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Top 10 Funny Songs

One can easily forget that a great song will occasionally come in the form of something comedic, a funny song written by somebody, somewhere, with the sole intention of making you laugh. The following Top 10 Funny Songs remind us that there are, in fact, musicians and bands who don't just sing the songs -- they make 'em damn funny, too.
'F--- Her Gently'
Jack Black claims the melancholy-sounding, yet funny romantic ballad is meant to serve as a public service announcement, adding that it counteracts the "bad message sent to kids" found in porn.
Tenacious D F--- Her Gently
'All Cartoons Are F------ D----'
Family Guy Cast
This funny song was recorded at a live show in Las Vegas that featured celebrity cameos by Patti LuPone, Haylie Duff and Jason Alexander.
Family Guy Live in Las Vegas
'I'm on a Boat'
When Lonely Island performed this funny ode to rap cliches on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' house band The Roots filled in for auto-tunesmith T-Pain.
Lonely Island Im on a Boat
'Put Your Clothes Back On'
In 2004, the country singing comedian took two major steps in his career, releasing his first non-comedic song and seeing the debut of his eponymous sitcom on ABC.
Rodney Carrington Greatest Hits
'Because I Got High'
Before Afroman's hilarious Grammy-nominated single was played on 'The Howard Stern Show,' it was exclusively distributed through file-sharing service giant Napster.
Afroman Because I Got High
'Ode to My Car'
In the late 1980s, before he became a household name, funny man Adam Sandler played one of Theo Huxtable's high school buddies on 'The Cosby Show.'
Adam Sandler What the Hell Happened to Me
From the album of the same name, our No. 4 funny song 'Superhero' clocks in at nearly nine minutes with the comedian eliciting fictional superhero names from the live audience.
Stephen Lynch Superhero
'White & Nerdy'
After writing funny songs for over 20 years, this parody of Chamillionaire's 'Ridin'' was the first single of Yankovic's career to go platinum. It even reached the top spot on iTunes in both Australia and The U.S.
Weird Al Yankovic White and Nerdy
'Everyday Normal Crew'
Jon Lajoie
The Canadian comedian capitalized on the recent death of The King of Pop by releasing a track called 'Michael Jackson Is Dead,' in which he points his finger at the hypocrites who despised Michael Jackson until we lost him.
Jon Lajoie You Want Some of This
'Kyle's Mom's A B----'
Eric Cartman
The tune from the 'South Park' movie is co-written by Marc Shaiman, who wrote the music for 'Prop 8 - The Musical,' a popular viral video on 'Funny or Die' that features -- among others -- Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, and John C. Reilly.
South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut
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