10 Most Downloaded iTunes Songs of All Time

The popular device on the planet is Apple that’s why it has more than 10 billion iTunes subscribers in 2010, Hence Apple publishes the List of 10 Famous Songs of 2010 in spite of download count(Between 2007 to 2010).

This List features the songs of top artists like Lady Gaga, Kesha, Taylor Swift, and Flo Rida. This List contains Different styles of Music like(JASS, RAP, and POP Song) and Songs for Different Moods, Even Band Tracks also takes place in this list.

There are Different kinds and Genres of people from all over the world using Apple so we assign the Rank according to people’s choices respectively and the places were exactly matching for the songs in this list.

Eager to know the Check it out further, Choose the songs for your playlist and enjoy the songs in Top Pop Radio.

Kesha: ‘TiK ToK’ (2009)

Kesha Rock the world with his debut single ‘Tik Tok’ take place in ‘animal’ album realized on Augst 7,2009. If you listen to ‘Tik Tok’ single it boosts your confidence, that the way Kesha and other writers created this single to motivate and this song helps to forget those problems that dragging you behind.

Additionally, the soundtrack makes you feel cheers because the made it with handclapping. This single sounds Rocking with DJ Mix so it was played in all party’s and workout places all over the world.

Kesha ‘Tik Tok’ also break many records in Digital Downloads, Revenue and it was the Best Selling song in 2010. ‘Tik Tok’ single also takes place in the Billboard Hot songs list and achieve many famous music awards.

Leona Lewis: ‘Bleeding Love’ (2007)

Leona lewis is a British performer produced the award-winning single ‘Bleeding Lover’ realized in the album ‘Spirit’ on 19 October 2007. ‘Bleeding Lover’ compose to attract the young generation by R&B based and lagging tempo with Romantic lines.

‘Bleeding Love’ single published in British countries but it reaches all the way to the eastern countries and all over the world. This reach brings Record of the year and best female vocal performer nomination in Grammy Award 2007 for ‘Bleeding Love’.

Taylor Swift: ‘Love Story’ (2008)

Taylor Swift the young and talented artist wrote and compose the single ‘Love Story’ from the album ‘Fearless’ published on September 12, 2008. In 2008 ‘Love Story’ is the best Girly type Country Pop and the Lyric are inspired by Shakespear’s Romeo ad Juliet Drama.

Taylor Swift ‘Love Story’ is the best selling single in the US and it extended to all over the world. This single also takes fourth place in the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Flo Rida: ‘Low’ (2007)

‘Low’ is the peppy RAP song from Flo Rida the sensational debutant, this song is infused by southern Hip Hop and DJ Mix to energize the Party’s and Night clubs worldwide. ‘Low’ single published on October 9, 2007.

‘Low’ single also featured in step up and karate kid movies. This single achieves the No:1 position of Billboard Hot 100 list and it is known most downloaded single of the decade 2000.

Lady Gaga: ‘Just Dance’ (2008)

Lady Gaga started is legacy with debut single ‘Just Dance’ realized in the album ‘The Fame’ on April 8, 2008. ‘Just Dance’ featuring the scenario of being wasted in Night Club’s with the influence of Synth-pop and Dance-Pop.

The Lyric for ‘Just Dance’ is Wrote by famous pop artist Akon and Lady Gaga Co-wrote with him. Gaga raging voice left this song to another level and create the dance mood like the title. ‘Just Dance’ be the best seller over months and it been there at the Billboard Hot list for Five months.

Coldplay: ‘Viva la Vida’ (2008)

Coldplay is a Rock Band crew that originated in London Known for Pop varieties and Melodies. ‘Viva la Vida’ composed by Coldplay with Baroque Pop style and they wrote Lyric inspired from the History of Christianity.

‘Viva la Vida’ was realized on May 25, 2008. After realizing this song accused by Joe Satriani for copyrights issue and this issue sort it out by Settlements. But this song is well known for the repetitive track and complicated notes.

‘Viva la Vida’ also reached the first position in Billboard Hot 100. For the following year ‘Viva la Vida’ nominated and won the song of the year at the Grammy Awards.

Jason Mraz: ‘I’m Yours’ (2008)

Song Writer and Singer Jason Mraz from America publish his first single ‘I’m Yours’ in the album “ We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” on February 12, 2008. This song composed together with various Elements like Reggae, Folk-Pop, Soft Rock and Jawaiian.

This song featured in Bollywood Movie for inspiration theme and the crowed starts loving this song, it’s become popular all around the countries.

‘I’m Yours’ been nominated for best male Pop Vocal and Song of the Year at Grammy Awards and this single also break the previous record for a long stay in Billboard Hot 100.

Black Eyed Peas: ‘Boom Boom Pow’ (2009)

Black Eye Peas crew compose this ‘Boom Boom Pow’ single released in ‘The E.N.D’ album on March 31, 2009. This single compose with RAP, Heavy Auto-Tunes and Dance Pop Elements to attract the young energetic audience.

The main concept of ‘Boom Boom Pow’ Digital Extension of future, that’s the way they prepare the Lyric and also choreograph the video with animation and dance moves accordingly to the concept.

That’s why ‘Boom Boom Pow’ all together comes out of great success and being viral all over the world. This single breaks Billboard records and won the Grammy Award for Best Short-form Music Video.

Lady Gaga: ‘Poker Face’ (2008)

Lady Gaga hit with another song ‘Poker Face’ released in his debut album ‘The Fame’ on September 26, 2008.

In this song, Gaga features bisexuality, sexual suggestion, and presents this song to her boyfriend. She composed the song with dark tons accomplish with synth-Pop and Dance-Pop.

‘Poker Face’ also gets more attention than the previous single ’Just Dance’. This single leads to great success and become the Bestselling single of all time. This time Gaga won the Best Dance Recording award at 52nd Grammy Awards.

Black Eyed Peas: ‘I Gotta Feeling’ (2009)

Black Eyed Peas also bang with there second single ‘I Gotta Feeling’ in the album ‘The E.N.D’ on May 21, 2009. This single also fulfill the audience’s expectation and spread like wildfire all over.

‘I Gotta Feeling’ were played in every house parties and clubs. This song also composes with RAP and Dance Pop to create the party vibe.

iTunes declare ‘I Gotta Feeling’ as the NO:1 Most Downloaded song of all time. This song also won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance By a Duo or Group with Vocal.

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