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Top 10 Eminem Songs

When Eminem broke out of the Detroit rap scene in the late '90s with 'The Slim Shady' -- produced heavily by Dr. Dre -- it seemed he was destined for greatness. And he was. His debut LP went triple platinum, followed by five studio album releases, five compilation albums, 11 No. 1 singles, as well as an Academy Award-winning song and movie. In 2009 alone his album 'Relapse' earned him three Grammy Award nominations. And Eminem -- formally known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III -- shows no sign of slowing down. Here, we have compiled the Top 10 Eminem Songs as determined by AOL Radio listeners.
'When I'm Gone'
Featured on his 2005 compilation album 'Curtain Call: The Hits,' the song details Eminem's relationship with his wife, Kim. The single also describes how his career has affected his life with Kim and his daughter Hailie, incorporating fame and his alter ego, Slim Shady.
When i am gone
'Forgot About Dre'
The Grammy Award-winning song was featured on Dr. Dre's '2001' album. Eminem's verse features the bizarre violence of his Slim Shady character while the entire song outlines Dre's importance to rap and his return to the hip-hop scene.
eminem forgot about dre dr
This Eminem song is from 2002's 'The Eminem Show,' later released as a single in 2003. The song -- featuring Dina Rae -- details his relationships with promiscuous women. Eminem has said this song is, to some extent, about his relationship with Mariah Carey.
the eminem show superman
'Like Toy Soldiers'
'Like Toy Soldiers' is from Eminem's 'Encore' album and details the rapper's attempt to calm a violent group of rappers. The song samples a sped-up version of Martika's 1989 one-hit wonder 'Toy Soldiers.'
like toy soldiers eminem encore
'The Real Slim Shady'
'The Real Slim Shady' is off Eminem's second album, 'The Marshall Mathers.' The Song pokes fun of celebrity culture and manufactured pop music, directly referring to Tom Green, Pamela Anderson and Christina Aguilera, among others. The song won multiple MTV VMAs and a Grammy Award for Best Solo Rap Performance.
eminem the real slim shady marshall mathers
'Cleanin' Out My Closet'
In this top Eminem song, the rapper steps away from the Slim Shady persona and focuses on personal issues. The song, from 2002's 'The Eminem Show,' deals with Eminem's marriage troubles and his turbulent relationship with his own mother.
eminem cleaning out my closet eminem show
'Lose Yourself'
Eminem's most successful single to-date, 'Lose Yourself' is is the lead single on the '8 Mile' soundtrack and was later included on Eminem's 2005 greatest hits compilation album 'Curtain Call: The Hits.' Eminem wrote the song on a filming break during the movie (the smash hit was recorded in a portable studio in a single take). Detailing Eminem's character's life circumstances in the film, the song earned Eminem both a Grammy and an Oscar win.
lose yourself eminem
'Til I Collapse'
'Til I Collapse' is a single from 2002's 'The Eminem Show.' This Eminem song features rapper Nate Dogg and samples Queen's 'We Will Rock You.'
til I collapse the eminem show
'The Way I Am'
'The Way I Am' is the second single from 'The Marshall Mathers.' The song features the first beat Eminem produced on his own and lyrically deals with the pressure of overexcited fans and record label executives to produce another hit single.
the way i am marshall mathers
'You Don't Know'
As a showcase for the relation between G-Unit and D12, 'You Don't Know' is the first single off the 2006 compilation album 'Eminem Presents: The Re-Up,' featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Shady Records artist, Cashis. In the video, all the featured rappers are portrayed as dangerous criminals, fitted in prison uniforms and chain cuffs. You can even hear our No. 1 Eminem song at the Boston Celtics home games during the basketball team's player introductions

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