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Top 1989 Songs

1989 marked beginnings of the Post-Cold War era: there was the fall of the Berlin Wall followed by a wave of revolutions that led to the death of the Soviet Union two years later. Music played a part too – artists Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, the Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne and Cinderella were behind the Moscow Music Peace Festival. To promote international awareness in fighting the drug war in the Soviet Union, the festival showed that 1989 was a banner year for hard rock. This year brought self-titled albums by Skid Row and Love and Rockets, as well as Tom Petty's classic album, 'Moon Fever.' Check out the Top 1989 Songs, as rated by AOL Radio listeners.
'So Alive'
Featured on their album, 'Love And Rockets,' this 1989 hit reached No. 3 on the American singles chart and stayed at No. 1 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart for five weeks.
Love And Rockets So Alive
'I'll Be There For You'
Written by big-haired Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, this power ballad was their third single from the album 'New Jersey,' and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Bon Jovi I'll Be There For You
'Here Comes Your Man'
Black Francis wrote this song pre-Pixies -- when his was 15 years old; it was on the 1987 demo tape but never made it on either of their first two albums, 'Come On Pilgrim' or 'Surfer Rosa' as their producers thought the song didn't fit the Pixies' musical style. On an interview in 1989 with with UK's 'New Musical Express,' Francis explains that the song is "about winos and hobos traveling on the trains who die in the California Earthquake. Before earthquakes everything gets very calm, animals stop talking and birds stop chirping and there's no wind. It's very ominous."
Pixies Here Comes Your Man
'Free Fallin''
The first single on Tom Petty's debut solo album, the song spent 33 weeks on the top of the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart and hit No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Petty and The Heartbreakers performed the song twice with Axl Rose: the 1989 MTV VMAs and the Super Bowl XLII Halftime Show. The hit has been covered by several artists, including John Mayer, whose acoustic cover was featured on his 2008 live album/DVD 'Where the Light Is.'
Tom Petty Free Fallin'
The idea of the song began while working on the 'Master of Puppets' album, but was not conceptualized until later, when their manager Cliff Bernstein told them about the 1938 anti-war book 'Johnny's Got His Gun' -- a similar concept about a WWI soldier struggling to communicate after a severe bombing accident. They featured the song on on their '...And Justice for All' album and (after receiving rights) included clips from the 1971 film (also based on the book) in their debut music video. In 1990 the song won Metallica their first Grammy for Best Metal Performance.
Metallica One
The song is played using three acoustic guitars and reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin wrote the music and lyrics for this single.
Guns N Roses Patience
'All I Want Is You'
This was their fourth single from their album 'Rattle and Hum.' It later appeared on the 'Reality Bites' soundtrack which led to a re-release in 1994 where it reached No. 38 in the US Top 40 Mainstream charts. Check out this awesome live version from their Vertigo Tour.
U2 All I Want Is You
'Love Song'
You may know 311's cover of this song, but the original was The Cure's third single from their eighth studio album 'Disintegration.' The 1989 song was their most successful single in the U.S., reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
The Cure Love Song
'Personal Jesus'
Inspired by the book 'Elvis and Me' by Priscilla Presley, this song was their first hit from the album 'Violator,' reaching No. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus
'18 and Life'
This power ballad was written by bass player Rachel Bolan and guitarist Dave "the Snake" Sabo, after Sabo read a newspaper article about an 18 year old named Ricky who is sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his friend with a firearm he presumed empty.
Skid Row 18 And Life
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