Volkswagen Jetta ‘Moonlighting’ Commercial — What’s the Song?

An enterprising young man saves for a new car by working a variety of odd jobs to the tune of Wynn Stewart’s ‘Another Day, Another Dollar’ in the recent commercial for the Volkswagen Jetta. The song was released as a single back in 1962, and is available on ‘The Very Best of Wynn Stewart 1958-1962.’

As the man tries his hand like a dog walker, rodeo clown and nude model, the acoustic guitars and twanging leads on this seemingly upbeat track belies its depressing view on life as a working stiff:

 "Another day, another dollar / Daylight comes, I'm on my way / Another day, Another dollar / Working my whole life away / The boss told me, I'd get paid weekly / And that's exactly how he paid / Another day, Another dollar."

Stewart was a leading figure in West Coast country music, helping to pioneer the stripped-down “Bakersfield Sound” as a reaction to the overly polished music of the day, and enjoying a steady stream of minor hit singles over his 30-year career.

You can watch the commercial below, and listen for Wynn Stewart’s ‘Another Day, Another Dollar’ over on AOL Radio’s Classic Country station.

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