How To Connect Guitar Amp To Computer


How does it feel to have bread and veggies but not know the process of making a sandwich? Doesn't it feel the same to have a guitar and an amp, but not know how to connect it with the Computer.

Connecting the guitar's amp to your Computer allows you to RECORD all the tones and tunes you invent and would love to listen.

So how do you go about it? Let's see.


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How to connect Guitar amp with Computer

Basically, a lot of people might have this doubt about why take all the effort and connect the amp to your Computer, but here's the deal. A lot of people might not have a microphone to record their tone, but long to listen to what they've produced.

The easier way to listen to your tone without a microphone is by connecting the amplifier to the Computer. How do you do that? Learning how to connect the guitar to the Computer makes the process of connecting the amp a lot more easier. Let's jump to the process now.

Connecting guitar to the Computer:

So here, the first thing you need to make sure is you have the appropriate adapter that would connect the guitar's cable to your Computer. Once you've connected your guitar to the adapter, insert it in the audio input of your PC. 

Now go to the option Recording devices < microphone < via HD audio. You can test all your distortion or bass sound effects in the guitar converter dropdown. Now let's see how a guitar is connected to an amplifier.

how to connect guitar amp to computer

Connecting Guitar to the Amp:

First of all, it's mandatory to buy a high-end guitar amp for recording, and there are a few steps that a person needs to keep in mind. Those are :

  • Before connecting your amp, make sure your amplifier is Switched off because having this on might damage the system.
  • Check if your volume knob is down if you don't want to hurt your ears or anything around you.
  • Plugin your guitar to the amplifier with the cable.
  • You've set up the guitar to the amplifier and now all you have to do is, switch on the amp and turn the volume knob gradually up.

Now, it doesn't end here. Not only while connecting, but also while disconnecting, you need to keep some checks, which includes,

  • Making sure if your volume is down.
  • And if the amplifier is switched off. These checks might help your device last long and not cause any damage.

Now, you've connected your guitar to the amp and connected the guitar's amp to the Computer? Let's jump to the next part.

how to connect guitar amp to computer

 other ways to Connect the guitar's amp to the Computer

This is a pretty easy job. Once you've connected your guitar to the amplifier, you can connect your amplifier to the Computer through your PC's audio jack and go on with your jamming session. Still, if not, you have few alternatives to go about.

Aux cable

  • You can use an AUX cable to connect your amplifier to the Computer and insert it in your Computer's audio jack. You can find the spot and insert your cable in that and you'll be almost ready.
  • Now once you're done connecting them, check how your tone is being produced. Make sure you test the signals produced and keep a check on the volume being turned on.
  • If you can't hear any sound, then go to your Computer's sound settings and check if the audio is muted. If it's muted, unmute it and select the correct port or device like audio on, microphone or speaker etc.


  • The other way through which you can connect your amplifier to the Computer is through an adapter. You can get an adapter for a reasonable rate online itself. If your Computer doesn't have an input jack, you might have to buy a separate interface that perfectly fits your Computer.
  • Now, once you connect it, you might have to use the recording software to listen to the sound produced. If you don't have your earphones connected (or) if you want to hear it through the system, you can also connect your external speakers to the PC and start jamming.


  • Not all amplifiers have this provision, but it is beneficial when it comes to recording. It is the Bluetooth feature.
  • Once your Bluetooth is switched on, on your amplifier, go to your computer settings > search for the Bluetooth option > scan for new devices; once you find your amplifier's name in it, select and pair them. After doing this, make sure you test the received signal and if the volume is turned on.

Audio interface

  • Last but not least is the audio interface. First, make sure you take the cable and connect one side to the audio interface and the other end to your guitar. Now, insert your stereo cable to the interface and the opposite end of the cable to the Computer.
  • After plugging in, make sure you have turned off the live audio and turned the audio dial to the direct mode or the PC mode and you're good to go for your recording session.

How to use a computer as an amplifier?

Using the Computer as an amplifier provides us with a world of possibilities.

All you need is a guitar, a computer that runs Windows XP (Windows 7 or newer version being preferred), a cable that fits and connects the guitar to your Computer for enabling this process.

You need to download software like Amplitube, Guitar rig, ASIo4all etc, and run it on your Computer. Make sure you run the offline settings too and enable the main option fitting your tone in the advanced options available.

Plug one end of the cable to the guitar and the other end to your Computer's plugin Jack. Now test the signals that are being received and check all the settings and play around. The more you explore, the more you learn.



This was all about how to connect Guitar Amp to computer. Now you can record and listen to your amp tunes by connecting your amp with your computer. I hope this guide was useful for you. If you have any doubts regarding this article, comment them below. Also, share this with your buddies who are in needful of this guide. Cheers!

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