Worst Album Covers of 2010 (So Far)

We are now over halfway into 2010, so let’s get started running the list of worst album covers of the year. Keep in mind that most of these great covers surround great, inventive music. Enjoy our list of Wors album covers of the year 2010.

10: ‘Night Work’- Scissor Sisters

First of all, it’s been done better before, by Loverboy, Eagles of Death Metal, and yes, even “The Boss.” Secondly, you’ve got a wedgie and it just looks painful.

09:’Los Superheroes’-J King & Maximan

Oh, you’re here to rescue us? That’s so nice! But, uh… we’ll just fight the eight-armed lizard guy ourselves, no offense, it seems safer. Also, did you forget your costumes?

08: ‘Hologram Jams’-Jaguar Love

Collaboration and psychedelic drugs can lead to great art. Or, these cutout images: “We’ll have giraffes in space!” “Yeah, and emeralds, and a girl…with no eyes.” (Just guessing!)

07: ‘Emotion & Commotion’- Jeff Beck

Beck’s guitar playing sends crowds into hushed reverence. Beck’s guitar, when hanging from a soaring eagle’s talons, however, mostly results in non-stop giggling.

06: ‘No Guts, No Glory’-Airborne

It’s a big treat to see and hear these rock madmen tear it up live, but even the biggest fan probably took this album home-like porn, wrapped in a thick paper bag.

05: ‘Friday Night at St Andrews’-Bizarre

‘Friday Night at St. Andrews’ must be the social event of the year, based on how well Bizarre has dressed here. Looks like the photographer surprised him at home around 2 AM.

04: ‘Heroin’- Z-Ro

The New York Times calls Z-Ro an “underrated rapper.” Maybe people are judging this “book” based on the lazy art and heavy-handed metaphor on its cover.

03: ‘United Acid Emirates’- Ceephax Acid Crew

This worst album cover nominee should come with a black-light and an obnoxious freshman-year roommate, who’s all too eager to enlighten you on an amplitude of fresh new sounds.

02: ‘Round and Round’- Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

A flat-out disturbing image. Thank goodness they at least captured this inter-species lip-lock moment just before the blood started to flow.

01: ‘Manifesto’- Rhymester:

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez was sounded last year, deservedly, for committing two paintings of himself as a centaur. Not the man-horse you want to emulate, guys!

Which 2010 Albums Are the Worst?

With thousands of records released so far this year, we know we missed some beauties. Please let us know your nominees in the comment section below.

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