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Cobra Starship 'Hot Mess' - Metareview

Cobra Starship gained notoriety for the theme song to the 2006 movie Snakes on a Plane. Over the past month the band's song 'Good Girls Go Bad' from the new album 'Hot Mess' has been playing non-stop across the U.S. The album is in stores August 11, and you can listen to the entire CD for free on AOL Music's Full CD Listening Party. (please note - this listening party expires 8/16) See what the critics are saying about the album after the jump.

Rolling Stone (3/5): "Gabe Saporta continues to live his Eighties-pop dreams with Cobra Starship's third album. Hot Mess is packed with electro-sleaze tunes that go over the top... Sometimes the former Midtown singer's snark falls flat... but Saporta does have some pop gifts."

Absolute Punk (39%): "Most of the time, 'Hot Mess' is pumping out fast dance numbers that sound the same... The final nail in the coffin of Hot Mess is... the lyrics. They are painful; singing about having a crew, his boo's, and the like are cringe worthy. ...'Hot Mess' is just repetitive music that has been rehashed."

Whole Note Heart (4.25/5): "Cobra Starship is well known for catchy songs and humorous lyrics, and 'Hot Mess' certainly continues the trend. ...The musical composition itself is very toe-tappingly catchy and the rhythm definitely gets inside your mind for the day. ...These songs will stick with you...whether it's the sing-along choruses, the high energy beats, or even the sometimes poignant lyrics amidst comedic hyper-masculinity, you will definitely remember 'Hot Mess'."

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