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10 Best R&B Sex Songs

Ever since sex songs such as Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' hit the airwaves, the theme has been frequently used in R&B tracks. We've collected 10 of the best R&B Sex Songs below, all of which you can hear on AOL Radio's R&B Slow Jams station.
This sex song was actually written by The-Dream, who's had many R&B hits of his own including 'I Luv You Girl' and 'Rockin' That Thang.'

Lustful Lyric: "Girl, change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like / Alright, okay, tonight you're having me your way"
J Holiday Bed
'Sexy Love'
Ne-Yo depicts a man so in love with his girlfriend that she becomes an addiction.

Lustful Lyric: "I'm so addicted to her she's the sweetest drug / Just enough, still too much"
Ne-Yo Sexy Love
'Sex Me'
This is R. Kelly's first single as a solo artist, off his 1993 album '12 Play.' The song reached No. 2 on the R&B charts.

Lustful Lyric: "Come over here and let me take off your clothes/'Cause things I wanna do to you, nobody has to know"
R Kelly Sex Me
'That's the Way Love Goes'
Off Jackson's 1993 album 'janet.,' this was her biggest No. 1 single ever in the U.S., winning a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song the following year. Jennifer Lopez -- unknown at the time -- appears as a backup dancer in the music video.

Lustful Lyric: "Come closer / baby closer / Reach out and feel my body / I'm gonna give you all my love"
Janet Jackson Thats The Way Love Goes
'I'll Make Love to You'
On top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks, this sex song held the record for the most weeks at No. 1. The record was broken just a year later with the song'One Sweet Day,' a collaboration between Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.

Lustful Lyric: "I'll make love to you when you want me to / And I will not let go till you tell me to"
Boyz II Men Ill Make Love To You
'Untitled (How Does It Feel)'
The music video was deemed controversial for featuring a naked D'Angelo, taken all in one shot. However, it still received moderate airplay, which helped D'Angelo and his album 'Voodoo' top the mainstream charts.

Lustful Lyric: "I want control you body / Wish that you'd know / I want to take your walls down"
DAngelo How Does It Feel
'Let's Get It On'
Gaye first re-wrote the lyrics to the song -- originally penned by Motown songwriter Kenneth Stover -- as an ode to religion...then politics, until Doo-Wop pioneer Ed Townsend chimed in and said the song "should be about making sweet love."

Lustful Lyric: "Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be? / I'm askin' you baby to get it on with me"
Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On
'Nice & Slow'
In 1998, the song became Usher's first No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and one of four hit singles featured on his breakthrough album 'My Way.'

Lustful Lyric: "I've been waiting for so long / We'll be makin' love until the sun comes up"
Usher Nice and Slow
'The Love Scene'
Joe tackles all possible love scenarios in this slow-tempo, percussion-driven sex song, referencing several, er, sexual innuendos along the way. 'The Love Scene' was one of five hit singles featured on Joe's sophomore album, 'All That I Am.'

Lustful Lyric: "All I want to do right now is love her down / I don't give a damn about who hears the sound"
Joe All That I Am
'Sexual Healing'
The song's inspiration came when writer David Ritz interviewed Gaye for a biography and pointed out Gaye's pornographic comic book, telling him he "needed sexual healing." Gaye asked Ritz to write a poem about it, which later became the rough lyrics to this song.

Lustful Lyric: 'The love you give me will free me / If you don't know the thing you're dealing / Oh I can tell you, darling, that it's sexual healing'
Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing
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