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Top 10 Beyonce Songs

In recent years, Beyonce's song collection has transformed her into one of the most recognized and talented female singers in the music world today. Beyonce songs range all the way from soulful ballads to beats that will make even your grandmother want to get up and dance. Enjoy our list of the Top 10 Beyonce Songs, as rated by AOL Radio Listeners.
In this powerful song about devotion, Beyonce belts out "I can see your halo" to a new boyfriend that has allowed her to experience love again.
Beyonce Halo
'Get Me Bodied'
Beyonce gets listeners to bounce to the beat in this vivacious song; her lyrics are about letting loose in the club and how "a little sweat ain't never hurt nobody."
Beyonce Get Me Bodied
'The Closer I Get To You'
This duet between Beyonce and Luther Vandross is easy on the ears, with Beyonce singing just as smoothly as Vandross. The song was originally written by Roberta Flack, whose lyrics are about two people realizing the emotional connection they share.
Beyonce The Closer I Get To You
Beyonce's mid-tempo track may seem to have hidden messages when one delves deeper into the lyrics; but she is really talking about how she loves when a man has an ego just as huge as hers.
Beyonce Ego
'Beautiful Liar'
Beyonce and Shakira team up in this feminist-inspired song. The divas role-play as two women, who are being played by the same man. Instead of fighting, they decide "it's not worth the drama for a beautiful liar."
Beyonce And Shakira Beatiful Liar
'Crazy In Love'
Usually, love songs tend to run on the slower side. Instead of following this trend, this Beyonce song is about being "crazy in love" accompanied by an upbeat horn section and a catchy, dance-worthy hook of "uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh oh-no no's."
Beyonce Crazy In Love
'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)'
Be warned: this song is semi-addictive and will probably be stuck in your head for a VERY long time. The lyrics are about the single and independent women of the world who refuse to let men bring them down.
Beyonce Single Ladies Put A Ring On It
Although female strength is a common theme in Beyonce's songs, she never fails to sing about it in new, exciting ways. The light-hearted sound of this song is appropriate despite the disheartening sound of the title. Beyonce sings "I could have another you in a minute" to a cheating and lying ex in this catchy beat.
Beyonce Irreplaceable
'Dangerously In Love 2'
In this song, Beyonce expresses her undying dedication and affection for her lover, with a more classically composed R&B beat.
Beyonce Dangerously In Love 2
'Sweet Dreams'
Although this is her latest song, this song has quickly become one of Beyonce's most memorable songs. Beyonce sings about the ups and downs of a relationship. Using metaphorical lyrics, she sings about how her man can be "a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare" but either way she doesn't want to "wake up from [him]."
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