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All Time Low's Jack Barakat Lists His 10 Favorite Albums

All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat has taken on the role of guest blogger for AOL Radio to tell us what his favorite albums are. Check out the music that inspired the band's sound, which has led the pop-punk band to a Top 10 debut with their new CD, 'Nothing Personal,' and frequent rotation on the New Alternative First and Emo stations.

I wanted to give everyone a look into my Top 10 favorite albums of all time. A lot of these records are the very reason that I'm playing music today, and have influenced All Time Low quite a bit.

'Sticks & Stones'
'All time low' was actually a lyric out of a New Found Glory song. These guys, along with Fall Out Boy and Blink 182, [have] most certainly played a huge influence in our songwriting to this point.
New Found Glory Sticks and Stones
We just had the opportunity to tour with these guys in Australia, and it was so much fun. They just put out a new record called 'This Will Be the Death of Us', which I'm sure will be in my new Top 10.
Set Your Goals Mutiny
One of the best tours I ever saw was Blink 182 and Green Day together. One of the first songs I remember playing on guitar was 'When I Come Around.'
Green Day Dookie
'Leaving Through the Window'
Andrew [McMahon's] new work with Jack's Mannequin is amazing, but so was his band prior to his new project. The mix of piano and pop-rock on this CD makes it a classic.
Something Corporate Leaving Through the Window
It's so hard to choose just one Jimmy Eat World record. They constantly put out amazing albums which I feel like I can always rock out to no matter what my mood.
Jimmy Eat World Clarity
'Third Eye Blind'
Who doesn't know every track on this record? I remember listening to this on the radio on the bus going to school. Brings back so many memories. It was amazing to see them play at Bamboozle this past spring.
Third Eye Blind
'Fenix TX'
This album was an essential pop-punk record from the Drive-Thru era. I would certainly recommend it for anyone who likes Blink 182.
Fenix TX
'Save the World, Lose the Girl'
Midtown was so influential to a lot of east coast bands coming up. While on tour with Cobra Starship, we actually covered some Midtown songs with Gabe Saporta under the alias 'Gabe Time Low.'
Midtown Save the World Lose the Girl
'Take This to Your Grave'
We were so stoked to be able to tour with Fall Out Boy recently. We have certainly looked up to how they worked their way up to the top, and this is still in the major rotation with us on the road.
Fall Out Boy Take This to Your Grave
'Dude Ranch'
We grew up playing Blink 182 covers in our basement, like so many other kids our age. It's an absolute dream come true that we were able to go into the studio with Mark Hoppus and co-write a track together.
Blink Dude Ranch

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