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10 Best Beatles Songs

You can't really sum up the highlights of the Beatles in 10 songs. The Fab Four produced countless hits during their existence. Nevertheless, we looked at what Beatles songs were the all-time highest rated by AOL Radio listeners, and this list is the result. Enjoy reading the 10 Best Beatles songs, and check out AOL Radio's Beatles Tribute station while you're at it.
'Let it Be'
The song was inspired by a dream Paul McCartney had in which his late mother visited him and told him, "It will be all right, just let it be." McCartney later commented that he felt blessed for the dream, and that he was able to see his mother again.
Apple Records The Beatles Let It Be
'All My Loving'
This is one of the few songs where McCartney wrote the lyrics before the melody. He conceived the song as a poem while he was shaving, and later commented that he originally envisioned a country western theme to the song.
With The Beatles
'Strawberry Fields Forever'
'Strawberry Fields' refers to a Salvation Army Children's Home from John Lennon's childhood. Every year, a Salvation Army band played there, and the lyric "nothing to get hung about" refers to something Lennon's Aunt Mimi used to say when young Lennon was afraid they were going to be late to see the band.
The Beatles
'We Can Work it Out'
McCartney wrote the music, verses and bridges to the song before bringing it to Lennon to finish it. Lennon wrote eight lines in the middle section, slightly countering McCartney's optimistic lyrics.
The Beatles We Can Work It Out Day Tripper
'In My Life'
The song came about when journalist Kenneth Allsop told Lennon he should write songs about his childhood. Lennon wrote a long poem but did not like what he wrote, calling it "the most boring sort of 'What I Did On My Holidays Bus Trip' song." He and McCartney then worked on the song together, and very little of the original version made it into the song.
The Beatles Rubber Soul
'Get Back'
This is the very last Beatles song on the album 'Let It Be,' the final album before the band officially split up. It's the only Beatles song to credit another artist (Billy Preston). The entire evolution of 'Get Back' is documented, mostly illegally, in the form of bootleg recordings.
The Beatles Get Back Dont Let Me Down
'Come Together'
'Come Together' was the subject of a lawsuit when Morris Levy (Chuck Berry's music publisher) realized the line "Here come ol' flattop, he come groovin' up slowly" is very similar to Berry's lyric, "Here come up flattop, he was groovin' up with me."
The Beatles Something Come Together
McCartney composed the melody of this song in his sleep one night. When he woke up, he ran to the piano and began playing it. He was afraid that he had accidentally plagiarized someone else's work without knowing it. McCartney then began to play the song for music executives, asking if they'd ever heard it. He said, "I thought if no one claimed it after a few weeks then I could have it."
The Beatles Yesterday Act Naturally
'Here Comes the Sun'
The song was written by George Harrison while he was having a rough year. He was arrested for possession of marijuana and had temporarily quit the band. The song came to him when he was at friend Eric Clapton's house, away from all the troubles that were occurring in his life.
'A Day in the Life'
The prime inspiration for this song came from the death of Tara Browne, a close friend of McCartney and Lennon and heir to the Guinness fortune. The song is not a literal interpretation of Browne's death and includes a piece that McCartney had composed independently. Lennon commented, "I had the bulk of the song and the words, but he contributed this little lick floating around in his head and he couldn't use for anything."
The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

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