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10 Best 'Hannah Montana' Songs

Since 2006, 'Hannah Montana' Songs -- stemming from the successful Disney Channel series -- have turned Miley Cyrus into a pop culture sensation. Here we feature the Best 'Hannah Montana' Songs from the hit show, covering four television seasons and one theatrical film.
'Best of Both Worlds'
The 'Hannah Montana' show's official theme song is the only song to explicitly describe the double life of Cyrus' character, who is a regular girl by day and a rock super sensation at night, hiding her true identity like a super hero.
Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds
'I Got Nerve'
This 'Hannah Montana' song has been featured several times on the show, and Cyrus has also performed it on 'Live with Regis and Kelly.' In 2009 the song was covered by the electronica band Hello, Astronaut.
Hannah Montana I Got Nerve
'Life's What You Make It'
The music video for this song features Hannah and her friends having fun at Disney World's Magic Kingdom along with clips from Cyrus' 2007 concert, also at Disney World.
Hannah Montana Life's What You Make It
'If We Were a Movie'
Hannah Montana performs this song as a duet with 'High School Musical''s Corbin Bleau for the Season 2 finale of the show.
Hannah Montana If We Were a Movie
'Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)'
The chorus of this 'Hannah Montana' song has its own choreographed dance. Cyrus often performs it in concert.
Hannah Montana Ice Cream Freeze
'Nobody's Perfect'
In the 'Hannah Montana' episode 'Get Down Study-udy-udy,' Hannah has trouble studying for a biology exam and reworks the song so she can remember the bones of the body and calls it 'Bone Dance.'
Hannah Montana Nobody's Perfect
'Let's Get Crazy'
This song has three music videos. The first features Hannah coerced into singing by her fans when she was supposed to be going out for her friend Lilly's birthday. The other two are both Disney promotional videos, one being a recording session and the other a live concert performance.
Hannah Montana Let's Get Crazy
'I Wanna Know You'
After David Archuleta made a guest appearance on the show, he and Cyrus recorded the song as a duet. Two versions of the song are available on the Season 3 Soundtrack, one with Archuleta and one without.
Hannah Montana I Wanna Know You
The first time this 'Hannah Montana' song is heard on the show, Hannah performs it in an Italian restaurant along side Joey Fatone. In another episode, Hannah is driving to her friend's house and singing this song when she gets pulled over by a police officer for not using a turn signal.
Hannah Montana Rockstar
'He Could be the One'
This song is Hannah's first Top 10 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song even beat Mariah Carey's song 'Obsessed.' It's no wonder the song also tops our list!
Hannah Montana He Could Be the One
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