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AFI's 15 Songs From the Van

AFI's lead vocalist Davey Havok guest blogs for AOL Radio, bringing us a list of 15 songs that remind him of the many years traveling (via van) around the country while on tour. Be sure to check out his list below, and download AFI's new album, 'Crash Love.'

For the first 12 years, when we'd travel around the country, month after month in a van, we'd listen to the same tapes over and over again. Some of these tapes were mine, some of them were owned by other AFI members and some belonged to our merch guys, sound guys or were lent to us by friends in bands that were traveling alongside of us throughout the days. These are some songs that I remember hearing over and over and over and over...

15) Sunny Day Real Estate: 'Pillars'
14) Deadguy: 'Pins and Needles'
13) Weston: 'New Shirt'
12) Cro-Mags: 'Malfunction'
11) Backstreet Boys: 'I Want It That Way'
10) The Replacements: 'F--- School'
9) Cock Sparrer: 'England Belongs to Me'
8) Christina Aguilera: 'Genie in a Bottle'
7) Gheto Boys: 'Bald Headed Hoes'
6) Psychedelic Furs: 'Love My Way'
5) Exploited: 'Crashed Out'
4) Guns N' Roses: 'Rocket Queen'
3) Morrissey: 'Maladjusted'
2) Marylin Manson: 'Lunchbox'
1) Lynyrd Skynyrd: 'Sweet Home Alabama'

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