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Top 10 'American Idol' Songs

With each 'American Idol' season, without fail, we fall in love with these unknown, small town voices and vote on our favorites. We listen to the judges' critiques, but in the end, we, the viewers, decide who stays in the running, where finalists hope the show will jump-start their careers and commercialize their talent. Covering the past eight seasons, here are the Top 'American Idol' Songs that have dominated the airwaves.
'Over It'
The season five finalist sings about a girl who is getting over her ex-boyfriend. The only thing is, she isn't entirely over the breakup yet: "For wanting you to be wanting me / No that ain't no way to be." To market her new single, McPhee guest-starred in an Webisode of 'Lonelygirl15,' which also played her song.
Katharine McPhee Over It
When Allen performed Kanye West's 'Heartless' on stage, he instantly won the judges' hearts. His acoustic performance of this 'American Idol' song propelled him into the lead and helped him win the No. 1 spot in the eighth season.
Kris Allen Heartless
'Wait for You'
The 98 Degrees/S Club 7-sounding tune is about a man who is waiting for his lover to return. Yamin finished third place in season five -- his only previous singing experience karaoke stints. Yamin told PopEater: "I didn't have a whole lot of ambition. I wasn't really working toward any goals. I definitely wasn't pursuing a career in music." Yamin now recommends that if you are an upcoming artist, it's important to practice your craft everyday.
Elliott Yamin Wait For You
Cook's live version of this single on the eighth season of 'American Idol' became downloadable via iTunes, with all proceeds going to Accelerate Brain Trust Cancer Cure. The seventh season winner co-wrote the heart-rending tune about his late brother, who succumbed to the disease just months before Cook's performance. The song was also featured on his 2008 eponymous album, which sold over a million copies in the States.
David Cook Permanent
'No Air'
After winning the sixth season (in 2007), Sparks became the youngest winner (at the time) and was considered to be the most improved over the course of the season (even beating the better-performing Leona Lewis). Best known for this tune with Chris Brown, 'No Air' went on to sell more than four million international digital copies.
Jordin Sparks No Air
'Whataya Want From Me'
Following Lambert's controversial American Music Awards performance for his single 'For Your Entertainment,' his scheduled talk show appearances were canceled. Then he debuted his next single 'Whataya Want From Me' on CBS's 'The Early Show,' agreeing that he would explain his behavior in a live interview. Randy Jackson previously said that Lambert has a "bigger personality" than Allen. Hey, we were forewarned.
Adam Lambert Whataya Want From Me
'Before He Cheats'
The song is about a girl who wants to take action before her boyfriend cheats again. So what does she do? She vandalizes his car. The song received some criticism -- for the double standard violence showcased both in the lyrics and the music video. That aside, country fans and the rest of the world went crazy for it -- the single sold more than 2.8 million downloads. And so far, Underwood has collectively sold 11 million albums.
Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats
Close to Underwood in numbers, Clarkson has sold 10.5 million albums to date. Avril Lavigne co-wrote this song, but handed it off to Clarkson. This 'American Idol' song made Clarkson a pop princess, saving her from her first two unsuccessful singles. The song apparently fit Clarkson's life so "perfectly," that in the music video, she opted to play herself.
Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
Daughtry penned the song on his sofa before he auditioned for 'American Idol.' He wrote: "I don't regret this life I chose for me / But these places and these faces are getting old / So I'm going home." After he was booted off the show, he landed a record deal with RCA Records. To promote the song before its release, the sixth season of 'American Idol' played 'Home' before bidding farewell to contestants.
Daughtry Home
The seventh season runner-up finished strong, receiving 44 percent of the 97 million votes. But it's not surprising 'Crush' was such a hit (and our No.1 'American Idol' song) -- Jackson said Archuleta could "sing the phone book" and it would still sound great. Growing up in the 'American Idol' generation, he became one of the youngest contestants to participate.
David Archuleta Crush
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