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3OH!3's Sean Foreman Reveals His Favorite Comics

Sean Foreman of 3OH!3 joins us as a guest blogger to share his 10 favorite comic books and graphic novels. Be sure to listen to 3OH!3 on AOL Radio's Top Pop station and vote for them in the Best New Artist category for the MTV 2009 Video Music Awards! Click here to place your vote.

Hey, this is Sean from 3OH!3 and these are my top ten favorite comics/graphic novels. I got into comics at an older age then most people do. So I have to admit these comics are a little bit more mature in content. Nonetheless, these are great books and are definitely worth picking up.

10) Clumsy

Author: Jeffrey Brown

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

Anyone who has had a failed relationship can identify with. It is awkward and honest. Kind of sappy but in the best way.

Click here to preview the book.

9) Blankets

Author: Craig Thompson

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

While I'm on the subject of indie love stories I might as well mention this one. It is a great story and will make you want to live in Wisconsin of all places.

Click here to preview the book.

8) The Goon

Author: Eric Powell

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

This is just a badass comic series. You like monsters and zombies? Well this comic packs a punch with all of the above.

7) Fun Home

Author: Alison Bechdel

Publisher: Mariner Books

This has a lot of dark humor. A really fun read with attentive animation.

Click here to preview the series.

6) Black Hole

Author: Charles Burns

Publisher: Pantheon Graphic Novels

People told me that this comic would blow my mind. I laughed. But it really did. This comic is soooo psychedelic but in a good way.

Click here to preview the book.

5) Bottomless Belly Button

Author: Dash Shaw

Publisher: Pantheon Graphic Novels

This is just a beautiful comic. Every loose detail gets picked up in the end.

Click here to preview the book.

4) Monster Parade

Author: Ben Catmull

Publisher: Fantagraphics

If you can find this gem somewhere you will love it. Fantastic and magical.

3) Epileptic

Author: David B.

Publisher: Pantheon Graphic Novels

This really hit close to home for me. But on top of that this book is super educational in alternative beliefs.

Click here to preview the book.

2) Summer Blonde

Author: Adrian Tomine

Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly

Super cynical. His style is very clean and European, reminiscent of Herge- the adventures of Tin Tin.

Click here to preview the book.

1) Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth

Author: Chris Ware

Publisher: Pantheon Graphic Novels

Easily the most innovative artist of our day. This comic reinvents paneling and takes every detail seriously.

Click here to preview the book.

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