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10 Best Friend Songs

In life, there are few greater pleasures than simply hanging out with some of your closest friends. Friendship is often the source of inspiration for many musicians -- best friends allow you to completely be yourself, whether you are laughing, crying, or complaining nonstop. Our list of 10 Best Friend Songs were chosen by AOL Radio listeners. Gather all of your friends around and check them out!
'I'll Be There For You'
This catchy tune will surely be stuck in your head for at least a day after listening to it. It is written about the deep connection best friends share, which is probably why they chose it to be the theme song for the NBC series 'Friends.'
The Rembrandts, I'll Be There For You
'You're My Best Friend'
Frontman Freddie Mercury sings about how he loves a friend, but in a romantic sense as well. Mercury explains the sincerity of what he feels by saying "you make me live," meaning Mercury would find life impossible without that person.
Queen, You're My Best Friend
'Anytime You Need a Friend'
In this soulful ballad, Mariah Carey explains to a friend that they will never be lonely, scared, or lost because "anytime you need a friend, I will be here."
Mariah Carey, Anytime You Need a Friend
'I Miss My Friend'
In this heart wrenching song, Darryl Worley sings about a bad breakup. He misses his girlfriend, but most of all he misses her because she was the best friend he has ever known.
Darryl Worley, I Miss My Friend
'You've Got A Friend In Me'
This song was written by Newman for the Disney Pixar movie 'Toy Story,' and let's be honest – who doesn't admire and envy the loyalty shared between Woody and Buzz?
Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett, You Got a Friend In Me
'My Best Friend'
In this song, McGraw tells the tale of a man who realizes his significant other is not only the love of his life, but she is also his best friend in the entire world.
Tim McGraw, My Best Friend
'You've Got A Friend'
Although our No.4 best friend song was originally written by Carole King, James Taylor's version is the most widely renowned. Taylor's mellow tune tells us that no matter how many obstacles or unkind people we encounter, we will always have a friend to "come running."
James Taylor, You've Got a Friend
'True Friend'
Hannah Montana's upbeat track describes every aspect of what being a devoted best friend really means, from not "getting angry when I change plans" to "talking with me now and into the night."
Hannah Montana, True Friend
'With A Little Help From My Friends'
A conversational-like song, the tune is sung by the almost completely unheard member of The Beatles, Ringo Starr, who emphasizes the fact that we can always stay positive and motivated "with a little help from [our] friends".
Beatles, With a Little Help From My Friends
'Lean On Me'
Bill Withers wrote this song because, after moving to Los Angeles, he deeply missed the small, close-knit community he grew up with in West Virginia. This song reminds us that we can always rely on our best friends for support through the tough times.
Bill Withers, Lean On Me
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