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10 Best Christian Songs

From rock and roll to worshipful ballads, these 10 Best Christian songs are the highest rated by AOL Radio listeners.
'God of Wonders'
This Christian band's name is based on a story of a 7th Century cow herder named Caedmon who was ashamed to sing in public. One night an angel came to him in a dream asking him to sing and Caedmon found that he did indeed have a beautiful voice. The members heard this story and decided a reference to the story was a fitting title.
Caedmon's Call God of Wonders
Smith is a personal friend of former President George Bush and was asked by him to write a song after the September 11th attacks. Smith is also a personal friend of Bono and the two have collaborated in concert several times.
Michael W. Smith Breathe
'Blessed be Your Name'
The '63' in their name came about when a naming conflict arose because there was already a band named 'Tree' in America. '63' was the name of their second album and a reference to Psalm 63.
Tree63 Blessed be Your Name
'By His Wounds'
These four men teamed up to record this Christian song for the Glory Revealed album. The album itself won two Dove Awards and 'By His Wounds' became a No. 1 song.
Glory Revealed By His Wounds
'My Savior My God'
At the GMA Dove Awards in 2007, Shust was named songwriter of the year. He studied music theory and classical composers in college and later became influenced by U2 and Bob Marley.
Aaron Shust My Savior My God
'Mighty to Save'
Originally aspiring to be a symphony conductor, Laura Story wasn't even aware she could sing or write songs until she reached her early twenties. 'Mighty to Save' was a Christian song Laura Story performed in her church and didn't think about recording it until a friend suggested to do so.
Laura Story Mighty to Save
'You are My King (Amazing Love)'
The Newsboys originally established themselves as a Christian rock pop group and were nominated for a Grammy award for their 1997 album. However, the Christian song to make our list was the Newsboys' first attempt at making a worship CD.
Newsboys You are My King
'I Can Only Imagine'
MercyMe was formed when Bart Millard and Jim Bryson met while working on mission projects overseas. 'I Can Only Imagine' was featured on their first album, and the band has gone on to receive Grammy nominations and a great amount of recognition in the Christian music community.
MercyMe I Can Only Imagine
'How Great is our God'
Despite being a solo artist, Tomlin travels with a steady band lineup and writes many of his songs with members from this band. His album 'Arriving' is considered his breakout album, as it produced four number one Christian hit songs. The album was certified Platinum by the RIAA in 2008.
Chris Tomlin How Great is our God
'Who am I'
Casting Crowns is one of the fastest selling debut artists in the Christian recording industry. Lead singer Mark Hall had taught Sunday School since he was 12 and decided to create a pop band for worship. Hall has said that the band's work is akin to "preaching to the choir."
Casting Crowns Who am I

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