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Top 1982 Songs

Ask anyone who was there, and they'll tell you 1982 was a crazy year. The Lebanon War, America's first lethal injection, even a short-lived recession -- some even consider 1982 the official year disco finally died, ushering in music that helped define the next generation of American music. Here are the Top 1982 Songs (as rated by AOL Radio listeners) covering a vast range of music genres including power jams, new wave, and even hip-hop.
'Eye of the Tiger'
The album version of the classic power jam omit the sound of tigers growling, as heard in 'Rocky III.'
Survivor Eye Of The Tiger
After performing the song on New Year's Eve 1999, Prince vowed to never again play the song, but broke his word eight years later.
Prince 1999
'I Love Rock N' Roll'
Jett's second recording of the 1982 song was the version that became a hit; the first recording with two members of the Sex Pistols was never released.
Joan Jett I Love Rock And Roll
Keyboardist and lead singer Mike Score claims to resent the song, but continues to play it live because it's so beloved by fans.
A Flock Of Seagulls I Ran
'I Melt With You'
The single gained popularity after being in the '80s film 'Valley Girl,' starring Nicholas Cage. In 1990, the band re-recorded the hit for their album 'Pillow Lips.'
Modern English I Melt With You
'Rock the Casbah'
The lyrics borrow from Arabic, Jewish, Urdu, and North African terminology.
The Clash Rock The Casbah
'Open Arms'
None other than Britney Spears included this 1982 tune on her '...Baby One More Time Tour' in 1999.
Journey Open Arms
This familiar-sounding 1982 song -- with a slower beat than most rap songs -- was covered by Puff Daddy on his single, 'Can't Nobody Hold Me Down' from the 1997 album 'No Way Out.'
Grandmaster Flash The Message
'Hungry Like the Wolf'
The 1982 song was not initially successful in the U.S., but after the music video -- shot in the jungles of Sri Lanka -- was frequently played on MTV, it hit No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1983. The following year, the video won the first Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.
Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf
This 1982 single (capped at 7:31 minutes) was a minor hit in the U.S., but it revolutionized hip-hop, fusing synthesizers and keyboards with rap and influencing later electro-hits (although not rap) Cybotron's 'Clear' and Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit.' The song was also included in their 1986 album 'Planet Rock: The Album,' as shown here.
Afrika Bambaata Planet Rock
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