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Best Make Out Music

We've all been there. Your eyes meet, you smile, you both lean in to start that oh-so-enjoyable make out session...but wait, no music?? Relax, we got you covered. Lookin' to show your sultry, soulful side? Then check out our R&B Slow Jams station and "get it on" to the sounds of Marvin Gaye and others. Is rock more your thing? Then turn on the Power Ballads station and woo that special someone with classics from Journey and Bon Jovi. And who could go wrong with the Love Songs station? Works like a charm. Still don't see something here for you? Oh, you're the rough type...then we recommend listening to Metal Mosh Pit. Nothin' like a little tough love.

Last but not least, if you want to mix things up, here's our steamy list of the 10 best make out songs rated by AOL Radio listeners – satisfaction guaranteed:
'Crash Into Me'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "Sweet like candy to my soul/Sweet you rock and sweet you roll/Lost for you I'm so lost for you"

When Dave Matthews appeared on VH1 Storytellers, he said this song is about "the worship of women."
Dave Mathews Band Crash Into Me
'Your Body Is A Wonderland'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "One pair of candy lips and/Your bubblegum tongue"

This song is often said to have been inspired by John Mayer's ex-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was written and initially recorded, however, long before they both met.
John Mayer Your Body Is A Wonderland
'Wicked Game'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "What a wicked game you play/To make me feel this way/What a wicked thing you do/To make me dream of you"

This video was ranked No. 13 on VH1's 100 Greatest Videos and was ranked No. 4 on VH1's 50 Sexiest Video Moments.
Chris Isaak Wicked Game
'Any Time, Any Place'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric:"I can feel your hand moving up my thighs/Skirt around my waist/Wall against my face"

The video acted as a safe sex campaign. At the end, the screen fades black and a message reads: "Any time, any responsible."
Janet Jackson Any Time Any Place
'Unchained Melody'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "Oh, my love/My darling/I've hungered for your touch"

In 1955, Alex North and lyricist Hy Zaret were contracted to write a theme song for the obscure prison film 'Unchained,' and their song eventually became known as the 'Unchained Melody.'
The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody
'Untitled (How Does It Feel)'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric:"Love to make you wet/In between your thighs cause/I love when it comes suddenly boo"

The music video was controversial featuring a continuous shot of a naked D'Angelo. After the video, he became known for his body. This upset him and contributed to his absence from the music scene.
Dangelo Untitled How Does It Feel
'Let's Get It On'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be?/I'm askin' you baby to get it on with me"

The song was originally conceived by Doo-Wop pioneer Ed Townsend and was given a religious theme. It also went through a political transformation before it was given its current lyrics. The song helped make Marvin a sex icon.
Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On
'Fade Into You'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "I want to hold the hand inside you/I want to take a breath that's true"

The band Run Run Run made a remake of this song, which was was later remixed by Z-Trip.
Mazzy Star Fade Into You
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "I drink the honey inside your hive/You are the reason I stay alive"

The song's drum track features a heavily modified bass drum sample from Iggy Pop's song 'Nightclubbing' from his album 'The Idiot.'
Nine Inch Nails Closer
'In Your Eyes'
Make-out-a-licious Lyric: "In your eyes/I see the doorway to a thousand churches/In your eyes/The resolution of all the fruitless searches"

In 2005, after 19 years of accumulated sales, this song brought Gabriel his first Gold single, certified in the U.S. by the RIAA.
Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes
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