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The Starting Line's Ken Vasoli Lists Top Songs of the Decade

The Starting Line's vocalist/bassist Ken Vasoli -- AOL Radio's guest blogger for this week -- shares his list of the decade's top songs. This is no easy feat, but Vasoli does his job well, covering a slew of genres (indie, experimental rock, punk, and even hip-hop) and weighing heavily on some of the best live performers. Be sure to buy The Starting Line's debut live 2-disc concert CD, film and documentary DVD.

The dawning of the new millennium has brought new and exciting advances to the world of music. From where I'm listening, these are the best songs of the decade.
I'm very selective when it comes to hip-hop; I only like it when there is a real song and musicality involved. No band in Philly knows musicality better than The Roots, they are seasoned pros and legends in the field. Water is my favorite of theirs to date, the beat is on fire and the bass line makes me drool.
The Roots Air
'Smile Around the Face'
Puts a smile around my face. Four Tet is amazing, he [Kieran Hebden] has the ability to keep his instrumentation so loose while still pulling them together with intelligent grooves and brilliant sequencing. This is my favorite song of his, I love how colorful the track is.
Four Tet Smile Around the Face
'House of Cards'
This is as recent as I will get on this list. It's bold to call this one of the best of the decade, but Radiohead always wills me the power to take bold action. This song didn't really impress me upon my first listens to 'In Rainbows.' The simple beauty of the song is what snuck up and took hold of me. Now it's getting lots of rotation underneath my needle. You can count the number of chords on one hand and the only lyric in the chorus is "Denial." Perfection.
Radiohead House of Cards
'In My Place'
Some people out there will slag off Coldplay because they think are too fluffy or posh or whatever. All I know is those drums in the beginning of this tune are the sounds of crushing diamonds with gold sticks. I'm not head over heels for everything they do, but they won me over with this song. It's flawlessly written and performed, flat-out solid.
Coldplay In My Place
'Life and Limb'
I've always been into Fugazi from an early age. As I started getting into more melodic music it seems so did they. Not to say they became completely melodic; they still had plenty of dissonance, but the relationship of those two styles work so great on this record and this song especially.
Fugazi Life and Limb
'I Met a Girl'
One day I heard this song on the radio when I started my car. As soon as the DJ said who it was I drove straight to a record store to buy their album; now that's a song! I've loved this band and record ever since, they've played a large role in the way I've written music since.
Wheat I Met a Girl
Ryno and I saw this band for the first time in early '07 in a church basement. They opened with Tij. Minds were blown. I have not since seen a live performance that has measured up to that moment.
Battles Tij
'Daft Punk Is Playing at My House'
I don't care how many hipsters like this band, this song is so steaming hot. The premise and title are ridiculous and awesome. The song puts a gun to my head and forces me to dance. LCD is one of the only current bands to pull off the dance band type deal.
LCD Soundsystem Daft Punk is Playing at My House
'Gathering Storm'
This song is so tremendously powerful, it blows me over every time I hear it. A great song is one that stirs up emotions in a person, this song does that to me. It's the definition of epic sound. Godspeed is an important band to the evolution that music follows, they've set the bar very high.
Godspeed You Black Emperor Gathering Storm
'There There'
This could arguably be my favorite song, period. The groove is just the best I've ever heard. Great lyrics. I deeply connect with every detail of this song.
Radiohead There There

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