavey has now become synonymous with its circuitry targeting the accessible market so that musicians of all levels can have good quality gear at an affordable price.

Coming to this transtube bandit circuitry, it is not solely based on the gain, but the entire chain that is dependent on the responsiveness of the speaker.

You get the true grit of the amp through the natural compression which amplifies the volume. In layman’s terms, it is a good amp with high and low gain inputs, 3 bands passive EQ, 3 position voicing switch, reverb that includes level control.

At 100 watts you never have to compromise on power and top that with a 12-inch blue marvel speaker. Overall this is a best tube amp under 1000.


  • Perfect for classic metal.
  • Powerful speaker.
  • Responsive.
  • Versatile built-in effects.
  • Retro-sound.


  • Slight hiss when reverb is at its highest.

8) Roland ​- best clean tube amp under 1000



  • Master volume.
  • 3 band EQ.
  • Onboard reverb.
  • Foot switchable boost.
  • Logic design.
  • Preamp.
  • Output tube saturation.
  • Power supply compression.
  • Natural crunch.

A versatile tube amp fit for the stage and has a power-packed performance. This compact lightweight body of 30 watts can easily be carried so that you never miss out on a good tone wherever you are.

With the tube logic design, it has all the qualities you expect out of a modern tube amp but looks right out of the 70’s magazine. It also comes with other vintage tube features such as power supply compression, output tube saturation, and preamp.

Lastly, you have full control over the tone you want to dial in with the master volume, the 3 band EQ, inbuilt reverb, a foot-switchable top boost that helps with the bright crunchy tonal quality that sounds organic. Overall this is a best tube amp under 1000 in my list.


  • Crisp cleans.
  • Straightforward controls.
  • Excellent tone.
  • Good sustain.
  • Bright and crunchy.


  • Slight occasional fuzz.

9) Orange DA15H Dark Terror ​- best 15 watt tube amp


  • High gain preamp.
  • 15 watts.
  • FX loop.
  • Volume, shape, input.
  • Line in.
  • Output jack.

Orange dark terror is one of the most compact and powerful tube amps you will find in the current market. Orange amps have had a cult following for years and with reason. Although simple, you get the Orange tone that you will never find in any other amp.

Perfect for all the heavy metal and rock guitarists out there, you will not want to miss out on this one. This features a high gain preamp and an FX loop with an extremely responsive tap.

Among all the terror amps of orange, this one has the highest gain of them all. For all intents and purposes, this is heavy-duty, portable, and every bit orange as you would like for that headbanging fierce sound.


  • Gigbag included.
  • Perfect for heavy metal and rock.
  • High gain.
  • Effects loop.
  • Fierce tone.


  • The cleans need a bit more sparkle.

10) Blackstar HT Club 40 Mark II - ​best bass amp head under 1000



  • 40 watts.
  • Dual-channel.
  • 2 voice switches.
  • USB jack.
  • Emulated output.
  • High gain.
  • Effects loop.
  • Infinite shape feature.

Black starts combo amps are one of the highest-rated in the market with their perfect stage sound and versatile range of tones. This particular model comes with dual channels and an infinite shape feature.

You also get two voicing switches so that you can shape the tone you want to dial in. Other than the emulated output you also get a USB jack and an effects loop.

With overdrive, you get just the right amount of grit and ferocity and the high gain is punchy enough. The reverb and the speaker allow crystal clear studio-quality recording, so the boutique tone remains organic through all the mediums.


  • Studio sound.
  • Versatile.
  • Organic tone.
  • USB output.
  • Versatile.


  • A bit on the heavier side.


You probably have already decided on which amp you want and cannot wait to brag about it, but hold that thought. This is a huge chunk of cash that you will be investing in the amp.

It has to be a piece that will last you for the years to come, something that is versatile enough to grow with you and does not need unnecessary additional equipment purchase.

Every amp on my list of best tube amp under 1000 above has a tone that is out of the world. So you can rest assured that any choice will be the right one. Just balance out your options, weigh in the different potentials, and then finish your hunt with a winner.

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