How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar [Step By Step Guide]

how to restring an acoustic guitar

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to restring an acoustic guitar and how to restring an acoustic guitar with bridge pins easily. So, if you are doing restringing for the first time, then you can clear all your doubts and queries by reading this article till the end.

The wires of an acoustic guitar get worn down with the passing of time and active usage, which diminishes the guitar's sound quality. Thus, if you want to keep your guitar tuned and your music pleasant, you should restrain your guitar once in a while. Better, choose a high quality acoustic guitar to a avoid such string issues.

Now, Let's get started the topic without wasting any time.

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE - HOW TO restring an acoustic guitar

Restringing guitar is a complex and time-consuming process. But with proper knowledge, you can do this without any hardships and problems. So, before commencing the process, gather necessary tools such as a tuner, new strings, wire cutters, and a string winder as you will need them to do this process. 

Now find some empty space for your guitar and yourself and let's get started with restringing process:-

Balance The Neck Of Your Guitar

First of all, balance the guitar against some reliable support. If you have a professional support tool, you can go with it; otherwise, you can use something soft and curved like polystyrene.

Unwind The String With Tuning Key

Now, use your guitar string winder to unwind the strings. Firstly, place your winder on the low 'E' string and turn the tuner anti-clockwise.

If the string is not unwinding by turning the tuner anti-clockwise, then you can also try turning it clockwise.


Now, keep moving your winder until the string becomes loose enough. And after that, remove the string from the tuner. Once you unwind the strings from guitar, clean the guitar properly, if you not aware of the cleaning methods, then check the how to clean guitar article.

Remove The Bridge Pin

In this part I will explain you how to properly restring an acoustic guitar. Use the notch of your string winder and remove the bridge pin from your guitar.

After removing the pin, it will be easy to remove the string from the guitar.

Note: Keep your bridge pins at a secure location so that they will be easy to locate when you need them later. Also, bridge pins are very small and easy to lose. So, keep them in a safe place.
Place the New String and Bridge Pin Through 6E Bridge Hole

Now, take your new string and put it on the 6E hole(We are starting with 6E because it will be closest to you). Then, put the bridge pin on the sound hole.

Now, push the bridge pin inwards and simultaneously pull the string in the opposite direction so that the bridge pin can be placed firmly and there will be no extra string left inside the hole.

Place The Other End Of The String Through The Tuner Hole

Now, take your other end of the string and pass it through the tuner hole. Pull the string enough to leave a few inches of slack. Slack will be needed to wind up the string effectively. However, leaving too much slack will be waste. So, do it wisely.

Wind Up The String Using a String Winder

Now, use the string winder to wind up the string. You stop winding when you think that string has become tight enough. Now repeat the fourth, fifth and sixth steps with all other strings. It will be wise to do it in order of 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, 1E. After ensuring that you are done all these steps correctly, move to the next step.

restring guitar
Tune Your Guitar

Tuning the guitar is the most important part as it is itself the reason for doing this all restringing thing. Now, if you have good knowledge of tuning and have confidence in doing it correctly, you can proceed. If you are facing trouble while tuning through hearing, then you can also use a tuner.

Note: Otherwise, if you are a beginner check the how to tune a guitar article or else take your guitar to a local music shop for tuning.
Cut The Excess String

After tuning your guitar properly, take a wire cutter and cut the excess wire from all strings. Just try to cut as much as you can. If there is a little extra wire left then there is also no problem as long as it is troubling your hand movement. 

If you have done all the above steps correctly then congratulations, you have re-stringed your guitar by yourself. This is the best way to string an acoustic guitar pretty easily.

When To Change Your Strings

The correct time for changing strings is completely subjective and varies from person to person.

Mainly, it depends on how much you use the guitar. If you play the guitar daily for hours, then maybe you will need to change strings at least once in a month [ If its not playing properly]

But if you don't play the guitar daily, then you can use the same strings for more than three months.

Remember, if you are not using your guitar, then chances are there for your strings get oxidized, so you should restring them regularly.

how to restring an acoustic guitar

Also, it depends on whether you are a professional player as then you may have to change your strings weekly.

So, the best advice for you will be to pay attention to the music of the guitar. And if you observe that your guitar does not sound like before, then find a quiet place for you and use this best way to restring an acoustic guitar.

And the last advice I will want to give you is not to hesitate and or feel lazy to restring your guitar. Because as a guitarist, you should know how to restring a guitar.


Restringing the guitar is not a very easy process but with the right knowledge of how to properly restring an acoustic guitar and good experience, it would become a piece of cake for you.

I hope that this how to restring an acoustic guitar guide would help you with restringing your guitar easily. But if you feel any difficulty while doing it, then you can comment on your problem and we will try our best to help you with it.

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