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Mary J Blige 'Stronger withEach Tear' - New Album

Stronger withEach Tear Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige's 'Stronger withEach Tear' proves that the Queen of R&B -- backed by her own life experiences -- can still attest to love and vulnerability. Full of heavy-weight rappers and producers T.I., Rodney Jerkins, Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Drake and Ne-Yo among others, you might consider the album to be an overload of appearances, auto-tune, and R&B backbeats. But the tracks' compositions are bold, with sparse piano featured on 'I Am,' as well as moderate hip-hop beats in 'Tonight' and 'The One.' The last song leaves a strong imprint: Raphael Saadiq-produced 'I Can See in Color' (featured on the 'Precious' soundtrack) has a subtle yet rhythmic blues drumming under Blige's raw and powerfully vulnerable vocals as she sings, "I got a new song, new song to sing / Life looks so amazing I never knew that it could open my eyes / And for the very very first time I can see in color." To hear a selection of songs from 'Stronger withEach Tear,' go to AOL Radio's New R&B First station.

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