30 Seconds to Mars ‘This Is War’ – New Album

The wait is over. ‘This is War,’ 30 Seconds to Mars’ third studio album debuted today, Dec. 8. Four years of recording, a collaboration of hundreds of fans singing backup, an extremely progressive rock sound with killer choruses, and ’30 Seconds to Mars’ has produced what is no small feat.

There are so much artistry and passion from all the tracks, from Kanye-featured ‘Hurricane,’ too heavy ‘Night of the Hunter,’ and even psychedelic ‘L490.’ The drum percussion, synth beats, melodies, and Leto’s exquisite vocals all contribute to a well-produced album.

This album clearly pulls from the Leto’s inspirations, ranging from experimental Pink Floyd to melodic M83. Listen to selections from the album right here on AOL Radio’s New Alternative First station.

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