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10 Worst Album Covers of 2009

There are some album covers that are true works of art. On the other hand, there are those album covers that fall under the category of 'what were they thinking?' We asked listeners over Twitter and Facebook what 2009 album covers fall under the later, and present the 10 Worst Album Covers of 2009. Tell us in the comments what your pick for worst 2009 album cover is.

10) Empire Of The Sun: 'Walking On A Dream'

9) Patrick Wolf: 'The Bachelor'

8) Razorlight: 'Slipway Fires'

7) Neil Young: 'Fork in the Road'

6) Ciara: 'Fantasy Ride'

5) George Strait: 'Twang'

4) Heartless Bastards: 'The Mountain'

Heartless Bastards The Mountain

3) Ear PWR: 'Super Animal Brothers III'

1) Brooke Hogan: 'The Redemption'

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