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Top 10 Things to Do at a Tailgate Party

Stand-up comedian, Larry The Cable Guy, guest blogs for us, bringing you his Top 10 Things To Do At A Tailgate Party, just in time for this weekend's round-up of NFL games. Be sure to check out his recently released CD 'Tailgate Party' -- which covers his newest material he delivered to a live audience this past Fourth of July. You can also hear his new album on AOL radio's Comedy Attack! station.

10) Throw little footballs at fat people.

9) Yell at people that throw little footballs at me.

8) Set up a plastic pool, fill it with coleslaw and wrestle all who walks by, especially thin petite Asian woman wearing clear plastic shorts.

7) Put five bucks on a fishing line, drop it on the ground and reel people in.

6) Eat and drink.

5) Drink and eat.

4) "Cat call" various ladies while my wife goes to the bathroom.

3) Stick a hotdog through the zipper of my pants and walk into the game....(classic).

2) Paint a target on my buddie's butt and shoot rubber arrows at him. Whoever gets a bull's-eye gets a field pass.

1) Have a wet t-shirt contest with relatives.

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