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10 Best Classic Punk Songs

The definition of punk rock has -- in recent years -- lost its punch, becoming synonymous with carefully-packaged pop singers like Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne; these artists are about as embroiled in politics and anarchy as Big Bird. But the genre of fast-paced, stripped-down sound that often features anti-establishment sentiments is by no means a lost art, and remains near and dear to fans. Here are the 10 Best Classic Punk Songs rated by our listeners.
'Urban Struggle'
The Vandals
Although their music is considered "politically neutral," the band once played a benefit concert for the Cypress College Young Republicans.
Vandals urban struggle
'Suspect Device'
The cover for the single depicted a cassette bomb, which one record company assumed meant it actually was a bomb.
Stiff Little FingersSuspect Device
'Bloodstains [Darkness Version]
The punk group recorded at a studio owned by the songwriter behind Madonna's 'Papa Don't Breach.'
agent orange bloodstains
'In My Eyes'
The band inadvertently inspired the "straight edge," or anti-drug movement.
minor threat in my eyes
'Where Eagles Dare'
One band member was kicked out after an argument among bandmates at McDonald's
misfits eagles
The punk song appears in both 'Iron Man' and 'The Brady Bunch Movie.'
suicidal tendencies
'Rise Above'
The band has reportedly been blacklisted by the LAPD.
Black Flag Damaged
'Holiday in Cambodia'
The anti-establishment band once pulled out of a show in Los Angeles when they found that it was being sponsored by Coors.
dead kennedys cambodia
'Anarchy in the U.K.'
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain released a folk-rock version of the song.
sex pistols bollocks
'Blitzkrieg Bop'
A monthly club night at the Arches in Glasgow is named after the song.
Ramones Blitzkrieg
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