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10 Best Drug Songs

Ganga. Mary Jane. Weed. Chronic. Grass -- You probably heard these marijuana nicknames used in songs before you even knew what they meant. The following best drug songs, about reefer and other illicit narcotics, cover the 'highs' of this particular music theme, as they were the highest rated by AOL Radio listeners.
'Purple Haze'
The lyric "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" has been misinterpreted by many as "Excuse me while I kiss this guy." Supposedly Hendrix perpetuated this rumor himself by singing the changed lyric in concert in 1967.
jimi hendrix purple haze
'Pusherman' is featured on Mayfield's soundtrack for the movie 'Super Fly'. While the movie leans towards accepting drugs, Mayfield's lyrics counter this attitude and criticize the drug's abuse.
curtis mayfield pusherman
'Hits From the Bong'
Along with their stoner anthem 'I Wanna Get High,' this Cypress Hill track appeared in the cult classic 'How High.' How appropriate.
cypress hill hits from the bong
'Sweet Leaf'
Bassist Geezer Butler drew the name for this song from a pack of cigarettes he had bought in Dublin that claimed their tobacco was "the sweet leaf."
black sabbath sweet leaf
'The Pusher'
The song was made popular in the opening drug trafficking scenes of the movie 'Easy Rider.' The lyrics establish the difference between a marijuana dealer and a drug pusher. The dealer "will sell you lots of sweet dreams," but the pusher (of hard drugs like heroin) is a "monster" who doesn't care "if you live or if you die."
steppenwolf the pusher
'Mary Jane'
'Mary Jane' is about Rick James' use of marijuana during an encounter with a woman who "takes [him] to [a] paradise." James -- who wasn't exactly the poster boy for sobriety -- shows his fondness of the drug and its effects in the line "Mary plays no games."
rick james mary jane
'Weed With Willie'
Keith co-wrote this song with Willie Nelson the same week Nelson appeared in the movie 'Beerfest' looking for teammates to join him in the world-championship cannabis-smoking contest in Amsterdam. Needless to say, the Willie in the song is Willie Nelson himself.
toby keith american ride
'The Joker'
The mention of "Space Cowboy," "Gangster of Love" and "Maurice" all refer to earlier Steve Miller Band songs of similar titles. The song also includes the nonsensical word "pompatus," which Miller claims he created.
steve miller band the joker
'Mary Jane's Last Dance'
Tom Petty has never verified if 'Mary Jane' refers to marijuana or not. Heartbreaker guitarist Mike Campbell said, "It can be whatever you want it to be. A lot of people think it's a drug reference, and if that's what you think, it very well could be."
tom petty the heartbreakers last dance with mary jane
'Smoke Two Joints'
The song is originally written by Chris and Michael Kay of The Toyes. They conceived the song when they were lounging on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, "tokin' on some sweet kona bud & jammin' on a rootsy reggae groove." 'Smoke Two Joints' was only the second Sublime song to be played on the radio.
sublime smoke two joints
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