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10 Best Disco Songs

We all know (or remember) the prominent but short-lived disco era, surfacing around 1973 and becoming mainstream by the mid-to-late '70s. Behind the resounded vocals, "four-on-the-flour" beats and electric bass lines were the music icons "The Queen of Disco" Donna Summer, Bee Gees, KC & the Sunshine Band and Chic (among others) which turned this genre into a culture phenomenon (think: platforms, polyester, blow, promiscuous sex, 'Saturday Night Fever,' clubs Paradise Garage and Studio 54, and DJ David Mancuso's famous "Loft" parties). Although disco died by the early '80s, the genre influenced other dance music such as House and Techno and led to many cover hits well into the '90s. Check out our 10 Best Disco Songs, as rated by AOL Radio listeners, and listen to these disco hits on AOL Radio's Classic Disco station.
'I Feel Love'
This futuristic-electronic track was the first song recorded with a backing track entirely synthesized, paving the way for disco, electronica, house and techno music. Brian Eno called it, "The sound of the future." The song reached No. 1 in the UK Singles chart and No. 6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
donna summer i feel love
'I Will Survive'
The women-empowered song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1979 and is deemed as one of the most popular disco songs, covered by numerous artists including Cake's jazz rendition in their 1996 album 'Fashion Nugget.'
Gloria Gaynor I will survive
'Get Down Tonight'
This song reached the top of the Hot Soul Singles chart and was the first of their five No. 1 hits to be on the Billboard Hot 100.
kc and the sunshine band get down tonight
'Le Freak'
Originally titled 'F*** Off,' the song and stellar guitar riff came about after Chic were denied entry into Studio 54. Once guitarist Nile Rodgers and bass player Bernard Edwards wrote the verses, they decided to change the lyrics of the chorus to, 'Freak Out.' The song stayed at No.1 on the disco charts for seven weeks.
chic le freak
'Night Fever'
In addition to being featured in the movie 'Saturday Night Fever ,' the disco song was also included in the soundtrack for the 1999 dark comedy, 'Mystery Men .' In 1978, the single stayed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 single chart for over two months
bee gees night fever
'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe'
This was White's first single from in his 1974 album 'Can't Get Enough.' Pop singer Taylor Dayne -- known for her hits 'Tell It to My Heart' and 'Love Will Lead You Back' -- did a cover of White's signature song in 1993 (losing the word 'Babe'), which reached No. 20 on the Hot Billboard 100.
barry white cant get enough of your love babe
'Boogie Oogie Oogie'
The duo got the idea for this song when they were trying to pump up a non-responsive crowd at a military base. The song ended up selling over two million copies, and was featured in several '90s national campaign ads, such as a Burger King commercial in 1999.
boogie oogie oogie
'That's the Way (I Like It)'
The band's second No.1 hit to be on the Billboard 100, this song has been sampled by rap groups Oaktown's 3.5.7, Vanilla Ice, and 2 Live Crew and covered by Madeline Bell and Dead or Alive.
kc and the sunshine band thats the way i like it
'Stayin Alive'
Not happy with the sound of a drum-machine, the group ended up using two recorded bars off the drum track on 'Night Fever' for this record. The song was released as a single due to highly-demanded radio play after the 'Saturday Night Fever' trailer debuted.
bee gees stayin alive
'Disco Inferno'
The song originally did not do well, but then was released again two years later on the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack, reaching No.11 on the Hot Billboard 100. '90s covers of the song are by well-known artists Tina Turner and Cyndi Lauper. In 2005 the record was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame - the ceremony being the first time the band had performed the song in 25 years.
the trammps disco inferno
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