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Jared Leto's 10 Records to Lose Yourself to

30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto is AOL Radio's guest blogger this week, bringing us the "Top 10 Albums to Lose Yourself to." Know that his choices are eccentric, worldly (Icelandic and French bands), and cover various music genres and generations. Leto's list shows us that his environmentally-conscious band likes pushing boundaries: and you'll see they're doing just that in their upcoming record, 'This Is War,' where they launched a Summit to include their fan base in the recording process as well as the project "Faces of Mars" which will feature individual photos of fans for their new albums covers. The third studio album from 30 Seconds to Mars (out in stores Dec. 8) could be their best yet. Check out Leto's list below.
'Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ' (OST)
A perfect complement to a classic film.
Peter Gabriel Passion
Had to include this for the romantics out there. This album was part of the soundtrack of my brother's and my youth. Does anyone remember having to flip the album over to hear the other side?
Fleetwood Mac Rumors
'Animals' + 'Meddle'
One of my favorite groups of all time - Groundbreaking, experimental, imaginative, classic.
Pink Floyd Animals Meddle
'Moon Safari'
'Moon Safari' is like the soundtrack to a film you've never seen. Inventive and unique. French music... Très bien.
Air Moon Safari
'Sea Change'
Beck's stripped-down, mellowest album shows a completely different side; from being one of the most irreverent artists to being one of the most sincere, this album showcases his vast range as a songwriter.
Beck Sea Change
My favorite Damien Rice album containing my favorite Damien Rice song. If you haven't heard 'The Blower's Daughter' you're missing out on a truly beautiful song.
Damien Rice O
'Saturdays = Youth'
One of my favorite records of the last few years and proof that you can be experimental and melodic without sacrificing songwriting.
M Saturdays Youth
Another band that is just as amazing live as they are incredible to listen to. Hard to believe that this album is 15 years old. A timeless masterpiece.
Portishead Dummy
'( )'
For an album where the lead vocalist doesn't sing in any language known to man, it's incredibly communicative. I've probably listened to this record 5,436 times. If you've never listened to Sigur Rós, start immediately. And then see them live. Unforgettable!
sigur ros
If I'm going to pick one to get lost in, 'Disintegration' is the one.
The Cure Disintegration

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