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10 Best Alice In Chains Songs

One of the most influential rock bands of the early '90s, Alice In Chains, drew from elements of metal, rock, blues and even punk, while being associated with the grunge era. They formed in Seattle in 1987 by guitarist Jerry Cantrell and vocalist Layne Staley and went on to release three studio albums, three EPs, two live albums, and four compilations. After unofficially disbanding after years of not recording, the band reformed in 2005 (after Staley's death in 2002) and just this year have finished recording their fourth album, 'Black Gives Way to Blue' with new lead vocalist William DuVall. As rated by AOL Radio listeners, the following 10 best Alice in Chain songs are taken from the Layne Staley era.
'Don't Follow'
Released in 1984, 'Don't Follow' peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and is considered to be one of the band's best by music critics.
alice in chains dont follow
'Heaven Beside You'
Guitarist and singer Jerry Cantrell wrote this Alice In Chains song after a break-up with his girlfriend of seven years. He was unable to be faithful to her, writing in the liner notes, "Another attempt to reconcile the fact that my life and paths are tearing me apart from the person I love. All the things I write about her are a way for me to maybe speak to her, express things I could never express."
heaven beside you alice in chains
'Down In A Hole'
Jerry Cantrell initially felt the song was too soft for the band, but eventually recorded it after a positive response from his bandmates.
'No Excuses'
The lead single of the 'Jar Of Flies'' EP was seen as a lighter, airy alternative to the band's usual work. The lyrics, written by Jerry Cantrell, reflect his relationship with fellow band member and vocalist Layne Staley.
alice in chains no excuses
1993's 'Rooster' referred to guitarist Jerry Cantrell's father, who served in the Vietnam War and was nicknamed Rooster.
alice in chains rooster
'Got Me Wrong'
The single 'Got Me Wrong' is off of 1992's Sap EP and was also featured in Kevin Smith's 1994 film, 'Clerks.'
Alice in chains got me wrong
'I Stay Away'
The song's instrumentation features horns and strings, as well as voice harmonies unusual to the band's trademark sound.
alice in chains i stay away
This Alice In Chains song appeared on the soundtrack to 1992's 'Singles.' The band also appeared in the movie where they played the song during a scene in a bar.
alice in chains would
'Man in the Box'
1991's 'Man in a Box' garnered the band a Grammy nomination in 1992, for Best Hard Rock Performance. They didn't win the award, but the song went on to be No.19 on VH1's Greatest Metal Songs and No.50 on their 100 Greatest Songs of the '90s.
man in the box alice in chains
Although the lyrics of 'Nutshell' are depressing, the Alice In Chains song is a fan favorite and the highest rated by AOL Radio listeners. Alternative rock band Staind has covered 'Nutshell' live and also wrote a song entitled 'Layne' in dedication to the late lead singer.
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